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A collection of #Wonderbat shots [Drabble series]

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Chapter 1: Home


Home is where the heart is.
It was impossible to bury a small smile as he thought about going home after patrol, and not feeling miserable.
For once, he was happy to go home, especially with her.
Diana was his home.


This is my first attempt to write in a language that is not mine.
I hope my mistakes are tolerable and do not compromise the meaning of history.

It is always good to remember:
The characters do not belong to me.

Images taken from the movie Justice League

Many thanks to my dear beta @SaultNPeppah

“I love you as certain dark things are to be loved, in secret,

between the shadow and the soul”, (Pablo Neruda)

Gotham City

Diana allowed herself to lean back as far as possible, sliding gently into the passenger seat of the Batmobile, grateful for the feeling of the cool leather against her skin. She quickly adjusted, rectifying her back’s rigid posture and stretching her legs until she became comfortable. She quickly closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and smiled softly, finding her inner peace.

The doors locked, activating the automatic restraints, and the Batmobile made its journey to the cave. Bruce looked over at Diana and, likewise, took a deep breath, closing his eyes to give him a moment of peace. Granted he wasn’t as at peace as Diana, considering the amount of dark things he had seen, he still couldn’t suppress the relaxation that was invading him. Especially after the night’s events, which had resulted in their reconciliation and her agreeing to come back home with him. He was relieved when he had her safe and sound near her side, and nothing was going to disrupt that.

Bruce could not avoid the physical reaction of his body; his spine and shoulders straight and erect, much unlike his arched back and drooping shoulders. He breathed deeply, giving him a sense of tranquility, as he desperately attempted to regain control of his emotions. He glanced towards Diana, which provoked a few timid smiles. He had tried to deny the feelings for her, but after tonight, how could he keep such strong feelings from reaching the surface.

He had tried to prevent the rush of emotions, but it was as useless as trying to to calm a tsunami. He had never experienced such a relief after such a tragedy, but with the love he had for Diana finally restored, he couldn’t help but enjoy such a positive result.

It was impossible to bury a small smile as he thought about going home after patrol, and not feeling miserable. For once, he was happy to go home, especially with her. Diana was his home.

Gotham City || Wayne Mansion

They emerged from the Batmobile. Diana looked around the Batcave, noticing the bats crowded along the roof, among the stalactites, chirping in the otherwise quiet cave.

She had hoped the Batclan would be there, waiting to greet them after the situation they had endured, but the cave was empty. Even Alfred made no appearance, even though she was certain Bruce had informed him of his return. However it didn’t take long for her to realize he had requested everyone remain out of the cave for the night, allowing him to retain the natural order of his life that was isolation, loneliness, and the denial of any kind of emotional support. She knew he would keep things to himself, unwilling to let anyone help lessen the pain he felt.

Diana glanced over at Bruce, who was now walking towards the locker room, his cowl already off his face. She let out a sigh, instantly feeling any tension she had subside. She watched his face, taking note of his expression, which would have seemed blank, neutral, to the untrained eye, but the deep relationship they shared allowed her to see past the mask he wore. She was able to see his true emotions, even though he had spent years burying them under layers upon layers of shields and masks; she could see past the walls he had put up.

She watched him walk, his shoulders raised, his spine straight. However, he remained relaxed. He knew he could no longer carry the burden of guilt on his shoulders his face reflected nothing, and Diana smiled, as she took in the image of Bruce. His eyes weren’t blank, his jaw was not clenched and his chin was not raised, trying to ignore the feelings like he used to. He wasn’t withdrawn as usual.

Was he completely at peace? No. His personal demons would not allow that. However, the absence of any emotional conflicts left room for at least some tranquility, which he reveled in.

Bruce caught sight of the thermos that sat on a silver tray placed on the corner of one of the many countertops in the dressing room. ‘Coffee’ he thought, ‘Thank God.’

Diana began to strip off her uniform and walked past Bruce as she made her way into one of the showers. She stepped into one of the showers, and stared at Bruce, who stood across from her, gently leaning against the counter. He quietly drank his coffee, watching her with a fierce gaze.

She smiled when she realized her naked body had caught his undivided attention. Without a word she quickly let the door to the shower close, allowing her to bathe in some privacy.

Diana let out sigh, letting the water run over her body. She was tired, but remembering the look Bruce had given her before she shut the shower door, triggered a rush of desire she didn’t know was possible.

She turned in the shower, allowing the freezing water to hit her shoulders with the perfect amount of force, massaging her tight muscles. She let out a small groan of satisfaction, unable to contain herself, as the water continued to massage her muscles.

Diana thought of the sounds she was making, something so simple yet it added to the erotic situation while paired with her naked body, and how they were affecting the man a few meters away from her.

She listened as he stood, taking in a deep breath, allowing his chest to swell. He opened the door to the shower and stood, watching her, taking in her naked body.

She looked him over, the muscles of his body evident through his batsuit. He was perfect and his body was mesmerizing. She could only close her eyes and imagine what he looked like without the suit.

Diana looked at Bruce, her face full of desire. Her pelvic region became uncomfortable as she ached for Bruce’s familiar touch. His breathing became labored and dense, much to the contrary of the exhaustion he had exhibited hours ago.

Her intense gaze was undeniable proof of the desire she had for him. He slowly pressed his lips to hers, before his bit her lower lip, his appetite for her increasing exponentially. He heard Diana release a small moan and he gave her a lascivious smile. Had she not known the sincerity behind it, she would have assumed it was his playboy persona coming out.

