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Human businessman and widower Troy Porrin marries Ni’varh, a stoic divorced alien woman, in an arranged marriage. He soon brings her to live with him and his family so they can build a life together.

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Telling The Family

The large-screen remote in the Porrin Family's Gathering Room beeped.

Looking at it, Troy Porrin saw a notification for a message from N’aruzh Beta One.

“Who’s it from, Dad?”, asked Todd, his oldest son.

“Do you know anyone from N’aruzh Beta One?”, Chad, his youngest son, asked.

“It’s got to be a mistake. That’s all the way in Beta Quadrant in N’aruzh Collective territory.

"The person probably typed the wrong link.”, his mother, Lucy, said.

“That’s probably what it is, Grandma.”, Chad replied.

“I know someone from there. It’s not a mistake. I know who this is from.”, Troy said.

“Who, dear?”, his mother asked.

“Everybody, I’ve got something to tell you...I've got a confession to make.”, Troy said, looking at the notification.

He took a long, deep breath. After a minute he said,

“The message is from…it’s from the planetary government of my wife. It’s my marriage documents from her Collective.”

They looked at him in complete and utter shock.

“Your wife?”, they asked in unison.

He cleared his throat.

“Yes. My wife.”, he said sheepishly.

“When did you get married, Dad?”, Todd asked.

“Three and a half weeks ago.”, he said.

“Why didn’t you tell us? Why doesn’t she live here with us?”, Chad asked.

“What the hell were you thinking getting married without telling us?”, his father, John, asked.

“What’s her name Dear, and why isn’t she here so the two of you can give your dad and me more grandchildren?”, his mother asked.

“Her name’s Ni’varh. Our marriage is in name only. I married her as a favor to a friend.

"She’d left an abusive marriage and a friend of a friend of a friend of mine wanted to help her relocate after her divorce.

”In her culture all marriages are arranged by the parents when the couples are children.

"They have no choice in whom they marry. Divorce carries a stigma, especially for women.

”By marrying her, even if it’s a marriage in name only where we don’t live together, she’s no longer stigmatized in her culture as a divorcee, a woman who couldn't keep her marriage together anymore, no matter who is at fault for the marriage ending.

“We’re strangers. We haven’t met, seen nor even spoken to each other. The ceremony was done by proxy. The person who was trying to help her was proxy for me.

”We know each other’s name, species, age, and occupation, and I have her stream link. She wasn’t given my link. I’ve no idea what she looks like and vice versa.

“I told the proxy I’d message her once I received our marriage documents from both her planet and ours. I’ll give her my stream link at that point.”, he said.

“Why would you even agree to a marriage like that, Troy?”

“I didn't, and don't, want to be alone the rest of my life. I want what I had and lost, what you two have, what Frank and Lola have, what my kids will have when they're older.”, Troy replied.

“Is the marriage legal? Why not just bring her here?”, his father asked him calmly.

“It’s a fully legal marriage in both our Federation and her Collective, and provides her with the protection she needed from being stigmatized.

“I don’t even know her. We’re strangers to be perfectly honest. We’re ‘out of sight out of mind’ to each other.

”I did offer to send her money every month as part of our nuptial agreement, as they call it, but she declined.

”She told her friend she was concerned it would break the ‘no contact’ clause in our nuptial agreement.“, he said.

”Does she have kids from her previous marriage?”, his father asked.

“I don’t know. I wasn’t told. Her culture's very tight-lipped about things like that for some odd reason.

”As far as I know she hasn’t been told about you kids either, although my friend told the person helping her about all of you.

"It’s possible she knows about you kids, but I don’t know for sure.”, he said.

“Why don’t you just contact her now like you said you would?”, his mother asked.

He then sent her a live stream request, with a note saying whom the request was from.

A few minutes later he received an audio message.

“Hello husband. I am Ni’varh. It’s agreeable to hear from you. I’m sorry, but I cannot live stream at the moment. I’m on my way home from work.

”I’ll accept your request once I arrive home.

”I was going to message you later tonight to inform you, per our nuptial agreement, that I’ll be moving and changing my stream link in the next few months.

“Our building manager has informed us tenants that units will no longer be rented starting three months from now. I’ll have to buy my unit or move.

”The price and monthly payment will be far over my budget, so I will be moving.

”I hope this finds you and your family well. I will send you a live stream request once I have returned home. I wish you long life and good health. Ni’varh.“

They sat there, speechless.

”Wow. Talk about an ice queen! She’s so stoic! “, Todd said.

“I bet she’s a barrel of laughs at parties!”, Chad exclaimed.

”Dad, married in name only or not, bring her here. Screw the ‘no contact’ crap!

"Bring her here, even though she’s an ice queen. You two can figure out what kind of marriage you want, but bring her here.”, Todd said.

The others nodded in agreement.

“Are you absolutely sure?

"I thought the same thing when I heard what she said.

"To be honest, I should’ve insisted she move here right away when we married.”, he replied.

One hour later the remote beeped with a live stream request.

Troy pressed Accept. Seconds later Ni’varh appeared onscreen.

She was somewhat slender, quite buxom, and had long reddish-blonde hair styled in a high ponytail that fell down over a large decorative barrette, brown eyes, pearl-shaped markings and pointed ears. Large hoop earrings dangled from her lobes.

Ni’varh was wearing a pink tshirt with cats on it and matching shorts. Her markings went all the way down her neck, arms and legs.

She was barefoot. Her fingernails and toenails were all painted bright purple.

Troy thought she was beautiful!

“Hello, husband. It is agreeable to see you.”, she said stoically yet politely, lifting the index and middle fingers of her left hand in a type of greeting or salute.

