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Rachel the murderer comes back after 3 years of no show

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This is what happened to Elena

One morning Elena was walking in her neighborhood, and spotted someone looking like her missing friend that was missing 3 months ago. She walks up to that person and says, "hey, do I know you from somewhere?" She glares at the weird looking lady. But she glances to the right where she sees some girl in a mask. Elena looks confused at the mysterious woman coming closer and closer to her. She goes and whispers into her ears, something so muffled that she couldn't understand. Elena shocked. She glances at her friend boom, she disappears into mist. Elena, now confused more than ever, she glances to her right, there's no one there, there's no mask lady anymore. Elena grabs her purse and leaves the scene. Elena arrives home after a long walk. She sits down and turns on the TV after a while. She comes up on the news of the day. She looks startled as she looks at herself on The TV, but she knows that she's home, she isn't in the scene where she saw everything. She suddenly sees In the mysterious ladies pocket, and then she finds a mask right there and she runs upstairs to her sister and she notices that her sister isn't there. She notices also that there's a mask that looks like the one that's on the TV. Suddenly she gets grabbed by Her back then she notices the weird girl dad grabbed her, it was a lady that she talked to. She gets knocked unconscious. Elena wakes up in this mysterious room and sees that weird good-looking girl again. She feels woozy, but she doesn't let it show as she talks to this mysterious lady wearing the mask. The talk for a while in this mysterious room Rachel A.k.a( the Mysterious Mask Lady) removes the rope off her hands and says” you may now leave” as Elena gets up from the chair she trips and falls into a pit. Elena wakes up from her sleep and looks around the pit and wonders to herself how she will get out of there. She looks up but sees a tarp covering the pit. She sits down on the dusty floor where she stays for 3 months….

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