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Skies populated with constellations that are what they are from this tiny point of view that is Earth. Twelve zodiac signs. Twelve ways of being that combine without merging at all. Twelve important pieces and one more left over without seeming to be missing in an even number model. It will be objected that this is not a habitual order, its way of accommodating itself in a closed system. However, contact with these "Beastars" is pure chance and maybe those combinatorics are the ones that give notoriety to a day. In the style of having contact with 3 aquariums and 2 pisis would make things flow towards a clear goal. * Compilation of publications as microhistories that will have a progressive growth, because the vitality of these signs will continue as long as there are worshipers of them.

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An office for Ophiuchus.

On January 17 of the year prior to the origin of the first symbolism in the sky.

Dr. Ophiuchus.


Dear Dr. Ofiuco, I hereby inform you with a pain in your chest that you have not been considered for the stellar poster of this night that lasts for eternity. It is true that he has met the requirements in the presentation of his application, however we have been informed that only 12 spaces will be formed and not 13. To a large extent as a precaution against prejudice because of the oddness that leads the human race to be sought a couple". Factor that we did not know until before the presentation of the names this morning. That they should be 12 and not 13 is something that humanity decided in ignorance, raw material of prejudice.

Surely, he will wonder why me? To which we regret not being able to give an answer since it escapes our possibilities, we only know that this decision was made and should be followed as urgent and unquestionable.

We do not doubt their abilities and knowledge, so we are sure that you will find space in some other astral reading. Have a good afternoon wherever this unfortunate news finds you.

We will answer what we can, but we would appreciate your understanding of our position as intermediaries.

Those who make up this commission are fired affectionately.


Astral Commission

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