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Curious about some of your favorite characters? Want to know more about their experiences in their world of fiction? Well wonder no more! In this collection of short stories you will discover more about what our characters have gone through to get to where they are today. *Based on characters from Life of a Side Character* ~Chapters are unedited as they are published. I apologize if some words or phrases aren't correct. I'm working with friends as well as Google translate. I apologize in advance if the translations aren't correct. I hope you enjoy!

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Fallout Between Lovers (Gabrielle's View)

*2014/Lakeview High School/11th Grade*
“Come on Gabby. You know that I suck at English. Can’t you just help me out?” Kai cried as we walked out of our homeroom classroom with Jack close behind. He was always begging me to help him with his homework, especially his English and Creative Writing assignments. His excuses were always the same. “I’m still learning how to speak English. How do they expect me to be able to write any better?!” To which I always replied with “You’ve been here for almost three years. If you don’t know how to write a simple essay by now, you’ll never graduate.”
He and his twin sister, Mei, had transferred here from China in our freshman year. On our first day, the Homeroom teacher partnered us up to get to know each other. As if standing up in a room of strangers saying your name and something about ourselves wasn’t embarrassing enough. Back then he only knew a couple words and phrases of English. He would always use an app on his phone to translate what he wanted to say.
“Don’t they teach you English in China?” Finn laughed as he bumped Kai’s shoulder with his as he ran over to us from his homeroom with Mei wrapped in his other arm. “He was too busy hitting on the girls in our class. The teacher was always making him stand in the hallway for disrupting their studies.” She giggled. Kai shot her a glare before letting out a dramatic sigh.
He wrapped his arms around mine, leaning his head on my shoulder as we walked. Since he was taller than me, he had to lean down making it hard for us to continue walking. “Please Gabby? I’ll do anything! I’ll be your slave for the rest of the school year.” I snickered as Jack stepped up to walk on the other side of me. “Come on Kai. It’s just an introduction assignment. She’s only requiring us to write a couple paragraphs. It’s not that bad.”
“Says you!” Kai cried, releasing me from his tight grasp so we could walk down the stairs to our next class. “Remember last year when Mrs.Nelson made us write that stupid essay about Shakespeare? 笨老师 (Stupid teacher) How did she expect me to be able to read that book?” “With your eyes.” Finn chuckled. Hinata raised his arm to hit him but Finn ran down the last few steps out of his reach.
“嘿,别欺负我男朋友!混球.” (Hey, don’t bully my boyfriend! Jerk.) Mei yelled as she ran after Finn. “Can’t you guys get along for five seconds?” I sighed as we walked around the corner into the courtyard. As we walked down the sidewalk through the center of the courtyard, something hit me hard in the back of my arm. I quickly turned around to see a small round pebble at my feet. “What the fuck?” I said under my breath as I looked around the courtyard.
Kai noticed I wasn’t walking with them anymore and stopped. “Gabby?” I continued to look around as he came over and put his hand on my arm. “What’s wrong? What are you looking for?” He looked around before looking back at me. “Weird.” I said as the others came over to see what was going on. “What are you guys doing?” Finn asked, putting his arm around Mei’s waist again. I shook my head. “I guess someone just kicked a rock. It’s nothing.”
We turned to leave when another rock hit the back of my shoulder. I threw my bag on the ground, startling the group. “Ok now I know someone’s fucking with me.” We all looked around when our eyes landed on Everet and his gang coming out from behind a nearby pillar. I rolled my eyes as they approached us with wicked smiles. Ever since I saved Jack from Everet and his gang, we haven’t really spoken but that didn’t stop him from doing shit like this.
“Seriously? What the fuck do they want?” Finn commented as he let go of Mei to stand next to Kai and I. “Did you do something to offend them again Finn?” Kai asked quietly as the group got closer. “I don’t think so.” I sighed. “They’re here for me.” I said as they stopped a few feet in front of us. Everet smirked as he looked me up and down then at Kai with the same gesture.
