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It was sudden and without warning when the Architeks arrived on Planet Leep, a world home to the anthropomorphic rabbit beings known as the 'Wrabunni'. The race had overpopulated their world to the point of the surveying robots calling in reinforcements in an attempt to reduce the numbers. This would lead to them and the Wrabunni race to wage war on one other, and it would get bloody very quickly. This is the dreaded tale of what Hopii & Skypii had experienced during their escape from Planet Leep as well as the atrocities they had to both witness and perform... Cover was made by 'ACIDFUR'. Part of the SARTAM universe. For more context about these two characters, please read 'The Tecnogia Ladro' and 'Feministic Savagery: The Story Of Genevieve Allard' first.

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Paint It Blue

It was just a normal day for Skypii as she read her book academics book while also periodically watching her older brothers and sisters sparring with one another. She marveled at their agility and quick reflexes with a smile on her face but soon tilted her white furry face back down at the physics textbook that sat in her lap, shaking her head from side to side.

"Those Neanderthals." The purple Wrabunni said quietly to herself before flipping to the next page of the book with her left paw, now frowning.

"Our race is far more capable of grander things than just barbaric 'Paw to Paw' combat. I'm surprised that I'm one of the handful amongst our hundreds of thousands of brothers and sisters who can resist the thrist of battle..."

Unbeknownst to Skypii, a female Wrabunni with white fur, long grey hair, and matching colored long ears approached her from behind as she sat on a colorful bench while continuing to read her textbook. The young bunny-like woman was finely dressed as well, sporting a long sleeve white button-up shirt and short blackish grey skirt. As she quickly sat down onto the bench at Skypii's left side, the white furred Wrabunni woman immediately adjusted the circular glasses on her face before looking over at the purple bunny-like person on her right.

"SKYPII!" She blurted out with enthusiastic excitement in her high-pitched voice, the purple Wrabunni not reacting to her presence whatsoever as she continued reading her physics textbook.

"Um, Sis? It's Cenrpa, your favorite amongst the Hopkins sisters. You already know why. Right?"

"Because you and I choose not to fight..." Skypii responded meekly as Cenrpa scooted closer to her sister, also wanting to read the textbook as well.

"I mean, seriously, the Wrabunni race has been living in peace, just sparring with one another for 102 years at this point in time! We should have those decades to create numerous spacecrafts and explore the solar system, but frick no! All of that time was spent practicing a barbaric martial art that we'll never come to use. We've wasted our damn time!"

"Um... Skypii... You should maybe..." Cenrpa started to say just as she saw a red figure approach from her right side in her peripheral vision.

"Just let me finish my train of thought, Ceni! Geez!" Said Skypii while placing both elbows onto the open textbook, leaning her upper body forward and resting both paws underneath her face.

"Anyway, there hasn't been a reason to persistently practice the 'Way of the Wrabbit' for a century straight. No other race of beings has even visited our planet!"

Just as she said this, a tall, red male Wrabunni walked up and stopped in front of the purple bunny-like woman. Her entire body would then shake in fear, knowing exactly who this was: Jumpii Hopkins, the king of the Wrabunni Race, as well as her father.

"H-Hi... D-Daddy..." Skypii stammered out nervously as she proceeded to tilt her head upward to look as his possibly anger facial expression.

The 22 year old bunny woman knew that her father hated tirades like the ones she had just given to Cenrpa. Since there truly was peace on Planet Leep for as long as there was, Skypii and Jumpii were always at odds about the direction the Wrabunni Race should have taken. While the latter wanted to hone their martial art to its finest edge for when the day an actual threat to their world came for them, the former wanted to focus more on innovation and venture off Planet Leep to maybe have more places to live due to their steadily increasing population. Unfortunately, though, Jumpii's decision ultimately reigned supreme, straining his already fragile relationship with Skypii. And she would constantly speak about this seemingly stupid decision behind her father's back for two decades, only to finally hear her today.

"How much of what I said did you hear, Daddy?" The purple bunny-like woman asked cautiously as her entire body trembled in fear.

