midnightrose Midnight-Rose Brown

Secrets hidden, pasts forgot, and a mystery unsolved. But not for long.

Korku Gothic horror Tüm halka açık.

#creepy #girl #halloween #fear #scary #horror
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The Encounter

She stares at me, with an empty look in her eyes. It is a look of hollowness. A shadow overcomes the light in the room, and it replaced by an endless essence of gray, dull monotony. A chill flows up my spine as she blinks. It is as if the silence of the room was consuming the air in the room and I started hyperventilating.

4 Weeks Earlier

Every morning that I get out of bed, my morning is the same. I pick clothes. "Not that shirt; it'll make me look like I'm too full of myself.", I think to myself. "Not that shirt; I don't wanna look like a loser.". I end up picking a baggy sweatshirt and some cigarette jeans, like I do every day. I put on some perfume and deodorant, snarf down a Poptart and some orange juice and get on the bus.

Whenever I get on the bus, I try to find Lindsey and sit down next to her. We are both in the same homeroom. We aren't close, but we are both pretty quiet and have a few classes together. Today when I got on the bus, she wasn't there. In fact, a lot of people weren't there. And actually, nobody was there. Until we reached the final stop before arriving at school. The bus stopped in an old abandoned lot, with grass growing out of the cracks in the cement. Heavy iron gates stood behind the sidewalk, covering the view of the old house behind it. No one was at the stop. Except for one girl. She was pale, short, and she looked to be too young to go to high school. She had unusual eyes, unlike any that I had seen ever before. They were grey and seemed to hold a deep grudge or pain. She had thin, light pink lips, and they looked unusually smooth. Her hair was long, down to her back. Her hair was dark brown but sometimes appeared black when it was covered by the shadows that the trees created as we drove by them. Her face was pale, but her cheeks, a light hue of rose. As the bus arrived at the school, I stood up to walk out of the bus when she tapped me on the shoulder and said: "December 15, 2004.".

Next Wednesday: Chapter 2, The Bus.

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