He took another step toward me with his hands in his pockets. “You really surprise me. First you hang out with that disgusting nerd and now you’ve come to adopt the rest of the school's trash.” “What did you say?” Finn said as he tried to step forward. I put my hand on his arm to stop him. “Say it to my face fucker!” He yelled as the group began to laugh.
Everet turned to him. “What? Can’t handle being called what you are? Redneck trailer trash.” I had to pull Finn back with both hands and step in front of him to stop him from hitting Everet. Kai came over and put a hand on Finn’s shoulder to help hold him back. “What do you want Everet? I don’t have time to deal with your bullshit.” Everet’s smile instantly faded into a scowl.
“คุณพูดอะไร?” (What did you say?) He locked his jaw as a fire grew in his eyes. “You don’t have time for my bullshit?” He took another step toward me as I felt a hand pull me backward. Kai and Finn stood between Everet and I protectively. “If you need something you can stand right there and say it.” Kai said coldly. This wasn’t the first time Finn and Kai had to break up fights between us. Everet had a knack for starting trouble with me at school since the Hamiltons didn’t tolerate it at home.
Everet scoffed in frustration as he got closer to Kai. “Who are you to stand in my way? Her boyfriend?” He burst out laughing along with the rest of his gang making Kai clench his fists. “And if I am?” He said with narrow eyes. “What are you going to do?” My eyes widened at his statement. Everet immediately stopped laughing, his expression now angry and filled with rage. He slowly removed his hands from his pockets, cracking his knuckles.
“Say it again.” Everet growled. Kai stood his ground, lifting his chin up and putting his arm behind him to hold me by my waist. “Gabby is my girlfriend.” Everet grabbed him by his shirt and pulled him down to get in his face. “她是我的” (She is mine.) Kai bit out. We all froze in shock at Kai’s words. Even Finn’s mouth was gaped open and it took a lot to surprise him. “คุณต้องการที่จะตาย.” (You want to die.) Everet chuckled angrily.
If the situation wasn’t so serious, I’d be laughing. Neither of them knew what the other was saying yet they somehow understood each other. I shook myself internally and pulled Kai’s arm back hard to get Everet to release him. “Enough Everet. We have to get to class.” I gave him a disgusted look before turning to face Kai. “Come on, let’s get to class before we’re late.” I took him by the hand and pulled him over to grab my bag.
Kai took my bag from my hands and put his arm around me with a glance at Everet. “Stop pushing him.” I whispered as Finn, Jack and Mei walked with us to our classes. Kai smirked as he threw my bag over his shoulder. “I just want to see what he’s going to do.” I shook my head with a chuckle. “He’s right. You really want to die.” We laughed as we entered our classroom just as the bell rang.
*Later that day*
After the last bell rang, Jack and I packed our things and headed over to our usual hangout near the soccer fields. Finn and Kai were on the school's soccer team. This was the first year they were in charge of recruiting freshmen. Their coach, Coach David, decided to let the senior players to run the tryouts as a reward for winning the State Championship last year. As we rounded the corner from the stairs to the courtyard, a group of people ran by knocking my bag off my shoulder.
“Hey, watch it!” I yelled as I kneeled down to put all my books back into my bag. “Sorry!” A guy called out to me as he continued running through the courtyard to the fields. Jack bent down to help. “What was that about?” I shrugged. “Who knows. Probably Everet and his gang getting into another fight. The shit they allow in this school is ridiculous sometimes.”
Jack handed me the rest of my books and helped me to my feet. “You’d think the teachers would get involved to stop it.” He said with a shake of his head. I dusted off my bag and put it over my shoulder again. “They don’t dare to because of the Hamilton's influence in this city. Do you know how many times Everet would’ve been expelled from school if he didn’t share their last name?” I scoffed with annoyance.
