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You cannot not relate to this. A normal daily life of every student middle school and high school. Every line is nostalgic. And fun. It will bring back all the laughing moments in school with freinds and teachers. PS: Love The Teachers

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AA Paylaş

Life In School

Credits: AM , H H , N W-K , N S

A day at school is never that cool

Following rules is the big tool

Do this do that!

Skip this skip that!

Trouble are around us

If we don’t follow the rules

Look onto the clock

Not concentrating

Food is our thoughts

Physics! Our tummy rumbling

The teacher is teaching

And we starving!

Too many hours to work

No hours to rest

English our subjects

It brings stress

Practical are difficult

Apparatus are lost

Library lacks books

Our basic tools

Where are we supposed to sit

With insufficient table and chair?

When we want to study

Classes are occupied

Collision of periods

As if in college

We stare each other perplexed!

Math, Chemistry, Physics calculation increase

Continuous topic our power decrease

Following formula and laws

Don’t know what to cram what to revise!

Sometime we resolve to cheating

Now in Geography

We are snoozing, disease

Our laboratory with damaged species

We get betrayed in the observation

We study human body and plants

In Biology

That’s how it is

We write essays everyday

In the day and night

Civics question we do

With no perpendicular time

We face harsh teachers

Nerve-racking experience

Lower our self-esteem with the decision they make

Reducing the basic law of education

We study all the subjects





Remembering our history

No need to choose

We take them all!

It might be harder for us to achieve

Our life, as students

Is never easy

Hard time at school

We are trying to improve

Level best with might

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