Diana continued to kiss him, her hands roaming his body, and although she knew she wasn’t at her physical best, she gave up any thoughts of rest.

The vigorous sequence of Bruce’s kisses completely deprived her of any cognitive function. The power his body wielded over hers robbed him of reason, common sense, control of his actions, and his free will, leaving her in possession of these.

[De-meta-human genetics has exponentially increased the development of these senses. Which had consequently made her sensations likewise multiplied. To say that, in Diana's eyes, Bruce was an immensely more extraordinary hero than anyone who sees him as spectacular, is not just a romantic metaphor.

The natural sexiness of his baritone voice caused a wave of pleasure to pulse through Diana’s body, especially when he continued to whisper his desires into her ear. He began to whisper in multiple languages, knowing Diana would be able to understand him, as well as be impressed with his vast knowledge.

“Je veux te baiser jusqu'à l'aube,” he whispered, causing Diana to shutter, letting her mind translate what he had just said. I want to fuck you until dawn.

Bruce continued to run his hands over her naked body. With each touch Diana experienced sensations she could not explain. She felt like she would explode when he began to concentrate on her erogenous zones.

Diana kissed Bruce once more, her body reacting to his every taste and scent. His saliva was sweet, remnants of coffee still on his tongue. The sweetness mixed with the salty taste of his sweat. The scent of his after shave filled her nostrils; his scent. It was the smell that assaulted her senses everytime they made love.

She gazed up at Batman, still dressed in his armor, much like a warrior still ready for battle. She scanned over every detail of his suit, knowing his costume couldn’t hide who he truly was.

She ran her hand along his arm, unable to hide the excitement that overcame her as she outlined the countless scars on his muscular structure that she had committed to memory. She grew more excited, knowing what was to come, however it wasn’t purely a sexual desire. It was the thrill of knowing a warrior like him. Admiration for the man he was, enchanted by this man.


Diana did not remember how she ended up in the couple’s suite. The deep, passionate kisses she and Bruce had shared had left her disconnected from her surroundings. She did not remember him stripping off each piece of his batsuit, leaving him only in a pair of sports shorts he wore beneath the armor. She did not remember him barging into the shower and claiming her lips in a kiss, before turning off the shower and carrying her naked body through the house up into the bedroom, even though everyone would be up and about.

Bruce could not remember why he hadn’t seen Alfred’s relieved smile as he saw the two make their way up the stairs, however he was lucky his butler hasn’t seen him, who was half naked, and Diana who was as bare as the day she was born. He was also lucky Tim, Damian, Barbara, and Dick, who had all been waiting in the dining room for breakfast, hadn’t seen the two as they made their way to the bedroom.

“Bruce,” Diana began in between kisses, “I need to breath.’ Bruce closed the door to his bedroom urgently, before kissing Diana once more. The sound of her laughter muffled by his mouth assured him that things were fine between them, that they weren’t crossing any boundaries that would ruin the relationship they had built. “I thought you were tired,” she said. “What was in that coffee?”

“I’m,” he began, “My body is….” He was unable to form a complete sentence, seeing as how Diana was naked in his arms. “I haven’t slept in forty six hours,” he confessed. “And just before you met me, I was on edge and-” Diana jumped out of his arms and hugged him, placing her head on his chest.

“But I need you Diana. I want you so much. My heart, my mind, my body. I need to convince you not to go.” He wrapped his arms around her and let out a content sigh. “I need you now,” he whispered, his body responding to hers pressed against him.

What had followed was the most passionate night of sex either of them had had. Bruce had barely placed Diana on the bed before he was inside her, and Diana understood why. He needed her, and she needed him. He had this sense of urgency, but she loved him, and she knew he needed this.

Diana understood his frenzied actions. He was trying to show his love; love that she wanted to accept.

Diana looked at him and smiled, silently letting him know that she would never leave him. She wanted to reaffirm his love. She wanted to let him know they loved each other completely.

She wanted to heal his wounds through affection. Affection, understanding, and passion. But she would never understand the lack of respect and the lack of admiration he sometimes displayed.

But all the urgency had become irrelevant when they resumed their love making a few minutes later. This time there was no hurry. There were dozens of whispers of “I love yous”, said with loving caresses, loving glances, and tight embrasses.

Their movements were a perfect rhythm, provoking pleasures Diana’s body had never experienced before, giving her the confirmation that she was his; all his. That thought alone made Bruce experience things he had never felt, the pleasure overwhelming his body. He was comfortable, as he moved over her, his face looking down at her smiling. She looked at his handsome face, reciprocating his smile, and he couldn’t help but continue his movements, letting her know he loved the way she was looking at him.

They knew this love was not a sacrifice. Diana had learned that Bruce was able to give love and affection just as well as receive it, contrary to what everyone else thought.

They quickly finished their passionate lovemaking and took a shower, washing away the grime and sweat from their long day, and longer night. After they bathed, they crawled into bed and fell asleep, completely unaware they had intertwined their hands in the process, as if they were afraid of losing each other in their dreams.

'Cause they say home is where your heart is set in stone
Is where you go when you're alone
Is where you go to rest your bones
It's not just where you lay your head
It's not just where you make your bed
As long as we're together, does it matter where we go?

(Home - Gabrielle Aplin)

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