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Joshua's room was not very clean. In fact, it was the exact opposite of clean. His room was dark, with a strange, glowing fungus that acted as the only source of light in his bedroom, growing on the walls like fleas on a diseased hound. It appeared as if natural sunlight hadn't even touched this room in years. In the darkness of his room, a new ecosystem had developed, unknown to the world. Glowing mushroom people lived under his bed, feeding on his cum and worshiping him as a god. They built their own kingdom of castles and houses using his left over tissues and cum rags. In his closet, fueled by the stink of the unwashed flesh light collection within his dresser, along with the mutant fungus and lack of sunlight, a tentacle monster by the same of Jeff developed. He turned the closet into his home, and fancied himself as Josh's companion. Though, that's only a small portion of the ecosystem.

Josh himself, was sitting at his computer desk. He had no pants on, but he was still wearing his signature trench coat and fedora. And his shoes. Just no pants. He was violently fucking his flesh light, while watching a video with a seemingly underage Japanese girl being raped by a bunch of old men, while she's restrained with rope, is pissing into one of the old man's mouth, while one of the other old men lick her feet, and the fattest old man licks her armpits. He violently cums as some of the old men begin having sex in the background, however, as he cums, the fleshlight literally explodes, as his semen launches out of it, and hits the wall, leaving a dent.

"Dammit.", he said, tossing the fleshlight into some random corner. "Well, so much for that one."

"I'll catch it, masa!", cried a deep, stereotypical black voice.

Out from under the covers jumps a large, black, cock, not attached to a body of any kind. In mid air, the creature wrapped it's length around the flesh light, and landed gracefully in Josh's lap. This creature, is quite literally just a long, black penis with no testicles.

"I caught it! Are you proud of me, massa?", it said, rubbing itself all over Josh's greasy cock.

"Yes I am, Tyrone.", Josh replied, petting the penis snake's dick tip. Jeff stepped out of the closet.

"Can you faggots stop talking so fucking much?", Jeff yelled, his tentacles all spurting weird hentai goo.

"No, nigga. Lol.", Josh replied. "This is my room, you dicknipple."

"Nigga, I'm tryna sleep, fuck face!", Jeff replied.

"You wanna fight, Jeff? I'll fight you right after I put some pants on!"

"I'm gonna kiss you!", Jeff said as he lunged at Josh as fast as he could.

Jeff was a long, slender figure. Most of his body appeared to be a somewhat human shape, however, his skin was slimy and grey. He had the limbs similar to that of a human, but his crotch area was smooth. Instead, his genitals, his nut sack, to be exact, was on his face, where his nose would be. His eyes were yellow, and his pupils were the shape of dicks. Lastly, he had several, long, grey, and slimy tentacles sprouting from his back. He took a ready stance as he began planning on how to kiss Josh.

"You can't kiss me! Faggot! That's gay!"

But Jeff lunged at Josh, smacking their lips together. Josh tried to push him off, but Jeff held on tight, forcing his tongue down Josh's throat, without stopping, even when Josh vomited in Jeff's mouth. Tyrone began ejaculating his nigger cum all over them. Jeff pulled away from him.

"You thought your first kiss would be with a girl?! But it was I, JEFFERY!"

"Joke's on you.", Josh said, wiping the vomit from his mouth. "You weren't my first kiss, faggot."

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Krep Woman Krep Woman
Holy fuck that was amazing. I've missed your writing.
September 20, 2019, 11:29

Spin Ninja Spin Ninja
that was beatiful
September 18, 2019, 17:55


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