“Gabby! Jack! Come quick!” Mei cried from the middle of the courtyard. We looked at each other before running over to her. Her face was wet with tears as she panted. “Mei, what’s wrong?” I asked as I put my hand on her shoulder. She wrapped her arms around me with a sob. “You gotta help them Gabby. He’s going to kill them!” I patted her back gently. “Huh? Who’s gonna kill who?” Jack asked worriedly. She took me by the hand and yanked me to follow her.
I, in turn, grabbed Jack's wrist to pull him along with us. Mei drug us through the courtyard, down the hallway and out into the back of the school to the soccer fields. As we passed the football field, we saw a bunch of people standing outside of the fence near the stands, looking at something on the field. “Holy shit…What the hell?” I commented as Mei continued to drag us into the crowd to the gates of the field.
Once our feet touched the grass, I saw what everyone was looking at. Everet and his gang were standing in a face off position with Finn, Kai and the entire senior soccer team. They were yelling back and forth, slowly getting closer to each other. “Fuck me.” I said quietly. Jack began to panic as Mei pulled me forward. “Help them!” I hesitated for a moment before making a decision that I knew in my heart was going to cause me problems later but I didn’t have time to think about that now.
I handed Jack my bag and pushed Mei towards him. “Stay here and watch Mei. No matter what happens, stay with her.” Jack nodded as I turned on my heel and sprinted off into the field. “We asked you to leave nicely, so fuck off!” Finn screamed as Kai held him back with one arm. “We have a right to be here.” Archie, one of Everets friends, called out from behind Everet and Luis; the gang's leader.
“Your flier says all freshmen and sophomores are welcome to try out for the team.” Everet said calmly. “We’re sophomores.” He gestured to him and his friends. “We want to try out for the team.” “And as I’ve already said…you and your gang aren’t welcome here.” Finn bit out coldly. “Relax Finn.” Kai said quietly. “Are you kidding me? They’re the ones who started it!”
Kai shot him a look that made Finn grind his teeth angrily. “Kai! Finn!” I ran over to them with Kai catching me to help me stop. We looked at each other before I took a step back. I glanced over at Everet who had a deep frown on his face, looking back and forth between Kai and I. I ignored his hateful gaze. “What’s going on?” I panted.
“These assholes are asking to join the soccer team. We already told them to fuck off but they refuse to leave.” Finn said, glaring at Everet and Luis. Kai sighed before taking my hand in his, making sure it was visible to Everet. I wrinkled my brow at him to get a raise of his eyebrows at me. Lord he really wanted to start a war with Everet. “It’s ok Gabby. I will handle it. Go and sit on the bleachers with Mei and Jack. Finn and I won’t be long.” He lifted my hand to place a kiss on the back of my hand. “ไอ้เวร!” (Bastard!) Everet screamed as he rushed at us.
Kai tried to pull me behind him to take the hit but I was quicker and dug my feet into the dirt to steady myself as Everet’s fist came at my face. The impact of his punch pushed me hard backward into Kai, making us stumble back a few steps. Gasps from the people around us brought me back to my senses. I began to taste warm metal as blood dripped out of the corner of my mouth and down my chin onto my uniform.
“Gabby!” Finn cried as he rushed over to check on me. Kai held me close as he ran his thumb over my newly busted lip. “Are you ok?” He asked quietly. His eyes were dark and sad as they gazed into mine. I nodded. “I’m fine.” He sighed heavily before looking at Everet who looked just as stunned as everyone else.
We had been in several yelling matches but he has never laid a hand on me before. It was the only promise he had actually kept. Even if I pushed him or slapped him, he swore he would never touch me in a harmful way. Today…he broke that promise. Kai put his arm around me tightly as we stepped back up to Everet together. Kai looked at me with concern before looking at Everet again with a locked jaw.
