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Beta Aaron Keizer brings Diwa back to the Packhouse after being away for more than ten years. However, as soon as she arrives, a dangerous presence from her past begins stalking her and her newly found mate. Even worse, Di’s elder brother, who happens to be the Gamma of the pack, openly shows his disapproval of the union. Will Di be able to find freedom from her past while finding happiness in Aaron? And can the Beta be able to see beyond the bond so he can help Di finally fight the monster who continues to claim her as his?

Romantizm Erotik Sadece 18 yaş üstü için.

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A muscular and broad-shouldered suited man with midnight black, longish hair and honey-colored, almost golden eyes was walking down an airport lounge pulling a compact hard case carry-on. Beside him was a shorter redhead, about 5’4”, lightly tanned, her full breasts contrasting with her slim physique. She was trying to keep up with the grim-faced male by matching his stride and not exactly succeeding.

The young girl was out of breath when they finally reached the right ramp. No thanks to her big brother walking too briskly or the bulky backpack she insisted on carrying, despite his continuous offer to carry it for her.

Diwa had always been such a stubborn and independent woman. And she wouldn’t have it any other way…

Neither did her big brother Ma’Heron, but he never wanted to admit it to her face.

They both paused at the gate. It was staffed by a single flight attendant behind a small counter, and there was a short line of people being processed by her. The man looked at the woman beside him. She returned his strong stare with her own determined one…

“And this is final, Di? You’re absolutely sure that this is what you want?”

“Yes, Ma’Heron. I have no reason to stay, anyway. Besides, I would be more at peace if I lived my life more like a human than a wolf. You already know why…”

“But Diwa…”

“We’ve already talked about this, brother. We even discussed it over with our Alpha, and he already agreed to my decision. I don’t plan to discuss this again and be late for my flight.”

“Just making you realize how much you will lose. Even the protection the pack can offer you…”

“The pack wasn’t that effective in protecting me? If that was the case, I wouldn’t be leaving.” Ma’Heron answered with a huff, knowing he had nothing to counter that.

Maybe if Aaron wasn’t away then, he would have been able to defend her. They’re close friends, and they were usually together. If only his friend’s Beta training was scheduled at a later date. Or maybe, if I was not so busy with the new role as Gamma, then she wouldn’t have gone through…

“M, I can read your thoughts via your facial expressions. No need to think like that. It already happened, so this is the most viable solution we have. We can’t change the past.” Again, her only elder brother huffed indignantly at her statement. He would usually do that if he didn’t have a comeback available. And though she wanted to always please him, she knew she had to do this, even if it was against his wishes. Tough, I need to heal brother, and I will heal… in my own way…

“Just make sure that you’ve explained your reasons to your friends. I will not answer them if they ask about you, and you know why, Di.”

“Understood M, and I already have sent them messages, so don’t worry. Now, I need to go…”

A hug, wave, and smile later, she had entered the plane and had finally found her seat. Suddenly her mobile beeped, and she realized in horror that she had not removed the SIM card.

“Someone may still be monitoring me… oh, please, no…”

She immediately took out the sim card from her phone and broke it in half, completely ignoring the message. Good thing her seatmate was still a no-show, or they’d probably be looking at her with a weird face right now.

Meanwhile, somewhere inside the Packhouse, miles away from the airport, a young man was texting a friend whom he found out had left to travel abroad. He was eager to talk to her and was quite unhappy to know that her trip had an undetermined return date.

“Hey Di, what gives? Just returned from my two-week Beta training, and I find that you’re gone. I know you’ve always wanted to study abroad, but heck, you could have called me before you left. All I got is the text explaining why you won’t be staying at the Packhouse anymore and nothing else. Not even an address! I tried calling you, but I can’t reach you anymore, even on the satellite phone. Please, message me back or call me. Will be waiting.”

Aaron never got an answer to his message, so he was never told the truth about why she had left.

M had to make sure of that. It was for his sister’s sake and safety, after all.

That was one of the major conflicts between the Beta and the Gamma that they never discussed. So despite their “closer-than-a-brother” friendship, it remained a hidden thorn in their sides.

And it still is.

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