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Welcome to "Summer Heaven," a captivating tale that takes you on a thrilling journey into a mysterious camp called "Summer Talent." Josie, our courageous protagonist, finds herself drawn to this enchanting place, where she hopes to discover her own special magical talent. Little does she know, there is a dark secret that lurks within the camp's history, a secret that her mother and "away on trip" father have kept hidden. As Josie delves deeper into the world of Summer Talent, strange occurrences start to unfold. Cabin 666 lies demolished, leaving behind a haunting mystery. Josie and her fellow cabin mates are relocated to Cabin 333, unaware of the secrets it holds. Shadows whisper of a malevolent presence, and the camp itself seems to hold its breath, waiting to reveal its secrets. As Josie unravels the truth, she realizes that her mother is keeping something from her. What could it be? And why is Arzen, a fellow camper, hiding something too? With each passing day, the darkness surrounding Camp Summer Talent grows stronger, threatening the safety of everyone involved. "Summer Heaven" is a captivating tale of mystery, magic, and the darkness that lies within. Join Josie as she unravels the secrets of the camp, confronts the lurking entity, and uncovers the truth about her own hidden past. Will she have the strength to face the darkness and protect herself and her newfound friends? Prepare for an unforgettable adventure filled with twists,

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Summer Talent

“Mom, I don’t wanna go to summer camp!” Josie yelled at her mother, who was folding clothes and putting them in a suitcase. Her mother had said that she was sending her there as a threat, or how it would be a great experience to connect with her father, but ever since he died, Josie didn’t wanna.“You're going, and that’s final,” Josie’s Mother said, putting a face sleeping mask in the suitcase. “But why,” Josie pouted. Josie’s mom gave her a mean look, then said, “cause, it will help you find your special talent,” she reasoned. “What talent do I have Mom?” Josie asked with an attitude. Josie never really had a talent. She was always messing things up, like when she’s baking something, it would always get burnt, clumsy, and never had any friends. She just stayed in the house most of the day. Josie’s mom walked to Josie’s closet and grabbed some dresses. “That's why I’m sending you there,” she said. “Ugggh,” Josie said, collapsing on her bed, next to her suitcase, which was almost packed. “But I don’t wanna,” she pouted again, rolling over to where her face was in her pink comforter. Her mother didn’t respond, just puffed and put the last of Josie’s clothes in her suitcase. She walked over to Josie’s room door, then turned around. “Josana, this will be a new experience for you to find friends and find a talent suitable for you,” she said. “An experience full of nothing,” Josie scoffed, then her mother puffed, turned around, walked downstairs, and started to prepare breakfast.

After breakfast, Josie and her Mom drove to Summer Heaven. Her headphones were in, listening to her favorite song “You’ll be on my mind,” when her Mom started calling her name. “Josie…” her mom said. “Josie…” her mom said louder. “Josanna!” Her mom yelled. Josie got startled and her headphones fell off. “Ah!” She yelped. “What mom,” she said furiously. “You know, avoiding other people won't do any good at camp,” her mother said. Josie just rolled her eyes and put her headphones on, then faced the window and watched slowly as the city she once knew faded and trees slowly began to appear. After a while, there were no more houses or city buildings, or even people. Just forest everywhere around her.

After a couple of minutes, Josie started to doze off to sleep. But she started to have a weird dream. It was her flying around a bright yellow light. She didn’t have time to understand what the glowing light meant because she woke up when the car stopped dead on its break.

She sat up lazily to a bunch of kids surrounding a camp gathering spot talking loudly and playing. She groaned when she finally got to sitting position.

“This is it,” her mom said excitedly. Josie just rolled her eyes, grabbed her white flower backpack that was sitting straight up on the car floor, and reached for the car door handle. But then something hit her, like a strong feeling. Something she sensed from the camp. She just shook her head, got back to reality, and got out of the car, then her mom unlocked the trunk so Josie could get her luggage out. She walked lazily to the back of the car. She didn’t want to be here.