I felt him move to step around me but I pushed off of him and threw a heavy punch at Everet, knocking him sideways to the ground. I shook my hand as pain shot up through my fingertips to my shoulder. It had been a while since I had thrown a punch. Luis, Archie and their other friend Jordan ran over to help him. “Yo, are you ok?” Archie said as he tried to help Everet to his feet only to be pushed away. “I’m fine! งี่เง่า.” (Stupid)
He looked up at me before getting to his feet. Just like he had busted my lip, I returned the favor and made him bleed from the same spot. Kai pulled me back into the crook of his arm, holding me tightly around the waist as Everet slowly walked over to me. His eyes showed a mix of hate and sadness as he began to speak. “คุณเลือกเขามากกว่าฉันจริงๆเหรอ?” (Did you really choose him over me?)
I remained silent. In my heart I knew I would always love Everet but maybe it was time to let him go. If he was going to continue to behave this way, there was no chance for us to be together. I pushed back my tears as he scoffed, wiping the blood from his mouth on the sleeve of his jacket. He took another step towards me to get nose to nose with me. Kai was trying to pull me back but I didn’t move.
“คุณเป็นของฉัน. คุณจะยังคงเป็นของฉันเสมอ. แม้ว่าฉันจะต้องกำจัดผู้ชายที่อยู่รอบตัวคุณทั้งหมด…คุณจะเป็นของฉันต่อไป.” (You are mine. You will always be mine. Even if I have to get rid of all the men around you…You will continue to be mine.) He suddenly wrapped his hand around the back of my neck and pulled me into a kiss. Kai instantly pulled me back and hit Everet, sending him stumbling backwards. “混蛋!” (Asshole!)
He pulled Everet into another punch before I was able to pull him away. I pushed him over to Finn before getting in Everets face. “พอแล้ว!” (Enough!) I screamed. Everet locked eyes with Kai before trying to rush at him. I wrapped my arms around Everet to stop him. “ปล่อยฉันนะ! (Let go of me!) Everet struggled as I tightened my grip by locking my hands together. “Stop it Everet! I said stop!” I put my full force into knocking him back into Archie and Jordan who caught him.
In the blink of an eye, I felt someone strike me hard twice. The world began to spin as I fell to the ground, hitting it so hard my head bounced off the dirt. I blacked out for a second before opening my eyes to Kai pulling me into his lap. Finn and the rest of the team rushed past us as a loud ringing in my ears made my head throb painfully. I put my hand on my head as Kai sat me up with my back leaning against him.
I could barely make out Finn and Luis exchanging punches while another teammate fought Everet. Everything was spinning so much I felt like I was going to vomit. “Gab…Gabby!” Kai shook me a bit, pulling my attention to him. I leaned the back of my head on his shoulder with a wince. The ringing slowly faded into yells and the sounds of fighting. “Gabby, are you ok? Say something!” Kai cried as he shifted to get a better look at my face.
“Ow.” Was all I managed to get out. Kai let out a sigh of relief as he carefully ran his thumb over my lip which now had a larger gash along the bottom and then under my nose that hurt like hell. I knew it was broken. It hurt to take in air through it and it was bleeding into my mouth. I tried to stand up but Kai tightened his arms to keep me in place.
“Don’t move. We need to get you to a doctor.” I waved him off. “I don’t need a doctor. I’ll be ok once the world stops spinning.” I gagged before quickly closing my eyes to prevent myself from throwing up. Suddenly a loud whistle echoed through the field. Sounds of screams of “Run! Security!” and running feet on the turf surrounded us. I heard a few people run over to us.
“Holy shit! Why does she look like that?” Jack's voice exclaimed. “She’s pale. We need to get her to the hospital.” Finn said as cries from Mei came from beside us. “I’m fine guys really.” I mumbled trying to keep down the vomit in my throat. “Like Hell you are! You look like you came out of a grave!” “操这个” (Fuck this) Kai said under his breath before moving to pick me up with a grunt.
He began to run with me in his arms with Jack calling after us. “Kai! Wait up! Wait for us!” I heard his cleats hit the sidewalk with increasing pace. I guess the movements of his running made my motion sickness worse and I patted him hard to stop. I jumped out of his arms and ran over to the bushes in the courtyard to throw up. I thought it would make me feel better but instead I felt weaker. As I got out the last of my stomach contents, I felt myself falling.
