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Fragile Ego

How fragile your ego must be,

To force the poor to go without homes

"It's not zoned!" You scream,

"ITS NOT OWNED"!" You scream,

So you tear down their houses,

Hope that they freeze.[1]

"It's not safe!" You Scream,

As you hack at their budget,

Your fascism clear,

You hope that they die,

A problem solved by nature,

To keep your hands clean.

The buildings stand empty,

While people freeze,

Curches provide refuge,

Then face fines,

Due to Zoning problems,

You are a devil in human skin.

"They have shelters!" You proclaim,

But yet do they?

Understaffed, crowded, with people on drugs,

Or suffering deep in the thuroughs of illess,

Not enough workers to ensure safty,

Would you sleep here, Mr. Mayor?

Of course not,

You sleep in your castle in the clouds,

You see homless as our ancestors did,

Villans in need of punishment,

For drugs, or crime, or illness,

Not cured, or helped, but imprisoned.

You are tyrants,

Embedded in doing nothing,

A plauge on progress,

On safty,

On sanity,

You sicken me.

You should be branded,

At the end of your term,

"I helped no one, and enriched myself",

On your fat white foreheads,

Instead of the lie of a "balanced budget" you sling.

You are relics,

You are demons,

Exactly why we cannot progress,

And what we need to leave behind,

So please remove yourselves,

As you will bee seen as our ancestors are.

[1] -

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