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Psychologist, hiker and trilingual part-time writer http:// Germany.
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KATILDI Nis 08, 2022
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Universitas Antiquita

It's a world where magic exists alongside technology that ranges from military to cyber punk, interspersed with elements of advanced air travel. This world consists of four main domains that differ in regard to geography, climate, political system...
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Seven Seas - a Poetic Homage

A collection of poems all dedicated to the ocean, its inhabitants and the impacts humans have left behind. The front cover photo was taken by David Troeger on Unsplash
#2 içinde Poetry 3.0k görüntüleme 20 20 Hikaye tamamlandı

Poet of the Seasons

A collection of poems for each season of the year
209 görüntüleme 4 4 Yeni bölüm Her 30 günde bir

The Sorceress

Skylar Lundquist has left her Magical Realm for the first time and traveled to the City of Arcadia Aranea, one of the major cities within the Known Realms famous for its pro-technology stance. She needs to find her best friend and return to Praecl...
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Unnatural Selection

Six years ago, Chloë survived what she believed to have been the end of the world. Stranded on a small island in the Pacific, off the east coast of Australia, Chloë has more or less come to terms with the bleak life she now leads as a waitress ins...
789 görüntüleme 7 6 Yeni bölüm Her hafta

Mojito Night

One little lie from a friend. Several unexpected events. Steamy nights. Learning the truth. Relationship status: It's complicated!
#1 içinde Erotica 618 görüntüleme 9 9 Yeni bölüm Her hafta

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