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⚠️This book is for adults only, 21+. This book is not for people that are easily bothered or offended. This book is fictional and the characters in it are too. ⚠️ 🚨Warning🚨, book contains… -Betrayal -Backstabbing -Vulgar language -Rape -Dysfunction -Toxicity Description: Taleah was angry with Nahseem for not saving her in time from his step father when they were eighteen and nineteen years old. Even after not speaking to him in over five years, she was holding grudges. After graduating with honors, Taleah didn't go off to schoool to be the doctor she dreamed of, she turned into a full blown killer. One night out with her fabulous group of murderous girlfriends, Taleah sees Nahseem, and her world turns upside down after seeing that he's engaged to be married.

Dram Yalnızca 21 yaş üstü (yetişkinler) için. © All Rights Reserved I, Kalissa Fahoome, do not allow my work to be used or adapted in any way without my permission.

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Seeing You For The First Time

Chapter 1: Seeing You For The First Time

"Fuck." Nahseem hissed as he pulled his black shirt up from the back.

Some of the fabric to his shirt was sticking to his fresh wound. It was located in the center of his back and he squeezed his eyes shut tight from the sharp pains that coursed through it. He slowly turned around in his position in front of the gas station, restroom mirror and sighed seeing the deep tissues in his back that showed. Blood was dripping from it and around the edges it was beginning to fester. His step father's footprints were embedded in the surface of his skin too, and they were in the process of bruising.

"Damn, man." He mumbled, turning on the sink.

Nahseem got stomped out by his mother's boyfriend this morning. Her boyfriend was drunk again and wanted to use his mother as a punching bag. The gash was from her boyfriend hitting Nahseem with his pair of brass knuckles repeatedly while Nahseem was down on the ground from his stomping session.

The anger that came over Nahseem as he stared at his back caused his chocolate skin to redden. Nahseem balled up his fists from the thought of getting revenge. Suddenly, he paused from hearing footsteps at the restroom door.

"Hey. I-I saw that you were hurt. Are you okay?" A gentle voice of a girl filled with concern came through the door.

A knock followed after the voice, making him timid. He quickly shut off the water and let down his shirt. He grabbed his black, Nike jacket from off of the back of the toilet and slipped it over his shirt. Walking over to the restroom door, he unlocked it, and opened it. As it widened, a young girl around his age, looked up at him from her spot in front of the door.

She was beautiful. She had big, brown eyes, even, smooth, light skin, medium length, black hair that was wavy, and a short and curvy frame. An instant smile danced upon her pink lips as they both stared back at each other. Nahseem cleared his throat after a few more seconds of eye contact and looked away from her compelling stare.

"Hey. I know you. You go to my school. Dean River High. Nahseem, right?" She said, placing a hand against his chest.

He looked back down at her hand and then back up at her face with squinted eyes. The smile on her face stayed as she looked around the store and pushed him back into the restroom.

"Fuck is you doing?" He grumbled, snatching back away from her.

He headed back out the restroom, but she stepped in front of him with a hand propped up on her hip.

"Stop being like that." She said in a high pitched voice.

He heavily sighed, throwing his hands up in defeat.

"What happened to you?" She asked, walking toward him.

She stopped a few inches in front of him and he looked down, staring her right in her face. He glared down at her, but surprisingly, she did the same thing back to him. He would have thought his intimidating height of six feet and two inches would have scared her.

"Don't look at me like that! You ain't scarin’ nobody!" She said with an eye roll.

Her nose flared out a bit, and he chuckled.

"Let me see what's wrong with you." She said in a softer tone.

She looked up at him expectantly, batting her long eyelashes, and he groaned, turning around. He hesitantly slipped off his jacket and she grabbed it, holding it for him. He slowly lifted up his shirt from the back and she gasped hard from the sight.

"W-we have to get it cleaned up, or it's going to get infected." She stuttered, heartbroken at the sight of his injury.

He jumped a little from the feeling of her soft hand touching his fragile flesh. She carefully caressed some of the footprint bruises that were up by his shoulder blades, and he actually felt his body slowly starting to relax.

"Do you have to be home any time soon?" She asked gently.

He shook his head and chuckled.

"I ain't gonna be home until I want to be, girl. I'm grown. Why yo' ass not in school? Aren’t you supposed to be the president for us seniors?" He asked, turning back around to face her.

She shrugged her shoulders at him with a blank face. He pierced his lips together knowing she was hiding something.

"Well, tell me. I'm waiting. Yo' ass was making me tell you all my business, so you gotta tell me yours." Nahseem demanded.

She rolled her eyes.

"I'm skipping. I didn't wanna go today." She replied blatantly.

"You? Skipping?" He sarcastically asked with a laugh.

"I just didn't feel like going today." She shrugged her shoulders, leaving it at that.

Her tone of voice deepened as if she was upset, but she headed for the restroom door without another word.

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