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Hi :D I'm Sammy Alle. The Creator of Valerix. I have been an artist for a LONG time and has expended ALOT over the years. I'm so happy to be on this platform. <3 <br> <br> Read my Book here: Minden, Canada.
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The Valerix Universe is a much touched on franchise. Here you can find everything Valerix related.
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Mission: Willfred

Mission: Willfred is a franchise that focuses on the main characters and their stories.
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The Meerkat Mission

The Meerkat Mission tells the tale of Willow and Timon, Meerkat siblings who go on misadventures to save the Circle of Life.
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Monsters United: Book 1

Doğrulanmamış Hikaye Riley was no average teenager, she was something else. Though human in appearance, she lives in a world overrun by Monsters. Now in University, Riley reunites with her longtime crush, Johnny. Will they remain friends, or will their past romantic fee…
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The Meerkat Mission

In the Lands of the circle of life, tells a story about heroic actions, freedom and peace. When all is unclear to Willow, she must travel to Africa to find the truth about her upbringing and how she ended up in the city of New York. She will make ne…
4.0k görüntüleme 2 3 Yeni bölüm Her hafta

CLOVER Book 2: Invasion

Doğrulanmamış Hikaye After fleeing New York and residing on Bear Island, Beatrice and Clover return to New York to fight against the Military and take back their freedom.
5.9k görüntüleme 3 3 Yeni bölüm Her 2 günde bir

Sammy Alle: The Star, The Legend, The Icon

Take a deeper dive into Sammy Alle's life as she explains her life in the highly anticipated memoir. She explains love, loss, remembrance and all things in between.
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Storm of Secrets

Told of an ancient cave when she was young, Rayn believes there is more to where her powers really originated from. She, along with her friends, will finally crack the code and find the truth.
4.9k görüntüleme 1 4 Yeni bölüm Her 2 günde bir

Guardian Valerix Book 2: Discovery

Doğrulanmamış Hikaye After the defeat of Bertha and Drago, the Valerix must step forward into the untold stories of the three past guardians, and find deeper meaning in their places as Guardian.
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Mission: Willfred: International

After Amy is found out to be a Android, Miles seeks out the real Amy to help him stop the threat. However Amy has more then help to give after she reveals her true identity.
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Guardian Valerix Book 1: War

After Tuffnut and Ashley return from their vacation, an old threat of Maltosa returns with more than just War to bestow. The Valerix must band together alongside their allies if so to win the biggest battle of their lives.
8.2k görüntüleme 1 5 Hikaye tamamlandı

Mission Willfred Origins: Going to Mile

Amy is a teenager with a head full of dreams and a fueled want to be famous. When staying with her father in Nevada, she meets her Idol and father's boss, Miles Axelrod, a billionaire Oil Baron who's company sits on thin ice due to the Electric fuel…
6.1k görüntüleme 1 2 Yeni bölüm Her 2 günde bir


Cosmo and her brother Buzz are what you would expect in a sibling duo, one and the same. However, when the two suddenly find themselves on a mission that has more questions then answers, it's up to them to save the galaxy chase for answers that will…
7.4k görüntüleme Hikaye tamamlandı


When Hilary and Amy returns to London, Hilary is thrusted into an adventure that will answer untold questions about her past.
5.6k görüntüleme 3 Yeni bölüm Her 2 günde bir


Nicole is a new addition to the famed Galactic Rangers. However as her time being a Ranger makes her more famous, destiny calls her and beacons her into an adventure forward into her true identity.
5.5k görüntüleme 2 1 Yeni bölüm Hiçbiri

Valerix: The Hidden World

From those that brought you the award winning Series "Battle For Berk", comes the second chapter in the saga. After Ashley reunites with her Light Fury Snowflake, an old evil has reemerged and threatens the very life of a world that is more then fan…
5.5k görüntüleme 3 Yeni bölüm Her 2 günde bir

Ciella Book 3

The third of the 3 part saga Ciella now at the end of her rope, tries for the last time to save her relationship with Lewis, but will their love survive the wave of change.
#30 içinde Romance 15.5k görüntüleme 28 5 Hikaye tamamlandı

Clover Book 1: Arrival

Beatrice is a normal girl living in East Manhattan. When a monster rampages the city, she slowly begins seeing she has a connection with it, leading her down a path with more questions than answers.
6.2k görüntüleme 2 Hikaye tamamlandı

How to Train Your Dragon

Ashley is a 16-year-old who lives on the island of Berk among Vikings and the Dragons that constantly attack at night. However, when one of the young teens captures a Night Fury, Ashley goes onward to help keep a secret of such a species, but also h…
5.3k görüntüleme 3 5 Yeni bölüm Hiçbiri

Nefarious: Dimensions

Taking place after Season 5, Nicole, now have graduate college, is enjoying her life as a beginner scientist. When rifts begin popping up and causing problems, she must team up with her dimensional counterpart to save the Universe.
12.2k görüntüleme 7 6 Yeni bölüm Her gün

Onward and Beyond

Carissa is the typical 19 year old, but she has a strange past that calls her back to where it all started. Returning to New mushroomton 300 years later, she will make new friends and defeat a returning evil that threatens the very fate of magic and…
16.6k görüntüleme 6 Hikaye tamamlandı


Esmee is the famous mermaid in her town of Levanto. When she returns to Portorosso, she meets up with old faces and opens a new door to questions she never expected to find the answers for.
7.7k görüntüleme 2 8 Yeni bölüm Her gün

Monsters United: Adventures

Riley returns to the next Installment of the Monsters United Trilogy. Now graduated from MU, Riley is excited to work at MI as a Scare Alumni, but her life is once more turned around when her past once more comes uninvited, opening a new door about …
4.1k görüntüleme 3 11 Yeni bölüm Hiçbiri

Ciella Book 2

The second of the 3 part saga Fighting for her future with Lewis, Nicole makes it a challenge to even look forward to that. Will Ciella and Lewis fight for their future together, or let their love fall into the fire.
5.1k görüntüleme 13 6 Hikaye tamamlandı

Ciella Book 1

The first in the 3 part Saga. Ciella isn't your typical teenager, she's famous and is respected around the world. After accidentally landing in California, she bumps into racer star and her idol, Lewis Hamilton which triggers a slow developing roman…
6.9k görüntüleme 49 8 Hikaye tamamlandı

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