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In the Lands of the circle of life, tells a story about heroic actions, freedom and peace. When all is unclear to Willow, she must travel to Africa to find the truth about her upbringing and how she ended up in the city of New York. She will make new friends and enemies, but most of all, will traverse on an adventure to save the Circle of Life and those that exist in it.

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The tunnels were quiet, not a meerkat squeaked or stirred. Only the minor meerkat was around on sentry duty inside the tunnels. A young meerkat was asleep beside her brother and their mother and father just around the corner. She fluttered her eyes and rose up to stretch. She turned and looked at his back before resting her head on his arm.

“Bro, you awake?”

The figure moved slightly, before turning his head. He stared at her in the corner of his eye.

“No, I was sleeping, before you woke me up.”

The small meerkat frowned and sat up. Taking in the darkness till a sound broke her out of her trance. She heard frantic yelling and a distant hissing sound. Her mother and father got up and grabbed them before taking off down one of the endless tunnels. The hissing grew louder and she finally saw the cause, a large animal had broken in and was fighting off the sentry's. The creature was blocking one of the tunnels going down a level and the only way getting there would be to distract the beast.

“Hun, I'll distract the snake, you take Timon to another tunnel.”

Her mother tried stopping him, but he already took off with Willow and was yelling at the snake, which turned and hissed at the male meerkat, before chasing the two. Buzz, carrying Willow in his arms, climbed up to the surface and ran toward the brush, the snake behind them. He ducked into the brush that was around a corner and stayed quiet. The snake slithered past and hissed angrily before taking off back into the tunnels. Buzz felt his gut wrench seeing meerkats escape unscathed and take off into the distance. Buzz knew well aware that he was to blame for this misfortune. He knew the best thing to do was to exile himself along with Willow and hope for the best. He picked her up and she fought back, crying and screaming.

“Willow, sweetie, we must leave.”

Willow shook her head and tried getting away, but her father's grip was tight.

“We can't leave mommy and Timon, we must save them!”

Buzz sighed and tried explaining it to Willow, without scaring her further.

“I'm sure their okay, hun. Now let's go, I promise we will come back for them.”

Willow nodded and the 2 took off into the tall grass and days later crossed into a village with a large metal thing with wings. He scurried over with Willow on his back and climbed up into it, finding a place in a compartment that was at the very back, out of sight and mind. Once the plane took off from Africa and landed into New York, he and Willow jumped off and took off to the city. Buzz knew they would be mistaken for rats so he thought hard about a solution. Then he got it, the story about a shape shifting necklace that could change you into any shape you desired. He took Willow to the New York Museum and looked around for it. After some time, he finally found it and used it, turning him from a meerkat to a human, he used it on Willow and the 2 blended in with the rest of the weird species that were later to be humans.

“Hunny, I know you have tons of questions, but I can only explain so much, now let's get ourselves fitted into our new home.”

Back in the tunnels, Ma and Timon scurried everywhere, but found no trace of them. Max looked up on the surface but all they founds were rocks. Timon felt like his heart was ripped out of his chest, that he'd never see his sister again.

“Max, I have looked everywhere...but I'm not losing hope.”

She said, tears falling down her cheeks. Max nodded and hugged her. Timon ran off to his and Willow's sleeping corner and grabbed her toy then laid down. He felt the tears sting his cheeks as they fell on the dirt covered ground. He curled up and sobbed, clutching the toy tightly, as it was all he had left of her.

As years went on, Timon became distant to his mother and uncle, knowing well they felt the same way. Their family members, his sister and father, her husband and daughter have been scraped from them. He never in his life thought that sleeping alone would hurt him more then walking up alone in a cold tunnel. He knew deep in his soul she was alive, he could feel it in his bones. She lurked in the air, a scent that still lingered. Timon knew...for a moment she wasn't dead, but always came to question the possibility. All he could do was clutch onto her stuffed toy and pray, she would return home some day.

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