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Kısa Hikaye
okuma zamanı
AA Paylaş

A Greek & Roman Mythology Poet

Smile before Medusa turns you to stone,
Also Persephone never called home,
Zeus cheated while playing cards,
By hiding Aces in his sleeve,
Atlanta probably also did,
Just, I guess not in cards,
Tell Medusa to run,
Cause after Hades found Perseus and his mum,
And met the evil King Polydectes,
Which he was supposed to get a gift,
And guess what that gift was,
Medusa's head!
How could Persephone be so cruel,
To hire her cousin Cupid,
To make her own groom!
Rhea is the kindest,
Unlike her husband Kronos,
Who ate the gods when they were born,
Well, except for Zeus,
Rhea took him to a cave that was in Mount Ida at Crete,
There he was raised by Amalthaea or is her name Cretan,
But wait,
Zeus said he was raised by a fairy goat and a band of nymphs,
Rhea gave Kronos a rock,
And that was what he ate,
He also did evil to the hundred handed ones and the cyclops,
By leaving them in a jail,
Where they weren't fed properly,
And left them to nothing but derma and skeletos,
The first, the original male gods of the myth are,
Poisiden or should we call him Po or well we can even call him Neptune became the God of the Seas,
Hades or well Pluto became the God of the Underworld,
Zeus or well you know what I don't even need to say his Roman name all you have to know is that he became a cheater,
Uh I mean Ruler of the Gods, King of the Universe, The God of Gods, The Thunder God,
But again, trust me, he's a myth-o-maniac,
Luckily he never got no girdle or sickle,
Or did he,
The gods ichor is nice and warm,
But I'm not sure about Zeus,
Out of all the bad things Hades told us about Zeus,
He actually said something good,
While scaling Mount Olympis,
He never dropped a drosis,
I can't belive though he made the other gods fe fi fo fum,
And the female are,
Demeter or should we call her Ceres became the Goddes of Agriculture,
Hestia or should we call her Vesta became the Goddes of the Hearth,
Hera or should we call her Juno became the Goddes of Marriage,
And after they won the Olympic Games,
They called themselves the Olympians.

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