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Terms of our self-publishing services with our professional providers / Términos de nuestros servicios de autoedición con nuestros proveedores profesionales / Termos de nossos serviços de editoração eletrônica com nossos provedores profissionais

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Terms of Service

Welcome to the terms of the contract for our self-publishing services that require the use of professional work from third-parties.

On Inkspired we aim to take care of our community in all aspects. Therefore, it is important to us that we protect you as the client, but also the professionals working with us. We want to provide a service that is both, high quality and fair to everyone. By agreeing to use our self-publishing service with the support of an external professional freelancer, you agree to the following terms and conditions.

For customers ordering the service:

  • You agree you are entering into a contract with Inkspired and the professional providing the service.

  • Under this contract, you accept that you understand the exact level and scope of the work that is being provided. You have read and accepted what has been stated on the description of the service, and that includes the languages and genres that are being covered.

  • The professionals working for Inkspired as providers are no staff members of Inkspired as a company, and therefore they are not considered employees of the company but as contracted freelancers under demand, unless otherwise stated. Inkspired accepts no liability for incorrect use of the service or the level of experience performing own work. Inkspired is just a platform that allows professionals to showcase and offer their work according to their experience and capacities.

  • You agree to pay in full pricing of the amount quoted, and refunds can only be made in case of cancellation of work from the selected professional.

  • You agree that when reviewing the professional's service, you are being truthful, ethical, and accurate about the quality of the service provided. As a user of Inkspired and, all communications, treatment, and language use are subject to our Community Guidelines. If any behavior or content that does not follow our guidelines is detected in any interaction on the platform, it may be removed without further complaint.

  • Sometimes, depending on multiple variables, the time expectations may vary. You understand there might be slight flexibility on the delivery times in a maximum of 2 or 3 days. If the deliverance requires more time for whatever reason, you will be notified directly by Inkspired and the professional service provider with the right justification.

  • All communications must always be carried through Inkspired and not outside of the platform. You can do so by contacting us at [email protected] or by using or internal communication system if available. If you start any communication independently of official channels, Inkspired can not give any level of assurance of the quality of work delivered or if it's delivered at all. You as a user take all responsibility and liability in case this occurs, and Inkspired may not be able to provide any refund in case of misunderstandings produced outside of the platform. If you are contacted by the professional provider directly, please let us know by using the contact e-mail above.

  • In case of a complaint or a dispute about any aspect of the service, please contact us at [email protected] before any other proceeding. This is a mandatory step before any other action. We will then contact the service provider on your behalf and try to solve any matters directly as a first step.

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