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It's about a girl who kills people who are connected to each other in different ways

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This is what happened to Laura

One morning inside of a coffee shop, Laura waits for customers to begin flooding through the doors, but when they don't come, she heads to the backroom to take a break.

Later that day, she heads to night school. Walking through the big brown doors of her school, she arrives in the classroom. She takes a seat in the back and pulls out her language arts book. The teacher walks into the classroom and starts the lesson of the day. Laura glares out the window as it rains outside and starts to wonder why she has to move schools during the summer. After school she rides the bus home, a little later she arrives at her stop and starts to walk home. As she arrives at her house she has this early Sense as if she was being followed. Laura shrugs it off and continues walking home, she still feels like someone's following her Laura looks back she sees no one so she looks back and continues walking to her house. Laura arrives at her house and unlocks the door and goes inside the house and locks it on the inside. She closes the house blinds and locks all doors as she sees someone out the window. Laura now hides in her room in the closet as the person that followed her enters the house. Laura tries to be as quiet as a mouse as the intruder enters her room. Laura, now scared more than ever, starts to call the police and she slowly gets away from the closest door. The intruder hears the phone ring as she calls the police. The intruder slowly opens the closest door. Laura looks at the intruder BANG the intruder leaves after the first kill on the kill list.

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