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Wouldn't you want to be the center of attention to a man who can make you submit? Renae is discovering her desires while still trying to make a living in the small town of Cuba Missouri. When the most beautiful man catches her eye. When Michael moved to a small town out in the boonies, he came looking for a fresh start. The is until he came across a rare breed of female. Will she submit to him or will he have to tame the lion?

Romantizm Erotik Yalnızca 21 yaş üstü (yetişkinler) için.

#kinky # #smuttiness #librarian #darkromance
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I never thought I'd be standing here naked, looking at my own reflection in the mirror. I've always wanted to look beautiful, I guess I do in my own way. My wide hips go up into an hourglass as it connects to my double D chest. My thighs touch, my belly hangs, and I wear glasses like a nerd.

So who cares if Im not a model, or a millionaire, or the sexiest woman on earth. I know what I'm worth and that's all that matters.


Later that day after I explored my body with my eyes, I had to head to the library where I've worked for the last ten years since I was sixteen. I guess it works out since I get to have first dibs on the library books sales, and I get to stay as late as I want. I don't have to worry about asshole coworkers or dumb customers, because they only customers I get are quiet and love reading.

I start by getting to the boxes and boxes of our newest books that have to be alphabetized as well as sorted by genre, age group, and fiction/non-fiction. I'm about to open up a box when I hear someone clearing their throat behind me. I turn around just to face a man about 6'10 with eyes as blue as the clearest ocean waters, arms that could lift a damn train. The outline of is jaw hard and set as he peers into my eyes . Or maybe it was my soul.

"What time do you close?"

Was this guy serious? It's not like our library hours are posted into the door or anything.

"We open at 6am, and we close whenever I feel like kicking everybody out. Usually around 9pm."

His eyes drift downward to my chest, and I'm about to say something when he looks up at me and gives me the darkest smile I've ever seen.

"Renae is it?' Well Renae it was a pleasure meeting you, but next time I wouldn't be so comfortable to give a stranger attitude. It might be dangerous.'

With a wink he turned on his heels and left. Who the fuck did this guy think he was, and why did my stomach do backflips to his voice? Now I'm no genius, but if I were to guess, I'm guessing this isn't going to be the last time I see him.

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