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In a broken apart country of Saforia lies a creed of thieves. Shafija and her friends are part of this creed. They steal and steal. But Shafija has an advantage. She controls a crow called "Scar" she doesn't know how she got this power. Throughout the book, she tries to find out. And she and her friends face many challenges. Dedicated to Evan. Evan, I have no way to contact you. But this book is my thank you. You helped me so much. You saw me. You saw my emotions. And you didn't ignore that. You saw when I didn't feel well. And you did something about it. You made me feel seen. And as a person, I am rarely acknowledged by people. Thank you for not judging me. Thank you for everything. Dedicated to Akshat Handa (2007-2023) I never knew Akshat personally. But I know people that were close to him. May this tale make him live forever. May he rest in peace.

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Chapter One - Shafija

Saforia was a land that was once connected. Now it’s shattered in two. West and East Saforia. The Kingdom of the Light, and the Kingdom of Bloodshed. On one side is a brother, one is a sister. On the west, there are mountains in the west. The massive forest in the north. And in the middle of it all the capital, Ishatel, the rose-obsessed. On the east. There were mountains up north. Listin and Felis on the south far from each other. And the capital Telin, obsessed with the Greek dark mythologies. And right throughout it was the bloody river. As the name says, it's the blood of the ones lost in battles.

That’s all I know of Saforia. There may be more unknowns out there for me.

But I Shafija Crows live in Ishatel. A town with a lot of Victorian Architecture, and wherever you looked you would see a lot of nature. Specifically, pathways had bushes of all kinds, and trees everywhere. But on the hilltop lies the heart of Ishatel—the royal palace. You could see it was filled with red roses everywhere from a mile away. The queen loved roses. And there was this baroque feel to the palace as well.

But I didn’t live on the hilltop. I live on the “commons ground” as I call it.

And right now I am about to steal a shiny gold necklace that is for sale at the market.

I am blending in with the crowd really well. I mean mostly everyone dresses elegantly. Most dress in light colors.

My crow Scar has been trying to go for it when it’s not the right time. I had to mind control him so he wouldn’t.

Now I see the right opportunity. No one is looking. I put my cloak on, on top of my black lace corset jacket and lace tuxedo dress. I wear that constantly.

I am somewhat hot in it.

But I approached the vendor booth. And took the gold necklace. However, the vendor noticed me. Scar went on to get in his face. As I ran. Far and far. Into the town.

But eventually, I got away.

I ended up on the northern side of Ishatel. I knew the area well. It was the slums.

And also that’s where the Fel Tavern lied.

I was just a couple of feet away from it.

I approached the main door. A security guard was there. I dressed like everyone else to blend in.

“What’s the password?”

I rolled my eyes. It gets so boring to say it so many times. But I get it. Sitir just wants us to be safe.

“When the sun shines, the crows will rise”

He nodded.

I walked in. It was disguised as any other tavern in Ishatel. Plants everywhere. On high blocks tap dancers everywhere.

But on the main throne of it all. Sat the man. Sitir Fel. He often wore a purple leather long gothic clock and a trench coat with belts.

He had wavy brown hair.

His skin was a shade of warm beige.

And his son Alsin was giving out drinks. He looked very similar to his father, just in the color magenta. With What he wore. With his hair. Just his curly thick hazel hair touched his ears.

He was close to my age, just three years younger.

“Hello puppet boy.”

He rolled his eyes. That’s what I would call him to tease him. That’s what my whole squad would do.

I approached Mr. Fel. Out of respect for him, I did a quick courtesy.

“How many times have I told you not to do that…. A lot. You don’t have to do a courtesy before you talk to me.”

“I’m sorry…” I took a second to respond. I hesitated if I should say Sitir or Mr. Fel. But I said “Sitir.”

“At least you remembered that.”

He looked over to his small brown board. “No assignments for you today, just rest today.”

“I’ve stolen something from the market.” I took out the necklace.

I handed it to him.

With his black thick fingerless gloves, he looked at it. “This might get you a hefty bonus.”

“Thank you,” I said smiling.

I was about to leave.

“Shafija, wait!”

I turned around

“No matter what you do. Don’t get caught.”

“Of course,” I said and then walked off.

I went upstairs, then to my room. It was shared with Katalina. But she wasn’t there.

I went to my nightstand. I got some Bobby pins and began to fix my hair. I needed to fix my “braid crown”. I think that’s what the hairstyle is called.

It was so messy, maybe because of all the running I do.

I began to sing my favorite song my Mom taught me.

In the still of the night, where shadows conspire,

There blooms a black flower, burning with fire.

Its petals are like ebony, a dark, secret power,

In the heart of the darkness, it thrives, a black flower.

Oh, the black flower, a mystery untold,

A symbol of strength, in the midnight hour,

We sing of your beauty, enchanting black flower.

Someone was approaching the room. The footstep pattern was like Kats. One two three, four. One two three, four.

It was Katalina.

The door opened. I stopped singing.

Katalina walked in with her fabulous ginger hair. She had three braids stuck to her hair on her left and right, and then they all turned into two long braids on the left and right.

Her skin was beige.

She wore a tailored blazer jumpsuit. But the arms were just lace. It had colors of black, orange, and yellow.

They represented fire. Because she is Katalina Blaze

“I heard your singing.” She commented

“And what did you think of it?”

“I loved it like always.”

She walked to me, then she sat by me.

“Let me tell you about the adventure I just went on.”


“So I got a bonus.”

“A bonus?”

“From Sitir stealing a gold bar.”

“A gold bar?”

“Yeah it was crazy, how I stole it. I had to use Coris’s help.”

“Coris’s help?”

She kept on speaking. She explained more and more. She gave so much detail of how they stole it. It seemed like an elaborate plan.

I just listened, saying very little.

Later dinner came.

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