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An alien couple meet human pilots who've crashed on their world. They all receive quite a series of shocks about each other.

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Two Families Meet

A'ntzholh and his three sons were out deer hunting. They'd spotted a large buck and were tracking it.

Along with three other bucks they'd caught last week plus rabbits, ducks, quail and geese they'd caught over the last several weeks, this buck would give them plenty of meat for the upcoming Cold Season.

Deer were quite plentiful this time of year on Joxha Alpha 6, a planet in the Lambda Quadrant of deep space, and A'ntzholh was taking advantage of it, especially his day off from work as an ad executive.

(He was a tall (6'4"), tanned, muscular Khambhukh man. His skin was off-white with blue tribal style markings on his head, cheeks plus over and under his eyes, which were bluish-black.

The markings around gis eyes looked like blue eyeshadow. He had no eyebrows. His lips were a medium blue. He was also bald.

The markings continued down the back of his neck onto his chest and down his abdomen, arms and legs.

He had a chestful of hair; the only hair he had on his body.

The Khambhukh were indigenous to Joxha Alpha 6 and were a sub-species of Khambuchans, a species from Arda that had been extinct for two centuries.

The Khambhukh had lived on the planet for over 100,000 years. Like the Khambuchans, they were a fairly primitive race, not at all spacefaring or highly educated.

They were a very kind, peaceful peaceful race, mostly farmers, hunter-gatherers, craftsmen, artisans and weavers who created beautiful rugs and tapestries.

The Khambhukh had little-to-no need for any knowledge of astronomy or science and never learned much of either subject. They knew basic mathematics, but nothing very advanced.

Over the past 100 years or so, efforts had been made by various interplanetary governments to reach out to them to help them modernize.

There was some mild resistance at first but, generally, they were open to modernizing as long as they could maintain their cultural practices and identity.

The planetary government very happily agreed to their request, and the Khambhukh very slowly started to modernize.

They were now fairly well educated.

Most, like A'ntzholh, attended college and earned a degree. His degree was in advertising and graphic design.

It was a chilly day, but nothing like what would arrive in the next week. It was just the 4 of them, ever since his wife died 5 years earlier when their youngest was 5 years old. Their oldest was now 13, and their middle son was 11.

At last, they spotted the buck not too far from the river. A'ntzholh got his crossbow into position, then released the arrow. A direct hit! The buck went down within seconds.

They ran up to it and A'ntzholh checked to see if it was dead. He didn't want it to suffer. It hadn't. They got their tarp out to drag it home.

While they were working on getting the buck onto the tarp, they didn't see a lone canoe floating down the river. They looked up when they heard a woman's weak voice calling to them.

“Excuse me, Sir. Do you know where some caves are? My daughter and I are looking for some shelter.”, a woman said.

They saw a canoe and a young woman in it dressed in a long brown hooded cloak. She sounded weak and exhausted beyond words.

He didn't see anyone with her. However, just then he heard an infant cry. The young woman was obviously in the company of an infant.

“There aren't any caves for miles, Miss. It's cold and wet today. It'll probably be snowing by tonight. You're more than welcome to come to our cabin so you and your daughter can warm up.

”I've got stew on the stove you can have as well if you'd like. I promise you, you and your daughter will be safe with us.”, he replied.

“Thank you sir! That would be wonderful!”, the woman said as she docked her canoe.

He took his heavy coat off and put it on her to keep her warm, and told his boys to carry her belongings to their cabin.

“You're so kind! You're more than welcome to put your buck in my canoe to get it to your cabin more easily if you'd like.”, she said to him.

He thanked her and, after getting the tarp and buck into the canoe, dragged the canoe behind him as he walked beside her.

“I'm A'ntzholh and these are my sons M'harh, L'harh, and D'harh.”, he said.

“It's nice to meet you. I'm L'apisah, and this is my daughter A'nhtha.

”There was flooding 3 weeks ago out east, where I'm from. The refugee camp I went to wasn't accepting pregnant women.

”They gave me two weeks' worth of baby clothes, a month's worth of diapers, plus two weeks' worth of items for me to use after giving birth. I've been traveling by canoe, giving birth in it an hour ago.

“I'm wearing her in an infant sling so I can row the canoe. I was hoping to find a cave tonight so we could spend a few days there out of the weather.”, she replied.

“You just gave birth an hour ago?”, asked A'ntzholh. 'That explains the blood in the canoe', he thought to himself.

“Yes. I was looking for some caves before dark so we could have shelter for a few days until the weather breaks. I didn't want to stay where we were once I gave birth to her.”, she replied.

He stopped and said, “L'apisah, put your arm around my neck. You shouldn't have to walk to the cabin. No woman who just gave birth should have to walk that far. Hold on to your daughter.”

He then scooped her up into his arms.

“Now, we can continue. I'll come back for the buck.”, he said.

“Really, A'ntzholh, I can handle the walk.”, L'apisah replied.

“Not as long as I'm here to help. Besides, you just gave birth. You need rest. My carrying you will help you get that rest, for abit anyway.”, he said, smiling.

