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It is an Americo_Japan story or mangas which talks about two brothers (Jaden and Aiden Tamaoki), in which Jaden is the senior brother of Aiden. they comes from a family called the "Tamaoki family", constitute of their father called Sensei Tamaoki and their mother called Naomi skies an American woman. Their mother falls in pregnant of Jaden(Aiden's senior brother), in which she delivers him with no problem. Two years ago she falls again pregnant but this time is Aiden in her stomach. when she(Naomi skies) delivers Aiden finally in the hospital, the doctor calls her later in his office to discuss. The doctor delivers to her a bad news to Naomi skies that her son she just delivers is suffering from absence of physical strength in his body, that is when growing up he cannot do activities that requires physical strength. Naomi skies starts feeling devastates in her mind......

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Chapter 1 ( the opening of the Japan Boxing championship)

After the death of their father (Sensei Tamaoki), Aiden is now incharge of his father's enterprise in Tokyo ( Japan). Aiden is working inside his office, while signing client's document.

Aiden: ( while turning his head) hoo! What a hell of signing client's document everyday. ( he raises his voice) what a hell of sitting here everyday, while doing the same thing all the time. This work doesn't requires strength and it is too simple to do it. ( He bends down his head) what a hell my father gives to me his enterprise. Hoo! See how life is not balance ( he raises his head), he gives my senior brother ( Jaden) his art martiaux temple. When looking at myself I discovered that I have never do a work or a job which requires physical strength.

(He opens his eyes while smiling)

Ohh! It is time for the J.B.C ( Japan Boxing championship). (He opens his laptop inorder to watch the fight), the Japan champion Francis Yagami versus an American boxer Iori Boyka. Oh! I am really excited to see who is going to win the fight.

The impresario: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Japan Boxing championship, today we are going to have a wonderful fight between the five years champion called Francis Yagamiii. His opponent of this extraordinary fight is the ancient Japan Boxing champions called Iori Boykaaaa.

(The two boxers enter in the ring)

Francis Yagami: ( to Iori Boyka) ehh you, I am going to kick your ass.

Iori Boyka: no problem, we are going to see between the two of us who is going to kick someone ass hum hum!

Francis Yagami : (while angry) to who are you talking like that?

Francis's coach: Yagami, Stop arguing with him ( while smiling) don't forget that you are a champion since five years.

Francis Yagami : ( to his coach) you are right coach ( to Iori Boyka) when I am going to finish with you, your carrier is going to end, because I am going to break your leg ha ha.

Iori Boyka's coach: don't listen to what he is saying Iori.

Iori Boyka: ok coach.

First spectator: I am going to bet 10,000$ for Iori Boyka's victory, since Francis Yagami is champion he is going to loss today.

(The betting secretary is incharge of receiving money from those who bet for a boxer to win. The rule is that, if a boxer you have bet win the fight by putting his opponent K.O (Knock out) is going to win thrice the money he bets. Other wise, If the boxer you bet on win by the Jury decision ( counting the highest number of punch giving by each boxer) is going to win twice his money.

The betting secretary: so you want to put 10,000$ for Boyka's victory?

First spectator: yeeesss.

(He gives his 10,000$ to the betting secretary)

The betting secretary: ok your betting is approved.

( Exit the first spectator and the remaining spectator continuous to bet, that is some spectator bet for Francis Yagami s victory.

The referee: ( to Francis Yagami and Iori Boyka) we should remember that the champion title is put in the game.

Aiden: Iori Boyka is going to win the fight hu hum.

The referee: ( to Francis Yagami) are you ready?

Francis Yagami : I am always reaaady.

The referee: ( to Iori Boyka) are you ready?

Iori Boyka: (while looking at Francis Yagami) I am ready.

(The bell rings)

Francis Yagami : do your last prayeeer.

" To be continue"

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