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Greetings Everyone... Student by day, Writer by night. Brampton, Canada.
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Time Seeker

This Story will be based on multiple main characters and their journey as they join each other in order to face a common threat. Even though there will be multiple Protagonist everyone will have their own unique story to deliver as well as a purpose…
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The Ghost's Case (Book-1)

"The Ghost Case" novel revolves around a Detective, who while helping Chief Inspector solving the local murders found the truth behind the death of his Wife. The story will keep the readers on their toe as they read the story filled with vengeance, …
8.8k görüntüleme 12 9 Hikaye tamamlandı

Vampirus- The Inception.

Doğrulanmamış Hikaye "Vampires? Well they are nothing but just a Myth" Many used to think that until it all became reality. The worst reality one could ever interpret. Elrod used to be one of them until he found himself standing among other survivors fighting for their …
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The Toll

The Toll is a novel based on the horrific experience of a group of friends who went to an old house to spend their vacation. While the house itself was ordinary looking but the secret it hides were dark, the moment those secrets started unfolding so…
6.2k görüntüleme 2 Yeni bölüm Her 30 günde bir

Secret of House at End of Street.

"Secret Of House At End Of Street" is a story which chronicles on my own life incident with a hint of fiction, That will keep the readers on their toes. The story itself is not real but the horror it contain is. This story is one of many horrific da…
5.7k görüntüleme 4 6 Hikaye tamamlandı

That Forsaken Clue

"That Forsaken Clue" is a Novella which is based on the murders that took place in a town called Valor. while the authorities were all wrapped up in solving the case, something unusual peeked the interest of protagonist- the new family that just set…
5.5k görüntüleme 3 3 Hikaye tamamlandı

The Transcendent Love

Quark found himself at some place which was recognizable as well different at the same time. Now while being stuck between these people to whom he doesn't know. Quark have to comprehend the situation at hand while try to work his way back home.
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