Out of respect for her culture, and knowing that some alien species had similar forms of greeting, Troy did the same.

“Hi, Ni’varh. It’s great to see you too at long last! Wow! You’re very beautiful!

“These are my kids. This is Todd, this is Chad and these are my parents, John and Lucy. We also have two dogs and a cat.

”They're all napping at the moment, apparently.“, he replied, smiling broadly.

“Hi there! Nice to meet you!”, they all exclaimed, smiling broadly at her.

“It is agreeable to meet you all. Thank you for the compliment.

”You look quite nice for a human, husband.”, she replied stoically, then said,

“My apologies. That did not come out right.”

“It’s okay. No offense taken. How are you doing tonight?”, he asked, smiling.

“I am doing well. Thank you for asking. How are all of you?”, she asked stoically.

“We’re doing great! We’re having zappi, wings, and dessert.”, he said.

“I’m glad everyone is doing well.”, she replied.

“Ni’varh, about your housing predicament. I’ve got a proposition for you.

”I’d like you to move here with me. You’ll be with family, and my kids will have a mom again.”, Troy said.

“Move there? Live among humans?”, she asked in shocked disbelief. It was the first sign of any actual emotion she’d shown.

“Yeah. We could all be a family.”, he said, smiling.

“Our marriage is in name only.”, she reminded Troy stoically, yet obviously shaken up by the idea of living among humans.

“Yes, yes it is.”, he said, smiling ever-so-slightly.

“Are you suggesting we become... intimate?”, she asked nervously.

“Yes. Yes I am. We’d be a regular married couple.”, he said, smiling.

“We aren’t the same species. I have never been intimate with an alien before.

"Is it even physically possible for us to be intimate, N’aruzh and human?”, she replied stoically, blushing quite deeply.

“I don’t see why it wouldn’t be, especially if your kind has the same reproductive parts we humans do.

”Anyway, we can talk more about that part of our life when you get here.

”If you’d rather not be intimate, or you’re uncomfortable being intimate because I’m human, it’s alright with me.

“I’m not going to force you to do anything you don’t want to do.”, he said reassuringly.

“Will there be any problems with me living on your human world since I am not your kind?”, she asked stoically, having recovered from her momentary brief lapse in emotional control.

“No, no, none whatsoever, Ni’varh. There are lots of various aliens living here, so there won’t be any problems at all.”, he said.

“I suppose I could move there. I have never been off-world other than trips to museums on two of our moons.

”My kind are spacefaring but, as a culture, we are quite insular.

"We don’t have much experience with your kind. We tend not to get to know most alien species much at all.

”How much would my flight cost? I can sell my pod to help defray the cost. What would I be able to bring with me?”, she asked.

“My dad is ex-military. He’s still got alot of connections. He can get a freighter there to pick you up in a matter of at most a couple weeks to bring you here.

”Bring whatever furniture you want, along with anything else you need or want.

“We’ve got plenty of Gathering Room furniture and bedroom furniture.

“Bring whatever pots, pans, small kitchen appliances and foods you’d like. I’m not sure what kinds of food you eat, so feel free to bring whatever you’d like.”, Troy said, smiling reassuringly.

“This is all very sudden.

"However, given my particular circumstances, I have no choice but to accept your offer, move to your home world and live among your kind with you and your family. Thank you, Troy.”, she replied stoically.

They all thought they saw the beginning of a nervous yet slight smile cross her face.

“Just let me know when the freighter should pick you up and it’ll be there. I’m looking forward to building a life with you.”, he said.

“The thought is agreeable to me as well.

”I know I sound harsh and aloof. I don’t mean to. “It’s nothing personal towards you nor even towards your kind. It’s just how we are.

”We do have emotions, but rarely show them once we reach a certain age. We repress them out of necessity.

“We do feel deeply; very deeply in fact. That’s why we have to repress our emotions. If we do not repress them and keep them under control, we become overwhelmed by them. It’s not a pretty sight when that happens.

”I am told other species consider us to be aloof, arrogant, and extremely condescending.

“I admit some of my kind can be arrogant and condescending towards other species, and even towards our own kind as well but, for the most part, most of us aren’t.

”We just seem that way to aliens like your kind who express their emotions rather than repress them as we do. In a way, I envy you being able to express your emotions.

“I admit, sometimes I wish I could do that even just once, just to see how it feels to be free to show emotion.“, she replied wistfully yet stoically.

”I understand completely. Ni’varh, do you have kids? If so, bring them with.“, he said.

”I have…no…I have no children anymore. It’s a long story connected to my divorce. No, I have no children.“, she replied.

They could have sworn they saw her eyes glisten with tears. They definitely noticed her biting her lower lip and taking a deep breath to calm herself.

”Will I be able to have a spot in my…our room for me to meditate? I meditate every night before going to bed. All of my kind do.“, she asked.

”Of course! There’s a reading nook that should work for you. It’s one of my favorite parts of the room. It overlooks our backyard. Sunrises and sunsets are beautiful from that spot.“, Troy said tenderly.

”It sounds wonderful. May I burn candles and possibly incense when meditating in there?“, she asked.

”Yes, absolutely. Whatever you need to do for meditating is fine with me.“, he said.

”Thank you. It might take an extra week or two before I can leave. I have to give my notice at work, plus I am expecting a few packages to arrive. The packages shouldn't cause too much of a delay.“, she replied stoically.

”That's okay. You'll be here in time to have fun decorating the tree with us.“, Troy said.

”Tree?“, she asked.

”Our Christmas tree.“, Troy replied.

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