About a quarter mile from the river was a cabin. There was a large yard in front, and a barn in the back where A'ntzholh told her they raised goats, cattle, and several chickens. There was also a large vegetable garden, tool shed, and large food storage shed.

Although most of the crops had been harvested there were still plenty of pumpkins, potatoes, late corn, various types of squash, apples, tomatoes and peppers left to harvest.

A transport pod was parked near the barn. The boys ran up ahead to the cabin.

“We don't have alot, but you're more than welcome to share in what we have.

”We're pretty self-sufficient here, although we do go to a town not too far from here once a week, or every other week, for certain supplies.”, he said as he carried her into the cabin.

The cabin was spacious and toasty warm, but DEFINITELY lacking a woman's touch. He asked the oldest boy to go up to the attic and bring down their mother's rocking chair and afghans.

He gently put L'apisah and her infant daughter down. She took off her cloak and his coat, handing his coat back to him and thanking him profusely.

When the boy returned, A'ntzholh placed the chair in front of the fireplace on the left. She sat down and he covered them up with one of his wife's afghans.

L'apisah continued discreetly nursing her daughter. A'ntzholh poured her a cup of tea and brought it to her.

He took a good look at her. L'apisah looked to be in her mid-20's. She was fairly slim despite a just-having-given-birth post-partum belly.

She was wearing a pink long-sleeved top, denim pants, pink socks, and hot pink athletic shoes.

While she drank her tea, A'ntzholh and his younger sons went up to the attic.

He sent his oldest son to fetch the buck they'd caught, telling him to let him know if he needed his help.

Ten minutes later, A'ntzholh and his sons came downstairs with enough clothes, stroller, swing, bouncer, playpen, blankets, and toys to fill an entire nursery. He also brought down a transport pod infant seat.

His oldest was back with the buck and went up to the attic to help A'ntzholh bring down a crib, changing table, and cradle.

“I made this cradle when my wife was pregnant with M'harh. Every one of our boys slept in it. Your daughter is more than welcome to sleep in it as well. This is everything we had for the boys.

”I was keeping the things for when they eventually have children, but I think it'd be best to use everything now.

“Her parents bought us the crib. Her dad and I filled two large swear jars putting it together. I swore I'd never take it apart, and I haven't.”, he said, laughing.

“I know the clothes and blankets are more geared towards boys, but you're more than welcome to use them for your daughter if you'd like.”, said A'ntzholh.

“Thank you SO much!”, she replied, taking another sip of her tea.

“You just relax and get some rest. I'm not much of a cook, but I've got some spicy meat soup cooking for dinner.

”It'll be ready shortly.”, A'ntzholh said, almost apologetically, regarding his cooking skills.

After her daughter had finished nursing L'apisah burped her, placed her in the cradle and covered her up, then joined them at the table for dinner.

The spicy meat soup was good, she thought, but abit bland. The tea was good, as was the bread. A'ntzholh told her he'd bought several loaves of bread when they were in town since he didn't know how to bake bread.

He and his sons were a friendly bunch. They all seemed to be enjoying her company as much as she was enjoying theirs.

“L'apisah, I know this is quite sudden, especially since you barely know us, but you're more than welcome to stay through the Cold Season if you'd like, especially with the weather turning much colder soon.

”I know you mentioned staying in a cave for a few days. The caves will still be quite cold and damp even with a fire going.

“Those aren't the best conditions, especially for a newborn or a new mother recovering from childbirth. Here you'll both be warm and have plenty of food no matter what.”, he said.

“You're so kind, A'ntzholh. I'd truly appreciate it! I didn't expect such a gracious offer, but I'll gladly accept, especially for my A'nhtha's sake! Thank you so much! I'll gladly help in any way I can around here.”, she replied.

“Can you please cook for us?”, all 4 said, almost in unison, smiling broadly.

“It'd be an honor, gentlemen!”, she replied, smiling broadly as well.

“How are you at teaching?”, he asked.

“I think I could do a fairly decent job at it.”, she replied.

“Great! I try to teach them and get my regular work around the homestead done, but I know they need someone who can teach them regularly, not just when I've got time for it.”, he said, obviously apologetic for his self-perceived shortcomings as a parent.

“I'll gladly help out. From what I've seen, I think you've done a great job as a single parent! Your boys are extremely polite and caring. That alone proves you've done a great job!”, she replied.

“Thank you.”, he said.

After dinner, she offered to take care of the dishes so he and the boys could process the buck they'd caught that day. He showed her where everything went and reminded her to take it easy.

She washed the dishes, dried them, then put them away.

She checked on A'nhtha, put her cloak on, then went outside. She asked A'ntzholh where they kept their meat and perishables they didn't keep in the freezer.

He showed her their food storage shed. She took stock of what they had then brought several things back to the cabin to prepare for the next several days' meals.

“A'ntzholh, will you be cutting the meat from this buck into roasts, steaks, or grinding it coarsely?”, she asked.

“I'm not sure. I can cut the meat into all of those, if you'd like me to.”, he replied.

