A prawn that talks even under the water meets some crabs and a sardine. What Will happen?

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The talkative prawn

Once upon a time, there was a child called Mar. Mar liked so much playing in the sand of the beach. She always collected sea shells and she put the sea shells drawing hearts.

Time to time, meanwhile she hit the sea shells with a stone, the seagulls that flied over her head approached towards the damp which shapened the beach.

Then, the talkative prawn got close to the seashore where the girl was.

-Hi Ma,r what are you doing here all alone? - the curios prawn asked her.

-No, I'm not alone! My mother is lying on the towel over there and she is sunbathing on the beach that is the reason why you can't see her.- she answered.

Suddenly, the crying sardine appeared and started to talk.

-Oh, I feel so sad!- she said – I haven't still found food and it's noon already as I can see in the sundial.

In the middle of a stone of the damp there was a sundial. The sardine always saw that it was noon and she hadn't found food, she get stressed and she started to complain. The other sardines said to her that she was a crying sardine and that she had to start to follow the queen sardine's advices in order to get food. The queen sardine had said:

-Follow the current, watch the light and calculate before going on hunt.

But she did what she wanted. However, the talkative prawn know how to get food, but she wasted time talking. The other prawn didn't say anything to her otherwise she would start talking endessly.

The Mar didn't go back to the beach until the next week. Meanwhile, the prawn tried to be shut up and the sardine follow the queen sardine's advice and at the end she succeed in finding food.

A breeze plays with Mar's sand castle. Suddenly, the sardine appeared and said to Mar:

-Hi, how wonderful your sand castles are!

Mar answered:

-Yes, they are indeed. I will do a well and it will drive you to the castle door.

Then the prawn arrived and Mar put her in the well that she had done. The sardine was a happy sardine now because she wasn't hungry anymore. She had learnt to hunt.

The prawn was in the well so bored and she started to tell jokes. Then, she didn't notice that she was surrounded by crabs. They were laughing at her jokes. It was how was born a new comedy actress and weekly when Mar came, she made a well and a tower. So, the prawn could tell jokes to her audience: the crabs.

The other prawns where surprised because the prawn didn't talk as much as before and she replied that she didn't talk because she wanted to save herself for her jokes.

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