Her mom got out of the car and walked over toward Josie. Josie turned towards her mom, with her suitcase sitting up next to her. “Mom, I don’t be here,” she pouted again. “Oh, my sweet baby,” her mom said kindly. “No pouting is gonna make this camp go away,” she said in a joking voice. Josie chuckled after her mom chuckled, then the two hugged. “Ooh, I’m gonna miss you,” her mom said, hugging them lightly Josie struggled to get out of her mother's grip. “Mom,” she said, getting free. “That’s embarrassing,” she said. “Ooh, come on. Just because you're fourteen doesn't mean that I can't give you hugs in public,” she reasoned. Josie's mom thought it was funny how Josie would easily get annoyed when she did something embarrassing around other people, or other kids. Josie’s Mom kissed her on the forehead and got in her navy blue car. Then drove away.

Josie slowly walked over to a large sign that said Camp Summer Talent, the best place to explore talents and make friends. Josie puffed and walked over to a tree and leaned on it. She then placed her headphones on, and played her favorite song.

After a while, a camp counselor flew in with butterflies surrounding him. Some of the kids were amazed with excitement. Josie pulled her headphones off,and walked over to the kids surrounding the camp counselor with butterflies on him.

“Hello, wonderful children,” he said, making the butterflies swarm around the kids. Then out of nowhere, the butterflies began increasing in groups making a giant tornado of butterflies. Then they separated, showing a beautiful camp, with foxes, blue jays, and red robins. There were nice two-story cabins, with numbers organized by color. The kids were amazed at how beautiful the camp looked. Even Josie was amazed at how good it looked. Some kids ran to the beautiful lake/pond that had a bridge connected to the other side of the camp. When a kid named Riley Griffin, bent down and put her index finger in the water,

some water swirled around her index finger. When she pulled away, it grew longer. Making the water sparkle.

“My talent!” Riley screamed with joy. Then pulled away, and the water fell, leaving some of the water on the grass.

The counselor smiled, then butterflies started to swarm around him. Then flew over to one of the two-story cabins. And landed on top of it, then began to speak. “Campers,” he said. “You will all find your special talent here at Camp Summer Talent,” he said loudly. The kids started to chat quietly.

After a while, some kids began to get their talent. One in particular, caught Josie’s attention. The boy’s name was Ary Pinewood. Ary was interacting with a stray cat when he began to feel weird. “Ugh,” Ary groaned, collapsing on the floor. The counselor quickly flew down, and landed in front of Ary. Then Ary’s head began to spin around and around and around. Then his arms went 360, next to his legs, then crackling sounds started to come from his body. Then he opened his eyes. His eyes slowly began to transform into cat eyes, and his lips and nose transformed into a cat's mouth and a cat's nose. Then his ears slowly grew, shifted to the top of his head, and turned to a grayish color of cat ears. Then he got on all fours, and quickly shifted into a grayish color cat. “Meooow,” Cat Ary said, then sneezed and shifted back to his human self. Ary groaned and put his hand on his forehead. “That hurt,” he groaned, then the counselor summoned one of his rainbow butterflies to get his clipboard. Which showed which camper cabin number was, then the counselor called Josie’s name and another girl's name, named Gwenathen. Some other kid named Gabriel Griffin and his sister Riley Griffin, and Ary to cabin 333. Out of nowhere, Josie got that same feeling she had when she was in her mom's car. That tense feeling she had, then had a vision of her flying with glowing yellow angel wings. Then she went back to reality and nearly lost her balance. The camp counselor noticed and asked, “You ok Josanna?” Josie shook her head yes and regained her balance, then corrected the camp counselor,” it’s just Josie, please.” She then grabbed her luggage and her white flower backpack and walked to cabin 333.

When they reached cabin 333, she saw a beautiful small garden, with two yellow and white foxes with two tails. Then had a tree house connected to the second-story balcony. She slowly walked as the sun slowly went down, making the treehouse lights glow. They walked on the white-painted wood front porch, which had two golden chairs by the front

doors. The counselor, who was named Buddy Butter, gave all four of us our cabin keys, then unlocked the door with his own key that said C 333.