My legs felt like jello as I put my arm out to catch myself on whatever I could grab. I ended up grabbing Kai and pulled him down with me. “Shit!” Finn yelled as they came running over. I tried to lift my head but I didn’t have the strength to. “Are you ok Kai? Here, give her to me.” I saw the blurry outline of Finn's face come over to pick me up but quickly backed away. “Kai, I can take her.” I felt myself being lifted up and Kai’s outline as he shifted me in his arms.
“I got it. Go get the car.” He said as he looked down at me before continuing to walk quickly toward the parking lot. As he put me in the front seat of Mei’s car, the world went dark. The last thing I heard was the slamming of cars doors and the roar of the car's engine. I drifted peacefully in the darkness. It felt nice to be here. I didn’t feel any pain. It was so peaceful.
I woke up to the sounds of a heart rate monitor beeping next to me and my entire face aching. “Ugh. I feel like I’ve been hit by a train.” I muttered as I slowly opened my eyes. “You look like you’ve been hit by one.” Finn chuckled before wincing in pain. I turned my head to see Jack, Finn and Mei sitting in a couple chairs in front of a hospital curtain.
I pushed myself up as Jack came over to help me. I grinned as much as I could at him as he put the pillow behind my back for me to lean on. My entire body was sore. I looked around. “Where’s Kai?” “He went to talk to call Coach David.” Jack said softly. “Do you want me to go get him?” I shook my head slightly. My neck was stiff and sent a shooting pain down my arms. “Ugh.” I rubbed the back of my neck.
“Those bitches are lucky Security came by when they did otherwise they’d be in the ground by now.” I tried to laugh but my face hurt so bad I had to stop smiling. “Don’t make her laugh.” Jack said with frustration. Mei also slapped his chest with a look of annoyance. “It’s ok guys. I told you I’m fine.” “Fine my ass! The doctor said you have a concussion and a broken nose. Not to mention a black eye and busted lip that’s so swollen you can see it from Mars.”
“Finn!” Mei cried before waving her hand. “It’s not that bad Gabby. You still look as beautiful as ever.” She gave me a reassuring smile while Finn's mouth dropped open dramatically. He pointed at me. “You call that beautiful? She looks like her face made friends with a brick wall!” I tried to hold back from laughing but failed and my lip began to bleed again.
Mei slapped Finn harder. “Now look what you did! 混蛋.” (Asshole) Jack quickly grabbed some tissues from the small rolling table and placed it against my lip. I gently took the tissues from Jack with a nod and held them against my lip. He slowly put his hands back in his lap as Kai pulled the curtain open and closed again. He sighed before turning around to see I was awake and pushed Jack out of the way to take his spot next to me on the bed.
Jack stumbled forward with a sad expression before sitting back in the chair next to Finn. Kai looked me over before taking my hand carefully. “How do you feel?” “I’m fine.” He gave me a sad look. I put my other hand on his with a pat. “I'm ok. I promise, it looks worse than it is.” Finn opened his mouth to make another snarky comment but Mei put her hand over his mouth with a sigh. “Sometimes I wonder why I like you so much.” She commented quietly, getting a smile from him.
“I called your dad.” Kai said, rubbing his thumb along the back of my hand. Since my parents passed away last year, the Hamiltons took me in as their adopted daughter. My parents were really close to them. They grew up in the same village and attended the same schools. They even started Hamilton Automotives together before coming to America to expand their business.
Since they’ve adopted me, everyone has been referring to them as my Mom and Dad. I didn’t mind. Growing up they were just as loving and caring to me as my own parents were. I even mistakenly called them Mom and Dad before. They seemed really happy when I did so I kept calling them my parents. It made me happy to know that even though my real parents are gone, I still had people to call my family.
“He said he is going to send Jarris to come pick you up when you’re discharged.” I lowered my eyes. I can only imagine how that’s going to go. If I really look as bad as Finn said, they are going to lock Everet in his room and throw away the key. Not to mention how Luke and Jarris are going to react. As if this day wasn’t bad enough already. Kai put a finger under my chin to make me look at him.
