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This story is about a queen who was imprisoned by her mother who abused her for all of her life. She struggles to break free from her dungeon by using her power of imagination and falls into despair. Her husband, the king, searches for her with the help of their guards to bring her back home. The queen mother tries every tactic to break the queen, but the queen refuses to give up on the hope of seeing her husband and her children again. Her husband stands up to the queen mother and takes the queen out of her castle. The queen mother is locked away in a dungeon for trying to kill her own daughter. The queen is relieved that she won't have to visit her mother again.

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Trapped in the Castle

Once upon a time, there was a queen who lived with her mother, the queen mother, and she was hoping for a happy life with her husband and her twin children. Her husband was the king, and her children were the prince and princess. They missed her dearly because they were aware that the queen mother and her guards kidnapped her and chained her up in a dungeon. The queen tried to find ways to escape the dungeon, but nothing worked. She tried to cut the chains with her powers, but the chains were unbreakable. She was losing hope. All she had left was the memories of ruling her own kingdom with her husband and her children and spending some quality time with them. Her husband asked the guards to find the queen, so he could rescue her and take her back to the castle because he was worried about her safety. He also asked the guards to watch over the prince and princess to keep the queen mother from hurting them because he didn’t want them to be covered with bruises on their bodies. The prince and the princess told the king to make sure nothing bad happened to their mom, and he said he would. Their love for the queen was so strong that nobody could take it away from them. The guards and the king left the castle to rescue the queen from the queen mother. When they got inside the queen mother’s castle, they saw the queen mother strangling the queen to death. The guards asked her to let go of the queen, and she did. Horrified, the king picked up the queen and tapped her arm with his hand to wake her up. She woke up and told him she was happy that he came back for her. Then, she passed out again. The king started to cry and asked her mother what was she doing to her, and the mother said she was being defiant and was nothing but a low life servant. The king got angry with her and told her that she was not allowed to have any contact with her or the prince and princess again. He ordered the guards to arrest her for attempted murder and carried the queen back to their castle. The prince, princess, and the king sat beside the queen to make sure she was okay while she was resting in the bed. The queen woke up, and the king, prince, and princess were relieved that she was okay. She felt sad and told them she was sorry for making them worry about her. They told her that she didn't have to apologize and told her they were glad she was safe. The queen was happy to hear that and tried to sit up. But she was in a lot of pain. The king told her to take it easy because she just passed out from being strangled. She laid back down and asked the prince and princess to go to their room, so they could have a grown up conversation with each other. She asked the king if her mother was going to be released from the dungeon, and the king said no. He said she was going to be locked up for a very long time for trying to kill her. He also said that she was no longer allowed to have any contact with her due to her history of abusing her all of her life. The queen nodded her head in agreement. She told him that she never wanted to see the queen mother again, and he nodded his head. He told her that he just wanted her to be happy and live her life without worrying about being told how to interact with other people, how to dress, and how to express her emotions. The queen said that she agreed with the king. She thanked him for being there for her when no one else was. They hugged each other, and the king kissed her forehead. He told her to get some rest while he played with the prince and princess. The queen went back to sleep with a smile on her face.

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