When he opened it, it showed a narrow hallway, with white painted walls with golden little decorations painted on it. When they walked by the kitchen, Josie got a glimpse of the white counter tops with tan color for the wood, and a slide door that opened up to the small garden outside which had fireflies landing on the flowers and flying around the flowers. Then they walked by the first bathroom, which had a tub and shower with two sinks. And the walls and counter tops were white, with the wood being the same tan color.

When they got to the second floor, they had a long window at the end of the hallway which showed the trail leading from the center of camp. Then with five bedrooms with tablets on the wall outside the room. They had an upstairs bathroom, the same size as downstairs.

“Ok,” the counselor began. “You all will need to customize your rooms, and choose your familiar for camp and if you want, for home,” he finished. But then, Riley raised her hand when the camp quickly said, “don’t worry about allergies, because these are magical animals.” Then left the four standing there alone.

Gabriel was the first one to pick the tablet from the wall,and start customizing it. Then Riley, then Ary, Gwen, and lastly Josie. Whose room was by the long window at the end of the hallway.

Josie was recommended an angel room when she placed her hand on the tablet. She didn’t like some of the stuff that it included, so she either customized it or deleted it and added something else.

Once Josie got finished with her room, she looked up to see the others opening up their doors with their familiars coming out and greeting them. Josie looked at her tablet and began customizing her familiar. It took her a while to get the right idea, but then Ary came out of his room to gather the rest of his luggage,when he saw Josie still making her familiar. He walked over and asked kindly, “Are you still customizing?” She looked up and shook her head yes, then Ary smiled and sat beside her next to her room door. “How about we go somewhere calm? Peaceful?” He suggested. Josie smiled and said, “sure. I guess that would help me.”

The two walked over to the balcony which was connected to the tree house, which had glowing lights on the rim of the roof. They both played in the red, blue, and yellow

striped hammock, and began brainstorming ideas. Once they did, they started getting off-topic and talking about their own lives. It seemed like they had a lot in common. But then, Josie’s back started itching, and her eyes got irritated.

“You okay?” Ary asked concernedly.

The big glowing white wings spread out from Josie’s back, tearing two giant holes in the back of Josie's purple shirt.

“Whoa,” Ary awed in amazement.

Josie puffed and fell on the floor in a sitting position. Then her wings quickly went back into her back, leaving two big holes in the back of her shirt. The feeling of the wings going back in Josie’s back made her feel weird. But she ignored it and her and Ary went back to brainstorming, still talking about other stuff, but they still talked about Josie’s familiar.

After a while, Josie and Ary came up with a perfect animal. It was a simple brown can with a small white diamond on its forehead with white paws and small angel wings that became big when flying and made a personality for it. It was kind, loyal, protective, lazy sometimes, likes to lay in the sun and lay in warm trees. And Ary wanted to be creative and name it Summer, but Josie wanted to name it Heaven. So, they decided to name it Summer Heaven. Josie pressed done when she saw a flashing light come from her room. But before she got up, Ary said something that made her smile.

“Hey Josie,” he began. “I wanna let you know that you're a good friend, and that you're not alone,” he said kindly, putting his hands in his light blue short shorts.

“Yeah, you too,” she smiled.

Then they walked back inside and towards Josie’s room.

When they reached it, Josie reached for her room door knob,but hesitated. Ary pushed his and her hand onto the door knob, and they both turned it and opened her room.

When they opened it, they saw a floating white moon bed with two yellow pillows and a white blanket, and some circle pads leading up to the moon bed. Along with Summer Heaven asleep on one of the yellow pillows. It had a white desk with a laptop that had a logo of a paw with a small heart in the center with a halo and wings. And had a closet with a mirror, and had some golden silk pjs hung up and some new shoes placed against the wall.

“Whoa,” Josie and Ary said at the same time.

Josie got settled in and put on her new golden silk pajamas. Then walked up the floating steps and climbed inside her bed. She got up under the covers and snuggled Summer Heaven close, then clapped her hands twice, which made the light turn off. Then

faced towards the sealing, and gazed at the twinkling lights that showed. She then closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep. She was thinking tomorrow was gonna be a good day, but little did she know that tomorrow was gonna be a big day for her, and a very wet day for her.

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