“Don’t worry about Everet. Whatever they do to him won’t be anything compared to what I want to do to him.” He grinned reassuringly before dropping his hand back into his lap. “Damn straight! None of those fuckers better show their faces at school tomorrow otherwise I’m gonna teach them a lesson they’ll never forget!” I rolled my eyes.
Finn was always trying to find a reason to fight someone though this time he seemed like he was more determined than usual. “All you think about is fighting! Did you ever think that it would end up with you getting expelled?” Mei said angrily. Finn pulled her closer. “Mei, look what they did to Gabby. If I don’t do something, who knows what they’ll do next time.” She sighed with frustration, making Finn cuddle her. “Ok ok, I’m sorry. I’ll let it go….for now…”
Just as Mei was about to yell at him again the curtain opened. Jarris poked his head in, looking at Jack, Finn and Mei first. He bowed his head to them before looking over at me. He froze as he inspected my face. “โอ้พระเจ้า…” (Oh my God) He said under his breath before stepping into the room. He kept eye contact with me as Kai stood up to stand next to Mei. “มันจะแย่ขนาดนี้ได้ยังไง?” (How can it be this bad?) He whispered as he carefully sat on the edge of the bed.
He raised a hand to caress my face but thought better of it and slowly retracted it, taking my hand instead. His eyes began to water as he looked at the wounds on my face. “คุณโอเคไหม?” (Are you ok?) I nodded, smiling as best I could to assure him I was ok. “ฉันสบายดี. มันเจ็บนิดหน่อยเท่านั้น. ฉันจะไม่เป็นไรภายในสองสามวัน.” (I’m fine. It only hurts a little. I’ll be fine in a few days.) Jarris nodded, looking down for a moment before wiping the tears from his eyes with his hand.
He turned to Kai and bowed his head. “Thank you for helping Gabrielle. If there’s anything you need in the future, please let me know.” Kai smiled awkwardly. “It’s ok. She’s my friend. Of course I would protect her.” “Oh, I thought she was your girlfriend.” Finn commented with curiosity. Kai’s eyes widened as he tensed. Jarris looked over at me with a raised eyebrow. “You and your big mouth.” Jack whispered, elbowing Finn hard in the side.
“What? Isn’t that what he said?” “Baby…I’m begging you. For once in your life. Shut the fuck up!” Mei exclaimed quietly. Jarris looked back over at Kai. “What exactly is your relationship with Gabrielle?” He asked sternly. Kai swallowed hard. He was never good with confrontation. He was more comfortable reading manga and playing video games than dealing with people. The true definition of an introvert.
I patted Jarris’ hand. “ปล่อยเขาไว้คนเดียวจาร์ริส.คุณกำลังทำให้เขากลัว.” (Leave him alone Jarris. You’re scaring him.) Jarris narrowed his eyes at him before looking back at me. “คุณคบกับเขาจริงๆเหรอ?” (Are you really dating him?) I sighed, shaking my head. “ไม่ เราไม่ได้อยู่ด้วยกัน. เขาพูดแบบนั้นเพื่อทำให้เอเวอเรตโกรธ.” (No we’re not together. He said that to make Everet angry.) I glanced over at Kai and nodded my head with a small smile. He let out a sigh of relief.
“When did they say you could go home?” Jarris checked his watch. “It’s getting late.” “Once the IV bag is empty she can go home. I took care of the paperwork already.” Kai said thoughtlessly. Jarris raised another eyebrow at him as he quickly shut his mouth. I can only imagine how much he was cursing himself right now. “หยุดนะ.” (Stop it.) I chuckled painfully. I touched my check, sending a wave of pain through my teeth.
