Legends of Mistmoore Evren'in Takipçileri

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Fantasy characters (Elves, Dwarves, Goblins, Orcs, Faeries, Wizards, etc.) live in a world created long ago by the "Elder Gods." These Gods now reside in the Upper and Lower Realms outside of this one. Before leaving, they bestowed magic into Meteora Totallius, a land located in the Middle Realm. The magical sources are located in different natural locations throughout Meteora Totallius. Mankind rules the largest and most powerful areas in this world, but each race has towns, cities, and resources of their own. To a degree most get along with each other at a distance with the exception of the overly aggressive Orcs. Traditionally, Monolithos, the capital city of Meteora Totallius, has been very advanced socially, as it welcomes all, and status is not hindered by race. As of late, there have been many events that have caused humans in the capital to become fed up with the status quo. They have begun to question their safety, living among those practicing magic. Tensions have also begun to arise between the humans and groups of other races in the city. King Titus II is slow to make any proclamations dealing with any of these issues as he fears civil unrest in the kingdom could lead to not only tough economic times, but also his removal from the throne. Doğrulanmamış Evren Hayali, Gerçeküstü Fantezi Paylaş

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