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Somewhere, On this Page

Wind passing through, touching her. Looking somewhere, overlooking the area. It’s a peaceful place, away from the noise, chaos, and judgment.

Clearly, her eyes were full of emotions, as if blood were about to pour down from it.

She’s tired.

She’s empty.

She’s out of words.

Existing but not living.

"She’s just a girl!”

“For sure she won’t be able to that, she’s just a girl.”

How could someone belittle an incredible human being?

She? Yes she! She’s been through a lot but she stand still.

She tries, she is doing her best.

Your words affects people, affects her, affects them.

She’s been bullied and now she’s isolating herself. Crying and weeping her own tears.

She then opened her book. Her weapon, her world.

Through each line, each word, each letter she is safe. She has someone (something) to lean on and to hold on.

Tear escaped from her eyes as she read each line.

Liham para sa babae

Tunay na ika’y kakaiba, hindi ka rapat nag-iisa,

Nag-iisip kung karapat-dapat ka,

Ikaw ay ikaw at hindi na rapat kuwestyunin pa

Sana’y imulat ang iyong mga mata

Tumayo at ipaglaban siya—

Siya, siya na siyang nag nabasa

A realization then came to her senses.

I have been the type of girl, who is always behind others. The quiet one, the one who can’t stand on her feet. Someone who can’t face her fear. I should step out of my comfort zone and stand for who I am.

“A woman of her generation, the woman who stood and built her name all alone.” The MC presented her to the crowd and everyone clapped and looked up to her.

“She was once a girl who is hiding on her shadows, now she was the writer of 20 women empowerment books and has graduated a law degree!”

She smiled. Looking at the crowd and was so proud.

Proud of herself and proud to every woman in the room who have been reading her books to help themselves and stand not just for themselves but for every woman in the room.

“Each one of us has different stories. Each one of us are in different chapters. Some are still looking for the right page, but I hope you’ll be able to see where was it. Maybe, it’s somewhere in this page.”

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