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My best memory is when I’m just lying in the bed….

Together with my 3 years daughter calling instead of alarm clock every morning…..

“Daddy! Wake up and let’s play!”

Daddy always answers “I’m so tired. Let me take a nap for a while”

She never gives up and cries utterly.

Maybe I never have enough time for her as it should be.

I always mess around with working just for family.

The only thing I can do for her is to get up and take a quality time

together for a while before pretending himself to be “a toy without battery” to turn back to sleep.

This role playing is efficient just for few times.

But my little daughter always make me laugh….

She tries to put battery on me in order to wake me up again.

“The battery is full! Peep Peep!” I can’t ignore her melodious voice and finally get out of bed for this role playing.

However, sometimes I feel too exhausted and really want to take a rest severely.

I get mad at her by shouting “don’t piss me off! Go away and Let me sleep!”

She balks and says “Ok.” and stay away for me suddenly.

I’m torn every time I think about it……

“The battery is full! Peep Peep!”

“The battery is full! Peep Peep!”

“Why don’t you get up and play with me, Daddy?”

Little girl’s voice is yelling out and shaking her dad for getting up and play with her as usual……

I’m still lying in my bed without any reaction to her not because I’m exhausted.

I wish I could wake up and take a great time with my precious daughter but I can’t do it anymore…..

One thing I can do is staring myself lying on at that coffin, having a little girl standing beside

and never quit calling her daddy to wake up and play with her again.

Her innocent eyes are full of hope to see her daddy getting up to play with her either or getting mad at her usually.

My beloved daughter….

I never feel bored of your voice calling me every day and night.

I apologize for yelling out when you need me so tight!

If I can revive, I promise we will spend time for playing together overnight, every minutes of my life,

my precious daughter!

“The battery is full! Peep Peep!”

“The battery is full! Peep Peep!”

“Why don’t you get up and play with me, Daddy?”

Little girl’s voice wakes me up from the sight.

Just Bad dream overnight…..

My whole body is soaked with sweat.

I open my eyes with full of tear and hold her tight after the night of fear.

"What would you like to play today?"

Story : varacha

Drawing : Wittaya Buathin

Interpreter : Tarntip Parngamvichitr

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Varacha Pansang I want to tell my story for the world.

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