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In the musical city of Melodia, where everyone possesses a musical gift, Sonora stands out as the only one without any musical talent. Enduring mockery and disdain, she aspires to create an exceptional melody for the Melodia High School competition. Her life takes a magical turn when she discovers a note, the "Key of G," unlocking an extraordinary musical passion within her. Sonora prepares a dazzling performance for the competition but faces Discordia, an evil force obsessed with music's destruction. The ensuing musical battle leads to Discordia's liberation and a harmonious collaboration between her and Sonora, transforming Melodia City into a reconciled musical haven.

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It's been a while since I've been trying to compose a piece for the competition at Melodia High School. I'm the only one lagging on this project while all my classmates have finished. Mrs. Flutelle, our piano teacher, has scolded and kept me in detention more than once.

No matter how much I delve into it day and night, inspiration eludes me.

I feel cursed in the midst of Melodia City, where even animals master music; I'm the only one without a musical gift. I can't sing; my voice is worse than a concert of pots and pans, and my fingers slide on the piano like a squeaking steel.

Alas, I've tried all the instruments, but unfortunately, none of them is meant for me.

If only I were like my name, Sonora.

I was thinking about it, standing by my window, gazing at the pink and bright stars of Melodia. My dreams formulated themselves in my mind. I wanted to represent the most melodious note in my city, be the most graceful, the most talented, and show everyone who belittled me that I can be a star, a real one.

Alas, these are wildly delusional ambitions. The chance of them coming true is nil.

What will become of me?

I'm fed up with the reproaches, the mockery, and the disdainful looks of others.

I no longer want to be "Sonora, the eardrum breaker" or "Sonora, the loser."

Suddenly, as the sleep's embrace seized me, I heard a magical note emitting a melody woven with stars. The lyrics of the imaginary song that accompanied the note resonated in my troubled mind.


Verse 1:

In the city of melodies, where dreams take flight,

A note appears, aglow in the night.

Harmony weaves through the pink starlight,

Guiding the lost with its magical might.


Sing, oh note of ethereal grace,

A melody that time can’t erase.

Whisper to hearts in a magical space,

In the city where music finds its place.

Verse 2:

Through the laughter, through the tears,

The note whispers secrets of forgotten years.

A symphony of hopes, a ballad of fears,

In the celestial realm where music steers.


Sing, oh note of ethereal grace,

A melody that time can’t erase.

Whisper to hearts in a magical space,

In the city where music finds its place.


Cascading like a waterfall of sound,

The note weaves dreams, all around.

A lullaby for the city, so renowned,

In every chord, a story is found.


Sing, oh note of ethereal grace,

A melody that time can’t erase.

Whisper to hearts in a magical space,

In the city where music finds its place.


As the note fades, its magic remains,

A song in Sonora’s heart, in joy and pains.

For in every note, a symphony sustains,

In Melodia City, where music reigns.

With shining eyes of wonder, I remained still, captivated by the celestial song of the magical note. Each intonation seemed to caress my soul, awakening a deep passion for music within me. Inspired by this enchanting melody, I felt a new energy flow through my veins. Slowly, a smile of hope appeared on my face.

I rose, guided by the melody that still echoed in my mind. A newfound determination pushed me to transform this magical song into the centerpiece of my music project for the Melodia High School competition.

Seated at my piano, I closed my eyes and let the memories of the song soak into my senses. My fingers danced on the keys, reproducing the celestial melody with astonishing precision. I knew this song was special, an inspiration that would guide me to create an extraordinary musical piece.

Finally, I would have my chance...

The next day, my piece was ready and well-written in my music notebook.

After a lively breakfast filled with questions from my mother, who was surprised to see me radiate joy after crying the night before like a baby, I managed to navigate without providing a conclusive answer.

Confident and serene, I danced lightly all the way to school.

Arriving in the audition hall, sarcastic laughs erupted among my classmates.

I ignored them all, including the jibes from Piona, my sworn enemy. She never tires of picking on me. This time, she certainly wouldn't have the pleasure of laughing at my performance.

Sol, a friend with brown eyes, chubby, and very naive, waved at me. I joined him quickly, and he gave me a friendly tap.

"How are you today, Sonora? You seem very joyful. Did you find your magic potion?"

"I'll explain later, promise. For now, let's focus on the audition, and are you ready?"

"You know me; I'm going to ruin everything again," he said, saddened, holding his flute.

"Don't say that. Your song is fantastic. Never doubt your talents, Sol. Your demo last time thrilled me, I assure you. You don't have to be afraid. Show these buffoons that you're the best."

"Thank you very much, Sonora," he smiled. At the same moment, applause rose crescendo. Piona had just made an elegant performance.

I was happy for her, but I wouldn't applaud her for that.

"Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, please welcome Sonora Cordia. Sonora, take your place in front of the piano, please," announced the presenter.

