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This is my point of view about principles of life. I will wait for your reactions.

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The principles of life

Many say they live by principles in their lives. These principles usually come from religious texts or philosophical books or from some lectures that aim to motivate people.

However, the principles of life differ from one person to another despite the fact that these people may come from the same family or the same society. Truly, a person's principles develop based on the experiences and lessons learned by that person during his or her journey through life. Many principles are then adopted by the person after enduring great suffering due to bad decisions. Hence, we develop our own principles in order to stop making bad decisions that make us suffer.

We are therefore fortunate that there are religious and philosophical books and even conferences that allow us to develop our principles in life without any suffering. These principles are learned only through long reflection and empathy and they can make us wiser sometimes despite our young age, but only when these principles are correct.

However, are we strong enough to always respect our principles? We all know that our subjectivity can be a weakness preventing us from respecting principles and rules just like computers respect their algorithms.

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Akram Louiz Born in September 1990 in Morocco, Akram Louiz is a first class engineer lieutenant in the merchant navy. He is also a novelist, a poet and a scientific researcher. Akram Louiz is a great lover of contemporary philosophy and psychology.

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