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An award-winning young horror writer possesses and imagination that’s woven with threads of horror and suspense. An imagination that teleports my readers into the unique realms of true horror. I weave intricate webs that ensnare the readers into a world of reality, and a world of nightmares. https://None. Australia.
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Smile Recreation is my number one focussed book that I am currently writing.
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Hangout, but also you could if you want give me some ideas and tips/tricks to make my writing better. And how to make my writing good for you. But mostly, as a community!
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NR Novels's Award winning stories

This is a universe of my stories that are award winning featuring Paranormal Stories. And more coming soon.
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The Camity Recreation

Doğrulanmamış Hikaye Wields Borrow national park, lies a summer camp like no other, located in a desolate forest, where the laughter of children echoed and filled the woods. As a group of teens arrive at Wields Borrow Summer Camp, that beckons with fun, adventures, cam…
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Hunt For The Unknown

Doğrulanmamış Hikaye Something lurks behind every tree in the forest, missing posters has been posted every day. What could possibly be the one taking all these innocent peoples souls? Join Daniel in a journey to the unknown. This story is participating in "The Unseen…
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Horror Stories

Delve in the wonders of what makes horror, horror. Experience unbelievable writing by an award winning writer, and explore worlds of nightmares. Filled of amazing horror stories to keep you up at night. Read and you will get goosebumps and nightmar…
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Weekly new stories and chapters in Fun and scary paranormal stories, The Chainsaw Man, and more coming soon. Will the character's survive? Or will they reach a brutal end? Packed with alot of scary stories and chapters. Follow this story so you d…
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A group of Children, on their way to an ordinary school camp, but then, there is the unordinary, it smiles, it lurks, it kills. There has been tons of missing posters scattered around canada everywhere, on the posts. Everyday adds more. And never st…
#1 içinde Horror 35.5k görüntüleme 31 54 Yeni bölüm Her 30 günde bir


Over one-thousand investigations interrupted. . . But by what? There has been 100 people missing in Blue's National Park. The owner of the new national park doesn't believe that there is a creature in his national park. But, he will consider shuttin…
#5 içinde Horror 21.1k görüntüleme 13 19 Yeni bölüm Her Cumartesi


Over one-thousand investigations interrupted. . . But by what? There has been 100 people missing in Blue's National Park. The owner of the new national park doesn't believe that there is a creature in his national park. But, he will consider shuttin…
5.9k görüntüleme 13 17 Yeni bölüm Her 30 günde bir


DEATH WISH Blurb Jaylen accidentally summoned a creature. Jaylen and his friends goes camping in a forest and the creature will hunt them down. They will survive and run away from the blood thirsty-flesh eating creature, but will they survive The c…
5.5k görüntüleme 12 9 Yeni bölüm Her 30 günde bir


In the whole of Canada has a massive blizzard, coming to the whole of Canada. And then a creature in the blizzard will hunt carter and eat him alive. Can carter survive against the creature? Who and what is the creature? Christmas special 2022 C…
4.8k görüntüleme 6 8 Yeni bölüm Her 15 günde bir


Aiden a 12 years old boy went to go in the door because of pure curiosity, but then further on he started to regret it, seeing Demons, and creatures coming after him. And something, or someone imitating him, but why? Why is the "person" mimicking …
4.8k görüntüleme 8 10 Yeni bölüm Her 15 günde bir


Kaden has to make a cure to end the apocalypse while zombies are beginning to become more and more powerful as it continues. Will Kaden find a cure? Or will he be torn to shreds by zombies? The best way is to... Find out... -PACKED WITH VIOLENCE G…
3.5k görüntüleme 4 8 Yeni bölüm Her 30 günde bir


Tomas is trying to survive killer clowns in Smiles Entertainent with he's friends, will he survive a series of The Clown Games? Will they survive the blood hungry clowns? Or will they be eaten? Or stirred in a pot of human limbs? Want to know? Find…
#7 içinde Horror 3.1k görüntüleme 22 28 Yeni bölüm Her 10 günde bir


Doğrulanmamış Hikaye 2 investigators has to uncover the paranormal story of avoiding ghosts and making right decisions to survive, but... There is a TWIST You will have to use your knowledge to help these characters survive and make their ways successful. Will you help…
1.4k görüntüleme 2 Yeni bölüm Her Pazar
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Jack will have to survive against a creature or ghost, will he survive the toughest, most challenging moments of he's life? Or will he's head be ripped off? Who is chasing him? Is it even a ghost? Or a Creature? Or a demon? Find out...
1.5k görüntüleme 1 4 Yeni bölüm Her Cumartesi


Doğrulanmamış Hikaye Major has dreamed for being number 1 in an army and wants to improve. But there is much more ahead of him, Training, Wars, practice, Tears and worst of all failures. Will Major survive? Or will he get shot down dead? Will he amaze and dazzle he's c…
1.6k görüntüleme 5 1 Yeni bölüm Her Cumartesi


At the end of school Ava saw this doll on the ground, and it was next to her school but. . . Infront of the cemetery. She took it home and she named it. . . Lilly The Doll, will she survive the circumstances portrayed? Or will she end with a horribl…
#17 içinde Horror 2.0k görüntüleme 5 9 Yeni bölüm Her Pazar


The curse has been here for years, Like... Our home isn't safe anymore. . . It's almost IMPRACTICAL to survive in this fantasy world. Filled with immense creatures what our goal is—to believe—and destroy the ultimate creature of, Ghosts Of The Wil…
1.8k görüntüleme 7 3 Yeni bölüm Her Cumartesi

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