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A young woman gives a surprise birthday present to her boyfriend. But the real gift is for herself!

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My Gift to Me

My boyfriend Dale's birthday was only a day away when I decided what my gift to him would be: I would let him have sex with my friend Kira.

   Kira and I had known each other since high school. Her family had moved from Africa, and she had an amazing accent and dark, ebon skin. In a word, she was gorgeous.

   I called Kira and told her my plan. She was hesitant, but I was certain he would think it was the perfect gift. Besides, I would be watching, and I really wanted to see her "perform." It took some talking, but when she finally realized I was serious, she agreed.

   That morning, when we woke up, I whispered to Dale that his birthday present would be here when he came home from work. He kissed me passionately, and I thought about having him right then. But I knew a quickie wouldn't be satisfying for either of us, and besides, I wanted him to be ready and eager when he saw Kira!

   All day I kept thinking about the night ahead. It occurred to me Dale might think it was a trap, some sort of test of his fidelity. I only wanted to give him a birthday he would never forget!

   Kira arrived about half an hour before Dale came home. She had brought the outfit we'd discussed, and she changed into it as I lit candles all around the living room. I dimmed the lights as she took her place on the sofa. Everything was perfect!

   Dale walked into the apartment and tossed his coat onto the kitchen table like he always did. He called out to me, but I didn't answer.

   Dale walked into the living room and halted. There was Kira in the dim candlelight, reclining on the sofa. She was wearing nothing but a pair of black lacy boy shorts, and she caressed the cushion beside her as she purred, "Happy birthday, Dale" in her thick accent.

   His mouth worked as he tried to form words. Before he could respond I stepped out of the shadows in my white baby doll. "Happy birthday, baby," I said, smiling.

   Dale looked at me bewildered, so I walked over to him and wrapped my arms around him. I pressed my body against him and stroked his hair. "One night to do anything you want with Kira," I whispered. "That's my gift to you."

   "Well, not anything," Kira said, but her smile said she had few limits.

   Dale kissed me deeply, moaning into my mouth as his way of showing his thanks. And I knew he would thank me more fully later, after Kira had gone.

   At last Dale turned toward the sofa and Kira. The arousal in the room was palpable. Dale walked quickly to the couch, whipping his shirt off as he went. He bent close to Kira and kissed her, caressing her bare thighs. Kira responded with equal desire, running her dark fingers through his hair. When they parted, Dale stood upright. Kira took a deep breath, her perfect breasts sticking out. I watched as she reached for his pants, undid his belt and slowly pulled down the zipper.

   She tugged his pants down together with his underwear, and I heard her gasp as his prick sprang free. Although she spoke softly, I could clearly hear her say, "My god, Dale! You're HUGE!"

   She caressed his cock with one hand as she pulled his pants down. He kicked off his shoes and stepped out of them. As she bent down, his meat brushed against her cheek. She fondled his prick gently. His back was to me, so I couldn't see his face, but I heard him moan softly, and I saw her bite her lip. After what seemed to be several minutes, Dale hissed, "Suck me!"

   Kira shook her head. "First you have to fuck me," she teased.

   He looked over his shoulder at me. It was then when I realized I had been slowly fingering myself through my lace panties. I nodded and mouthed, "Happy birthday."

   Then he was all over her, kissing her body, suckling her breasts as he pulled her boy shorts off. She was squirming, gasping, her hands caressing his back and ass. She lay back on the sofa and he half-lay on top of her, his feet still on the carpeted floor. He rubbed the head of his cock briefly over her pussy, and I heard her gasp as he pushed inside her. He grunted as he thrust in and out of her. I was slowly slipping out of my baby doll, playing with myself as I watched them. His thrusts were hard and sure. He must have been close to climax, because Kira squealed, "Don't cum! Not yet!"

   As he slowed his pace, she squealed louder and wrapped her dark legs around him as a wave of orgasm swept over her. When her orgasm at last subsided, he began thrusting with renewed vigor.

   Kira was moaning, gasping out a word at a time. "In. My. Mouth. Baby. I. Wanna. Taste. It!"

   At last he pulled out of her, breathing heavily, fighting back his urge to cum. I watched spellbound as he slowly pushed his huge cock into her mouth. She moaned, bobbing her head, sucking him. He also moaned as he thrust his hips forward. I heard her gag on his cock. Dale grunted loudly, spurting his seed down her throat. She choked and spluttered, swallowing all she could. He pulled out of her mouth and I watched his jizz spurt onto her, once on her face, once on her tits.

   Dale fell back onto the foot of the sofa. I crossed the room silently. I bent down and kissed Kira tenderly. Ever so slowly I licked Dale's hot cum from her face. Then I moved to her perfect breasts.

   Dale was spent. It was time to savor my gift to me.

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Brenda McIntyre BrendaMcIntyre is a native of Wisconsin. Her real sex life is not nearly as exciting as her stories might suggest. She lives with her boyfriend and their cat.

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