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KATILDI May 20, 2015


Maelstrom book 1 - A new beginning

Kaden wakes up strapped to a torture rack in a dark, damp room. Barely surviving his torture session, a young woman saves his life. Through sheer luck and willpower they manage to escape the dungeon, only to land in an even worse situation where t...
17.7k görüntüleme 1 4 Yeni bölüm Her Pazar

Hazard Online

It is finally time for the 25th World Raid in Hazard Online and team Nightmare is raising hell, when a glitch takes an unfortunate turn of events, or wasn't it a glitch? Aiden wakes up to something evolved, something that is far beyond his c...
17.7k görüntüleme 2 2 Yeni bölüm Her 10 günde bir

Humanity's End

The Drakel bring about the destruction of 99 percent of humanity, bringing the rest under control in special colonies. Every three decades, the ones that survive get to be harvested for food and reproduction for the Drakel. Centuries later, evol...
17.7k görüntüleme 3 4 Yeni bölüm Her 10 günde bir


A vampire lord, betrayed by his king, hides with the remnants of his coven, waiting for the time to repay the favor. A deadly foe will prove to be his greatest ally through mutual gain. One, betrayed by his master, the other used as an aphrodisiac...
19.9k görüntüleme 3 6 Yeni bölüm Her Pazar

Dead to the World 2 - Apocalypse

Book two of Dead to the World saga
18.8k görüntüleme 3 5 Hikaye tamamlandı

Dead to the World 3 - Immortals

Book three of Dead to the World saga
21.1k görüntüleme 6 9 Yeni bölüm Her Pazar

Dead to the World 1 - Sacrifice

In a world inhabited by monsters, demons and humans, it is all one can do to stay alive or die trying. Kane is one of the strong, the survivors. Left by his parents when he was a little boy, to fend for himself and survive by any means necessary, ...
20.0k görüntüleme 11 12 Hikaye tamamlandı

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