“Why don’t you guys head home? I shouldn’t be here too much longer and I have Jarris with me now.” Jack pulled out his phone and let out a gasp. “Shit it’s almost 9! My parents are going to kill me!” “It’s almost 9?” Finn checked his phone. “Fuck! My Dad called me like fifty times. I’m so screwed.” “If you need me to speak with your parents, I would be more than happy to.” Jarris said with a smile. “You all stayed with Gabrielle and helped her when she needed it. It’s the least we can do.”
“It’s fine. I’m used to having my Dad pissed off at me.” Finn shoved his phone back in his pocket. “Come on. We still need to drop off four eyes.” “Seriously Finn?! Can’t you ever say anything nice to me?” Jack said with annoyance. Finn smirked. “The day you lose the glasses will be the day I’ll stop calling you four eyes. Now come on.” He slapped Jack's leg as he stood up along with Mei.
He walked over to pat my leg a couple times. “Text me later k?” I nodded as he walked out of the room. Mei walked over to give me a side hug. “Text me when you get home.” She whispered before quickly following Finn. Jack also gave me a hug. “Just text the group chat.” He said before giving me one last look and leaving. Kai carefully stepped over to hug me with Jarris staring at him the whole time. “Call me later.” He whispered before speed walking after the group.
Once he left the room, Jarris began to laugh. He turned back to me with a wide smile. “ฉันน่ากลัวขนาดนั้นเลยเหรอ?” (Am I really that scary?) I hit Jarris playfully in the arm. “You didn’t have to be so mean. He meant well.” Jarris glanced over his shoulder before looking back at me. His smile faded slightly. “เอเวอเรตทำร้ายคุณมากขนาดนี้จริงหรือ?” (Did Everet really hurt you this much?) He put a gentle hand on my cheek.
“He only hit me once and it was an accident.” Jarris narrowed his eyes. “Gabrielle. You can’t keep making up excuses for him. ดูคุณสิ! (Look at you!) Your face is covered in wounds. รอสักครู่. เขาจะได้ทุกอย่างที่เขาทำกับคุณและอีกมากมาย.” (Just wait. He’s going to get everything he did to you and more.) I put my hand on Jarris’. “Enough fighting. Please.” He sighed before dropping his hand from my cheek and taking my hand in his. “ก็ได้แต่เพราะคุณถามเท่านั้น. (Fine but only because you asked.) He’s going to get a beating from Mr.Hamilton anyway once they see how you look. I won’t have to do anything.”
I closed my eyes. I don’t even want to think about that right now. I can already see their faces. They were always very protective over me, especially after my parents died. When they see me like this, they’re going to lose their minds. Not to mention how Luke is going to react. I haven’t even thought about what he is going to do once he sees me.
Maybe I should stay with Mei and Kai until I recover. Their parents like me. Maybe Jack? No, his parents are super strict. There’s no way they’d let me stay with them. I won’t even think about asking Finn. That would be the worst case scenario if I had to stay with his crazy ass. His Dad loves me because I keep him in check. Since his Mom died when he was a kid, he’s been acting out. Getting into fights constantly. I think besides me, Mei is the only other person who can calm him when he’s upset.
The nurse pulled the curtain open a little more with a smile. “Ok Miss Swanson. You’re free to go home once we get that IV out of your arm.” Jarris bowed his head to her. “Thank you Mam.” The nurse blushed with a quiet giggle. “No problem.” Jarris was a good looking guy, I’m not gonna lie. He always gets these types of reactions from women. I’ve even seen a few men blush when we go to the Market.
I swear, all of the men around me are good looking like being in a TV show but that’s impossible. It’s not like I’m a character in a movie. The nurse quickly walked away, still giggling to herself. “Jarris…How come I’ve never seen you with anyone?” Jarris lowered his eyes before smiling and turning to me. “Because you give me all the love I need.” I hit him lightly. “How cheesy.” Even though he was smiling and laughing, I could see a hint of sadness in his eyes.

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Kati Mahadeo I write original stories. All my characters and storylines are my creation with some help from friends and family. I try and post chapters in a timely manner but as a single parent it can be difficult to keep up with stories. If there's a story you like please let me know. I love to hear your feedback! 

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