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This is a short tale about the Sanders family and their experiences with desire, love, grief, acceptance, and forgiveness.

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Chapter 1

The Sanders were a happy family until the storm rolled in. They had no idea what would happen next in their lives, but it was unavoidable at that moment. Every individual has a desire to experience what we call "possibility," and the Sanders were no exception.

Mara admired her father, Charles Sanders who served as an inspiration to her. He believed in Mara and went to extraordinary lengths to ensure her happiness. When Mara turned eleven her father gave her a violin, which she enjoyed playing.

Her parents provided her with all the support she required; she dedicated most of her time to practicing the violin in order to fulfill her dream of becoming a violist.

Mara's life took a drastic turn when her father died in a car accident when she turned fourteen. Her mother, Judith Sanders, became aloof. She despised the fact that Mara continued to play the violin, which only served to remind her of her late husband.

This saddened Mara because it was the most valuable gift her father had given her. Mara understood why her mother acted the way she did, and she had to leave the house at times to play without being yelled at.

Williams Sanders, Mara's fifteen-year-old brother envied her because their parents saw her as the family's shining star. The memory of their father gifting Mara a violin will forever be etched in his mind.

Despite being aware of Mara's exceptional violist abilities, he found it bothersome that their father was constantly fixated on her. He had always wanted to spend time with their father, but Mara's insatiable desire to show off her abilities prevented that from happening.

Williams was an avid football player, but Judith never saw that as a talent and would instead always draw comparisons between him and Mara. His disappointment was compounded by the growing hate he felt for Mara.

After their father died, he was relieved Mara did not receive the same level of attention from their mother. Occasionally, Mara desired a closer relationship with his brother, but he largely turned her down, which made her unhappy.

Six months later, Mara was excited to tell her mother about her desire to compete in a talent show, but her mother was against her participation. Mara tried everything she could to persuade Judith, but it only led to her being locked in her room for several days. She mostly sobbed herself to sleep, wishing her father was there to console her.

Unfortunately, she was unable to participate in the talent show. She had to accept this in good faith and move on. Mara never paid attention to her brother's constant attempts to discourage her since she knew he didn't like her.

When Williams discovered that their mother didn't support Mara's actions, he decided to use this opportunity to retaliate by taking her favorite possession, her violin. He knew Mara was never alone without her violin, so he waited for the ideal moment to do it.

Mara loved spending time with her grandparents, so much so that she begged her mother to take her there. When Mara left her room on the day of the visit, she had dressed nicely and taken her violin with her. However, Judith got furious upon seeing the violin. She snatched it from Mara and smashed the violin on the floor.

Mara broke down in tears and fled to her room, while her brother was relieved that she would never again have what she loved. He knew Mara would feel the same way he did, so he did not care that their mother never gave him the attention he wanted.

Mara stopped talking to her mother and brother after that day and vowed never to play the violin again. Mara chose not to play the violin in school, despite her teacher's encouragement.

Her teacher started to wonder why she was acting that way. Mara was of the opinion that talking to someone would not, in any case, resolve her issue. Judith eventually realized that Mara was always quiet, but she never mentioned it to her. She felt guilty for destroying her violin.

When Judith was by herself in her cozy house, she would think back to the evenings when her family gathered around the fireplace to sing and listen to Mara play the violin. With this realization, she felt compelled to make things right with her children. She did not want to hang on to the past any longer, so she decided to speak with Mara.

Mara was hurt that Judith would go to such lengths as to destroy her violin, but she was also taken aback by her mother's words because she never expected her to ask for forgiveness. Judith was willing to buy her a new violin, but she refused to accept anything she offered.

Judith knew she could not change the past, so she left Mara alone for a while, but she went ahead to buy her a new violin and kept it in a safe place.

As the days passed, her mother made every effort to get Mara to talk to her, but Mara was baffled as to why her mother persisted in attempting to have conversations with her when doing so would not help her recover what she had lost. in her recovery. Despite her love for playing the violin, she refused to give it up.

She made the decision to start playing the violin at school. Later on, she entered a talent show, something she kept as a secret from her mother, fearing she wouldn't approve. Mara performed brilliantly on the day of the talent show, receiving enthusiastic applause from all, but she was unaware that her mother was standing by to encourage her.

When Williams noticed Judith supporting Mara at the talent show, he got upset and started thinking of other ways to make Mara unhappy. Williams had assumed that Mara would be done for since their mother would be disappointed in her if he told Judith that she was taking part in the show.

After the talent show, Judith congratulated her daughter on winning first place, but Mara assumed she was doing so because they were surrounded by people, and she was also unhappy to see her mother. Mara knew Judith would chastise her when they got home, but that never happened.

Williams never said anything to her, and she was not bothered, but Mara knew her brother would eventually come around. Mara never understood why her brother didn't like her, but she still loved him anyway.

Few days later, Judith made the decision to build a bonfire in an effort to get in touch with her kids again. Despite Mara's resistance, her mother was able to convince her to join them by the bonfire.

None of them talked to one another as they sat by the fire, but Williams finally broke the ice by admitting why he did not like Mara. This startled Judith because she was unaware of what her son was going through.

Judith apologized to Williams and Mara for her previous actions and encouraged them to move on from the past and make new memories. Mara was grateful to Judith for giving her a new violin. She began to play the violin while they sang songs, and Judith was overjoyed to be reunited with her children once again.

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