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A boy named Daniel was on a picnic trip in the wilderness when he got separated and lost out in the woods.

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Vanishing of Daniel Shepard

The Vanishing


Daniel Shepard

In the small town of Crestwood, nestled at the edge of a dense and ancient forest, a chilling mystery was about to unfold. Daniel, a bright-eyed 10-year-old, had gone missing. The entire town was abuzz with concern as news of his disappearance spread like wildfire. The community rallied together, determined to find the boy and bring him home safely.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting long shadows across the rugged landscape, a search party had been organised. SES director Mark Stevens, Sheriff Randy Carr, and Ranger Cliff Lawson led the effort, coordinating volunteers from all corners of the town. The group gathered at the edge of the woods, their faces etched with worry and determination.

The air was heavy with anticipation as the volunteers listened intently to the plans being laid out. Mark, Randy, and Cliff huddled around a weathered map, pointing out key areas and discussing their strategy. The urgency in their voices was evident as they outlined the search grid and assigned tasks to the volunteers.

Amidst the murmur of voices, one of the volunteers voiced a question that hung heavily in the air. "What happens when we don't find the kid over the three days?" The sheriff's gaze fell, his expression somber as he considered the weight of the question. After a moment, he looked up, his eyes reflecting both determination and a hint of resignation.

"If we don't find Daniel," Sheriff Carr began, his voice firm but tinged with concern, "we have no choice but to call the search off. But we will find him. We have to." The gravity of his words settled over the group like a shroud, and a shared sense of resolve filled the air. With a collective nod, the volunteers braced themselves for the daunting task ahead, knowing that time was of the essence. They were determined to leave no stone unturned in their search for young Daniel, hoping against hope that they would soon bring him back to safety.

Little did they know, something sinister lurked within the depths of the forest, something that would challenge their resolve and push them to the very limits of their courage.

Early next morning,

Crunch! A stick broke with a sharp snap, followed by rustling in the bushes. Something was lurking outside, concealed in the darkness of the night. Suddenly, another loud snap shattered the silence.

Startled awake, Daniel's heart raced in fright as he struggled to make sense of his surroundings. The darkness enveloped him, rendering everything unseen. He lay there, paralysed with fear, straining to listen as the mysterious sounds drew nearer. Panic gripped him, causing his body to tremble uncontrollably.

With mounting trepidation, Daniel squeezed his eyes shut, attempting to block out the uncertainty that loomed around him. The unsettling noises ceased just outside the tree where he sought refuge, leaving him to grapple with the ominous stillness of the night.

From the depths of the shadows, a deep, resonant breathing filled the air, heavy with grunts and moans. Then, a slow, deliberate step echoed through the darkness as the mysterious presence lowered its nose into the hollow of a tree stump, emitting deep, penetrating sniffs. Daniel, trembling with fear, could only weep as the haunting sound reverberated through him.

The creature drew nearer, its breath brushing against Daniel's hair as it sniffed rapidly. In a desperate attempt to remain undetected, Daniel fought to keep quiet and still. As the creature finally retreated from the tree, Daniel cautiously moved away, his heart pounding in his chest. With a sense of relief and dread, he watched as the shadowy figure vanished into the dense, impenetrable darkness of the woods, leaving him alone with the chilling memory of its presence.

From the depths of the shadows, a deep, resonant breathing filled the air, heavy with grunts and moans. Then, a slow, deliberate step echoed through the darkness as the mysterious presence lowered its nose into the hollow of a tree stump, emitting deep, penetrating sniffs. Daniel, trembling with fear, could only weep as the haunting sound reverberated through him.

At this time people started to gather around the sheriff as Amy started to raise her voiceIf we don't find Daniel," Sheriff Carr began, his voice tinged with determination and concern, "we have no choice but to call off the search. But we will find him. We must." His words hung heavy in the air, a somber reminder of the ticking clock and the weight of their responsibility. The volunteers exchanged uneasy glances, each understanding the gravity of the situation. For now, hope burned bright in their hearts, driving them forward in their relentless pursuit of young Daniel. They knew that they had to find him, no matter the cost, and they were resolved to leave no stone unturned until he was safely back in the arms of his loved ones.

A collective sigh swept through the group, whispers of disappointment filling the air as they turned to each other with worried expressions. A determined female volunteer stepped forward; her voice unwavering as she addressed the sheriff. "Sheriff, we have to find Daniel. He must be scared and alone." Sheriff Carr nodded solemnly. "Yes, I know, and we will find him."

Mark, the SES director, stepped into the centre of the group. "Okay, everyone, pair up and ensure you have your radios. It's time to move out. Let's go." The volunteers dispersed, forming pairs, their voices mingling with a sense of urgency as they prepared to venture into the unknown. Meanwhile, Randy, Mark, and Cliff observed the unfolding scene, their eyes reflecting a shared determination.

