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When a group of friends loses a person dear to each, a savior reaches out to them, withholding their fate, not knowing that her own destiny isn't a happily ever after.

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Chapter One

Rache Stone, Lila Schneider and Addy Baker had been close friends since kindergarten, and they made a pact to never let anything get in the way of their friendship, and to always tell each other the truth, no matter what. Throughout their eleven years of friendship, they would stick together through it all, thick and thin.

When they reached high school, the girls chose to get enrolled to Troy High, where they found some old friends of theirs. Stacy Bernard was the daughter of supermodel, Kaylee Bernard, and CEO Michael Bernard, and Josie McCall was the daughter of tech savvy creator, McKayla McCall-Arrow, and founder of McCall Enterprises, Zachary McCall.

The five girls spent every year of high school together, and when their junior year rolled around, Rache decided to run for student body president, and Stacy, Josie, Lila, and Addy became her self-appointed cheerleading team, and they made all of her campaign posters. (And when I say all, I mean all.)

And the girls' campaign paid off, because after two months of speeches, poster-making (there may or may not have been a lot of rushing-to-the-store-at-two-in-the-morning-for-markers-because-they-ran-out, but yeah...) and advertising, Rache was announced as the new student body president. (Her opponent, Macy Gray, wasn't very happy about that, though, but the girls didn't care.)

Rache made a good student body president. At first, she didn't have the best ideas, but over time, her peers saw that they made they right decision choosing Rache as their president. She held dances, fairs, and so much more to fund educational activities.

But the girls suffered a terrible loss when Josie got in a car accident with her boyfriend, Chad Wilmer. Chad made it out with a broken rib and shattered arm, but Josie went into a coma. She was asleep for about four-and-a-half months, and every single one of those days, Rache, Lila, Addy, and Stacy would visit her as a group and leave her flowers and balloons that said "Get Well Soon!", but her condition said otherwise. Every day, the girls would ask the doctors, "Is she getting any better?", and they were always countered with a, "I'm sorry, but no."

The girls finally got an answer on a gloomy Saturday, when they visited Josie, like every other day.

When they walked into Josie's hospital room, they were taken aback by the crowd that was around the foot of Josie's small hospital bed. As the crowd parted to make way for the girls, they saw Josie's parents at either side of her bed, holding either one of her hands, and both their faces were tear-streaked. McKayla McCall slowly lifted her head to look at the girls, and they saw the face they saw on so many magazine covers streaked with mascara. "I guess her mascara wasn't waterproof.", said one the people in the crowd.

"Girls. You're here. You're finally here.", said Mrs. McCall.

"Mrs. McCall, what's wrong? Why are you crying?," asked Addy, but Rache just kept on staring at Josie's heart monitor.

"Oh... my... god.", she said, slowly. Her voice cracked. She turned to Josie's mother with tears forming in her eyes. "Mrs. McCall, I am so sorry for your loss.", she said mournfully.

"What are you apologizing for?", asked Lila. She felt a tap on her shoulder and spun around to see Stacy hand slowly drawing away, her face pale, as if she had just seen a ghost. She pointed a trembling finger towards the heart monitor, her voice a low whisper.


The line that showed Josie's heartbeat had gone flat.

"She's gone. Josie's gone."

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