“That would be wonderful. I...I hope you don't think I'm trying to take over. If I'm doing that, I apologize.”, she said.

Taking her hands in his he replied, smiling,

“L'apisah, if you weren't taking over with food preparation as you are, I'd be abit concerned.

”Your being here, your willingness to help out the way you've offered has taken such a huge load off my mind! I can't put into words how grateful I am for your help!

”I can't thank you enough! I know my boys will be grateful not to have to eat my cooking anymore. Hell, I'LL be grateful not to have to eat my cooking anymore!

“Just don't do too much at one time. just gave birth barely three hours ago. You need to rest.”, he told her, smiling.

He processed all the meat then put it in their food storage shed. He and the boys came back in and were surprised to find a hot dessert just out of the woodstove.

She'd picked some pumpkins from their garden, cleaned them, and made three loaves of pumpkin bread. Ten minutes later, all three loaves were gone.

“Is there a way to get to a town to buy some yeast, herbs, flour, and items for A'nhtha? I have money, so you wouldn't need to pay for anything.”, L'apisah asked A'ntzholh.

“Sure! We can definitely do that. Let's plan on doing that tomorrow if you feel up to it. We'll take the pod so it'll be warmer. We'll grab a nice lunch there as well. We also need to get you and A'nhthasome warm clothes.”, he replied.

After the boys had gone to bed and L'apisah was nursing A'nhtha, A'ntzholh unpacked the clothes for her.

“I don't have a couch, unfortunately. You and A'nhthaare welcome to sleep in Evie's and...I mean, my room.

”I'll sleep in a chair or camp out here in front of the fireplace.“, he said.

”A'ntzholh, I've already imposed on you enough. I'll sleep in here.“, she replied.

He could see she was every bit as stubborn as he was, so he proposed some compromises.

”We can take turns sleeping in there, switching every 2 or 3 days, or we can share the bed. I promise to be a perfect gentleman.

“Do you promise to be a perfect lady, L'apisah?“, he asked, smiling slyly, giving just a slight hint at his sense of humor.

”A'ntzholh, I just gave birth six hours ago. Believe me, your honor and virtue are completely safe with me!“, she replied, smiling slyly in return. It was refreshingly apparent to him that she had a similar snarky sense of humor.

He set up the crib in the bedroom and showed her the blankets that his late wife had made for the boys.

That night, A'nhthaonly woke once. L'apisah got up, changed her diaper, brought her into the Gathering Room, sat in the rocking chair and nursed her.

A'ntzhoh woke up once during the night to use the bathroom. He checked on the boys then checked on L'apisah and A'nhtha.

”It's nice to see that rocker being used again.“, he said, bringing a kitchen chair over to sit by her.

”It's very comfortable. Thank you so much for letting me use it.“, she replied.

”You're very welcome.“, he said. ”If I'm not being too intrusive, could I ask what happened to your husband? Did he die in the flooding?“

”I don't have a husband. And I don't like talking about A'nhtha's father. I'm sorry if I sound rude. I don't mean to.“, she replied.

”No need to explain any further. You didn't sound rude at all, L'apisah.“, A'ntzhoh said, smiling reassuringly.

”Thank you.“, she replied.

He then tenderly took her hands.

”L'apisah, I don't know what happened between you and her father, although I have my suspicions. I want you to know that you and A'nhtha are safe here. What happened there will most definitely NOT happen here!

”Feel free to put my name down as her father on her birth certificate if you'd like.“, he said, sensing her relationship with A'nhtha's father was a violent one.

”Thank you so much, A'ntzhoh. You've been so kind to A'nhtha and me. I can't ever repay you for your kindness.“, she said.

”You already have, L'apisah. You've taken a huge weight off of me by taking over the cooking, teaching the boys, and running the household. I'm so extremely grateful to you!“, he replied, smiling at her.

After A'nhtha had finished nursing and was burped, L'apisah rocked her to sleep. She put her in the crib, then got back in bed.


The next morning, Sunday, L'apisah nursed A'nhtha, wearing a baby sling while making breakfast.

A'ntzholh collected eggs for her while she made breakfast. She fried diced potatoes, venison sausage, and most of the eggs he'd collected.

She mixed it all together, adding shredded cheese to the mixture, and served it with iced tea. He and the boys thoroughly enjoyed their meal.

After breakfast she packed up the diaper bag then was ready to go. She took out some ground beef to thaw in the sink for dinner.

A'ntzhoh told the boys to bring the stroller with them. Everyone climbed into the pod. L'apisah put A'nhtha in the pod infant seat. M'harh sat up front with A'ntzhoh.

Moments later they were on their way. Fifteen minutes later, they were in the town they'd been traveling to.

L'apisah put A'nhtha in the stroller and they went to their first stop. She bought several herbs, spices, ingredients for baking, cheese, snacks, tea, coffee and yeast. The next stop was a shop with yarn, material and other sewing supplies.

After a nice lunch of cheese meat rounds, deep fried potato wedges and cold cabbage salad, they went to a market to get meats and produce they didn't have back home.

Their chickens, cows and goats were raised only for milk and eggs, not to become food.

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