"Okay, let's do this," Cliff declared, his gaze fixed on the volunteers as he strode away. Randy and Mark exchanged a glance, a silent acknowledgment passing between them. "This will be a long day, but we will find him," Randy stated firmly. Mark nodded in agreement, the weight of the impending search settling heavily upon them. It was clear to them both that the hours ahead would be the longest and most arduous they had ever faced.

Randy approached the table where Tony and Amy were seated, Tony's arm wrapped protectively around Amy's shoulders. Taking a seat opposite them, Randy looked at them with concern. "I know you've already told Cliff, but I need to hear it from the beginning. Tell me what happened," he requested gently.

Tony met Randy's gaze with a pained expression, and Randy nodded reassuringly. "Take your time," he urged. As they recounted the events, Tony began to speak. "We were on our way to our holiday destination, a trip we had never taken before," he started, his voice tinged with sorrow. "We were enjoying the drive, playing a guessing game with Daniel in the back seat."

"He was laughing and trying so hard to guess, but he just couldn't get it," Amy recounted, her voice tinged with sadness. "We were having so much fun," she continued. "We stopped a few times to fill up the tank and grab something to eat. I thought escaping the city and enjoying a peaceful time together in the luxurious countryside would be the right thing to do, but it's turned into a nightmare."

Randy urged Tony to continue with his account. "Tony, please, keep going with the story. I need to understand everything that happened," he implored, his tone earnest.

Tony resumed his narrative. "Let me go straight to when we arrived at the park. We parked the car and got out. I handed Daniel the bag with our food and told him to look after it. He stood at the beginning of the trail, gazing up at the path. I asked him if he was ready, and he turned back with a smile, replying, 'Yep, okay! Let's go.' We followed the trail, with Daniel leading the way and Amy following behind."

I stayed behind, keeping a watchful eye on both of them. Unsure of the trail's length, as I hadn't seen a sign at the car park, I assumed we must have walked a few miles before we took our first break for drinks.

During that time, Daniel always stuck close to us as we made our way to the end of the track, which led to a lookout point overlooking a stunning valley we had never seen before. As I gazed out at the endless bushland, Daniel was captivated by the lush green carpet spread across the valley. When I asked for his thoughts, he simply replied, "Wow." After taking a break to eat and drink, we prepared to head back, and Tony estimated that we had spent around thirty to forty-five minutes at the lookout. As we ustarted our return journey, Randy, wearing a curious expression, inquired about the moment when Daniel went missing.

However, I distinctly recall reaching an old, broken, black stump, where I observed Daniel pausing to stick his head inside a hole. He jumped back in alarm when a butterfly emerged, prompting Amy to tease him about being scared of such a small creature. I chuckled as I walked past, leaving Daniel behind as he watched the butterfly fly away. I instructed him to catch up and stay close, and without looking back, I continued on my way. After a while, I called out to Daniel again, but when the forest suddenly fell silent and I glanced back, I realised that Daniel was no longer with us.

"DANIEL!" I called out repeatedly, while Amy also asked, "Where's Daniel? He was just here." I continued to call for Daniel, and Amy joined in, questioning why he wasn't on the track and urging me to keep a closer eye on him.

As we retraced our steps, Randy asked, "How far were you when you realised, he wasn't with you?" Tony responded, "At least fifty meters. It was around a bend to the right where we last saw him." Randy pressed further, "So you couldn't see him anywhere, or hear him walking around, even in the bush? You should've been able to hear him if he was that close, especially within sight."

Tony sat in silence, staring at Randy. Reacting to Tony's silence, Randy quickly added, "I'm not saying anything of the sort. Go on, keep talking. I'm listening."

In frustration, Amy raised her voice at Randy, exclaiming, "How dare you think that we did something to our son!" Tony held her tightly as Randy apologised, saying, "Please, I'm sorry. Forgive me. Please, go on." Tony sat quietly, staring at Randy for a moment before he resumed where he had left off.

Clearing his throat, Tony addressed Randy, "We walked back up the track, scanning our surroundings as we called out for Daniel. I instructed Amy to check the left side while I searched the right. We continued calling for Daniel until we were practically screaming, causing our voices to echo through the trees. As we stood there, listening to our own echoes, I began to feel frustrated. I raised my voice one last time, calling for Daniel, but Amy urged me to calm down, stating that getting angry wouldn't help. I had to agree with her; she was right. We continued to search all around the track but couldn't find him. Amy mentioned that we had a few hours left until it got dark. When she asked, 'Then what?' I responded, 'We will have no choice but to contact the authorities and inform them that our son is missing.' Shaking my head, I reluctantly agreed, 'Ok.” Tony and Amy had no inkling of the harrowing events that lay ahead, the chilling ordeal that would unfold and forever alter their lives—the truth behind the disappearance of their son, Daniel Shepherd, sending a cold shiver down their spines.

To Be Continued

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