I sighed for a moment and traced a direct path to the instrument. I took my place gracefully, closed my eyes for a moment, and then opened my music notebook. I waited for a moment, then opened my eyes; I instinctively pressed the first key of the keyboard, and automatically, a magical note shone on my music notebook, revealing a sibylline light. Sparkling stars spread gradually around me, forming an ethereal halo. The note, once humble, transformed into a majestic diva, wearing a resplendent costume that glittered to the rhythm of the melody. As I began to play, the magical note, accompanied by its celestial voice, lifted the piano into the air. The scene resembled a magical dance between me, the musician, and my flying instrument. Each note was a spell, fulfilling the hidden wishes in my heart. Stars escaped from the score, swirling in the hall and creating magical illusions. Carried by the transcendent music, I was surrounded by a magical aura that illuminated my entire space.

The jury members and the audience were captivated by this extraordinary performance. And as the icing on the cake, with a simple movement of her power, the magical note transformed the few hostile critics in the audience into adorable animals who joyfully applauded unintentionally. I especially enjoyed seeing Piona transformed into austria exactly as I had formulated in my thoughts.

Their surprise and admiration were palpable as my fairy-like music permeated every corner of the hall.

Mrs. Flutelle had a fleeting and questioning look.

She couldn't swallow the pill. Who would have believed it? Me, Sonora, the profane of Melodia, putting on the show of the year...


In the palace of shadows, my messengers came to announce a dreadful piece of news. It seems that the "Key of G" has been set free and is now in the hands of a little girl, a certain Sonora.

Darn it, even though I made sure to cage her in the shadows.

I have to retrieve that cursed note and destroy it for good. There's no way music will flourish.

I hate it from the depths of my heart, as well as all the Melodians.

"Why do you hate music so much? I don't understand, mistress," the shadow, my right-hand, dared to ask.

"Music broke me. It deprived me of social rights because of it."

"What happened?"

He insisted.

"If I tell you everything, will you leave me in peace, shadow?"

"Certainly, madam."

"Here's the story you're so eager to know. You won't judge me after hearing it:

Once upon a time, my name was Harmonia. I had a difficult life in Melodia; I was called an intruder, dull, and all unimaginable cruelties just because I didn't master any musical element. I was condemned for that. Marginalized and despised by my own society, what else could I do but withdraw? A growing bitterness towards music and its enchanting harmonies animated me.

One day, while wandering the forgotten alleys of the city, I made an alliance with a banned magical note called 'Discordia,' which shared my resentment towards music. Together, we swore to destroy the musical harmony that had caused me so much suffering. My perfect symbiosis with Discordia created a powerful force fueled by hatred towards music that I am now. Our plan is to sow discord in the melodies of Melodia City, crushing every harmonious note in our path...

"I understand; you have the right to seek revenge. Let no musicians or instruments exist in Melodia. Together, we can rename it 'Ombra City' where all my kind can finally live in peace."

"Patience, my old friend, let's be strategic. Soon, melody will disappear from our lives. Ha ha ha haaaaaaa!"

I can't help but make that sardonic laugh when I imagine Melodia at my feet.


Discordia, obsessed with recovering the "Key of G," tracked Sonora through the dark alleys of Melodia City. Discordant notes echoed in the air, announcing the imminent conflict between the two musical forces. Sonora, aware of the threat looming over her, prepared to face Discordia. In a room filled with magic and mystery, the musical duel began. Notes floated in the air, creating a symphony of power and tension. The piano keys were the the dissonances of Discordia. The room trembled under the intensity of their musical confrontation. The shards of light emanating from the "Key of G" and the magical powers of the two protagonists intertwined in an enchanting dance.

Sonora, guided by the light of the "Key of G," began to play an enchanting melody. Each note was a glimmer of hope, a call for unity. The stars seemed to dance to the rhythm of her music.

**Sonora's Song:**

Verse 1:

In the city of melodies, where dreams take flight,

I stand against the shadows, embracing the light.

With each note I play, a symphony unfolds,

A tale of courage, in music, we're bold.


Rising high, the melody of the night,

Against Discordia, I'll stand and fight.

Notes of hope in a harmonious spree,

In the heart of the city, let the music be free.



But suddenly, Sonora's melody was interrupted by the growing dissonance of Discordia.

**Discordia's Song:**


Verse 1:

In the shadows deep, where darkness reigns,

I embrace the dissonance, break the chains.

A melody of chaos, notes in disarray,

In Discordia's symphony, no rules obey.


Rising high, the discordant tide,

Against Sonora, let chaos abide.

Notes of turmoil, in a sinister spree,

In the heart of the city, set the music free.



The room was now filled with a symphony of dueling, a battle between harmony and chaos. The Melodians, captivated, felt each note as a burst of musical energy.

The battle reached its climax, and it was at the moment the two melodies collided that Discordia's malevolent note began to crack. A golden glow emanated from the "Key of G," enveloping Discordia in a purifying light.

Harmonia, now liberated from the hatred that consumed her, looked at Sonora with gratitude. The two musicians then combined their musical talents, creating a transcendent melody that resonated throughout Melodia City.




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