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Aien A'vigh and his human roommate Fred experience unusual happenings in their 32nd century apartment on Earth, now called Terra. Are the people they hear dead, alive or in limbo somewhere in between?

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A'vigh was a 32nd century alien living on Terra in upstate New York in an apartment in a nice neighborhood. He and his ambuquad, RB59, shared the apartment with his best friend, Fred, a human from Blargho Alpha One.

A'vigh was a D'olmakh. The D'olmakhs were an ancient race of people from a distant arm of the Milky Way.

The planet D'olmakh was the seat of the government, and the last planet in that part of the galaxy. Canis Major Dwarf was the nearest galaxy from there.

The D'olmakhs had been spacefaring for over 5000 years, but rarely if ever traveled into Terra's neighborhood. That had all changed around 10 years earlier.

Five years after traveling deep into Terra's area of the Milky Way, the D'olmakh Collective and Interstellar Federation, Terra's government, had become allies.

Interstellar Federation had renamed Earth after the seat of government changed from Earth to Phion S-Nine, a planet in the Simto star system and Beta Quadrant of deep space, 300 years or so earlier.

Other federations had joined Interstellar Federation, but the larger ones, especially the Cardistanian and Dehmo Empires, kept their autonomy.

Many people still affectionately called Terra “Earth”, although that was mostly among those born on the planet.

The D'olmakh Collective was neutral politically.

While allies with several intergalactic governments, they never got involved in any conflicts. The Collective was one of only a very small handful of other governments who were completely neutral.

They and their counterparts were quite literally an intergalactic Switzerland, only hundreds and, in one case, thousands of light years in size!

The D'olmakhs had gotten involved in a conflict only once; 1500 years earlier, when they'd been invaded and attacked by the Cardistanians.

It wasn't pretty. It was brutal. The Cardistanians never expected the peaceful D'olmakhs to fight like they did.

It took awhile, but they ultimately beat the Cardistanians back to their own territory. The D'olmakhs were never invaded or attacked anyone!

The Cardistanians respected them from then on! Everyone across the entire galaxy did.

Historians compared the D'olmakhs' courage with that of the Ukrainian people during Earth's 21st century when they were invaded by Russia.

Ironically, D'olmakhs had what could best be described as an Eastern European, almost Ukrainian, accent from Earth's, now Terra's, ancient past.

He'd moved to Terra ten years after the D'olmakh Collective and Interstellar Federation became allies and he'd been assigned as the new D'olmakh cultural attache to Terra.

He and Fred had heard strange occurances in the apartment, but had never seen anyone. It was more of an odd “off” feeling than anything else.

That's not to say a presence hadn't been detected. A whiff of perfume, a book, magazine, or tv remote not being put back in the same spot on the coffeetable, the feeling of someone or something sitting down next to them on the couch or laying next to A'vigh in bed, a feeling of skirts or some type of clothing on his legs, faint voices of an adult and children, all pointed to someone or something definitely out of the ordinary as far as they were concerned.

Since this section of Terra New Amsterdam, known centuries earlier as upstate New York, was known to be haunted in parts, they simply assumed the apartment was haunted based on all the activity they experienced.

They never felt threatened by the activity. They found the sounds of children playing, the aroma of food cooking, etc., to be quite comforting in a way, for the most part.

Feeling someone get into bed with A'vigh did tend to unnerve him abit, though.

“I don't mind you being here, but if I happen to be with a woman, I'd appreciate a little privacy please.”, he'd say occasionally when feeling someone or something gently climb into bed, or when hearing and feeling the blankets move, despite them not moving at all.

One evening while he and Fred were playing video games, A'vigh asked,

“Did you hear that?”

“Yeah. It sounded like you were messing around in the kitchen getting plates out of your cabinet, but you were right here getting your D'olmakh ass kicked in the game. ”, Fred said.

“I was beginning to think I was losing my mind. I've heard stories about this part of Terra New Amsterdam but thought it was just something Terrans told us aliens to see if they could scare us.”

“It's true about the area having paranormal activity from centuries ago. Mostly it's supposed to be Indian ghosts, although it could be ghosts of other settlers.”, Fred said.

Immediately after he said that, they heard a woman's voice loud and clear say,

“I am not a ghost.”

Both men jumped.

“DAMN! That was clear as day! We certainly didn't need Aaron's ghost hunting equipment for that to be heard!”, A'vigh exclaimed.

“That's for DAMN sure!”, Fred replied.

“Obscenities are quite unnecessary, kind sirs! Indeed, the children do not need to be exposed to that type of ungentlemanly crudeness!”, the woman's voice admonished them.

Her voice was so clear it was as if she were standing right there in front of them!

“I apologize Ma'am. We both do.”, A'vigh said.

“Can you tell us what year you're from?”, asked Fred.

They received no response.

A minute later they'd still received no response. It was as if their “visitor” had disappeared.

“So what do you think? Is she a ghost or a residual haunting responding to someone from her time using cuss words like we did?”, asked A'vigh.

“I'm not sure, but it was definitely weird!”, replied Fred.

“Hey RB59, what do you make of that?”, A'vigh asked his ambuquad.

“It's hard to tell. If she's a ghost, she's a very intelligent ghost.”

“Did your sensors pick up anything unusual before, during, or after the conversation?” asked A'vigh.

“No. Nothing at all. I did detect a slight drop in temperature, but nothing else.”, he said.

“Maybe we should get Aaron over here to check it out. Have him bring his ghost hunting equipment and see what we can find out.”, Fred said.

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