Upon looking up at Jumpii's face, Skypii's fearful facial expression immediately shifted to one of bewilderment. She noticed that he wasn't even looking at her, his left side facing the purple Wrabunni instead. And before she could say anything, Skypii saw a black figure approaching from her left peripheral vision as well, and that made the blue blood in her womanly bunny body run cold.

Of all of them, black was never a fur color for a male or female member of the Wrabunni Race. Red, blue, green, yellow, purple, orange, pink, and white were the only known fur types possible with the clothing usually being the same colors as well. To Skypii, this was bizarre. So much so that she immediately turned her head to see who that was that even was, only for the young bunny woman's jaw to drop.

She and Cenrpa couldn't believe what their big eyes were seeing. Standing perfect still and at attention was what appeared to be a person with tin colored skin wearing all black clothes such as a plain black cap, short sleeve black shirt, black cargo pants, and light brown steel toed boots. It had absolutely no ears, nose, or even a mouth! All it had was glowing red eyes that could pierce into a person's soul, and it seemed to be with Skypii and Cenrpa's father as he stared back with worry in his very own.

"WHO THE HELL ARE YOU!?" Jumpii shouted over at the weird looking person in black over in the distance, the figure then turning its head over to her daddy's right.


"THAT IS PRECISELY WHY I AND MANY OTHER ARCHITEK UNITS ARE PRESENT ON THIS PLANET. TO CONDUCT A CULLING PROCEDURE." Skypii heard the black figure interrupt to her daddy in its deep, monotone, and robotic male voice.

The two female Wrabunni women would immediately get up from the bench they both were sitting on and proceeded to walk in the opposite direction from Jumpii and the weird man to somewhere safe. The older Wrabunni brothers and sisters sparring over in the fields would soon look over as well, seeing their father staring at what appeared to them as a robot man. At the same time, though, Architek looked past Jumpii and began to stare menacingly over at Skypii and Cenrpa as they got further away. The robot would then quickly reach its black fingerless gloved right hand down to its corresponding side, draw a nickel plated pistol into it, aim it, and fire a shot at them! Jumpii immediately moved in to tackle the unit, bringing it down onto the grassy ground below.

Over in the distance, Skypii had placed her paws over her head to cover her medium length purple ears with the upper portion of her body hunched over as her legs buckled together, dropping her physics textbook down onto the grass below. Her eyes were also shut tight as she groaned out in pain, her ears ringing loudly upon having heard the gunshot. When she opened her black eyes to see if Cenrpa was alright, however, tears would bring up and then pour out of them at what she saw.

Lying down face first on the grass was Skypii's sister, completely motionless with a searing hole in the back of her head! The purple Wrabunni would immediately get down onto her knees in and shake her repeatedly whilst screaming her name over and over, but it was no use. Cenrpa was unresponsive, and upon flipping her body over to face her, Skypii let out a bloodcurdling scream of terror as she saw that her eyes were still open. The gray Wrabunni was now confirmed dead.

"CENRPA!!!" She shouted up at the rainbow colored sky with all her might before collapsing on her deceased sister's back, sobbing profusely.

After regaining as much composure as she could, Skypii got up onto her hind and off of Cenrpa's corpse before turning and looking back at where Jumpii and the Architek were located. As she did, however, her eyes widened in terror. The purple Wrabunni woman saw that there were now several robot men in black as her brothers and sisters fought hand to hand with them. Her father had punched the head off of one of the Architeks before being tackled to the grassy ground by a group of them. At the same time as well, Jumpii saw a terrified looking Skypii in the distance as well as seeing Cenrpa lying dead in the grass, causing him to break down shortly after.

"I'M GOING TO KILL YOU ALL!" The red Wrabunni man yelled at the top of his lungs as he thrashed his body around, failing to escape the Architeks' grip.

Unfortunately for Jumpii, two robots looked up and began running away from him in an attempt to pursue as well as capture Skypii. He then proceeded to flail his bunny body around harder, only to be punched in the back of the head and become dazed. He was in no position to save his daughter from these killers.

"Run... Baby..." The red Wrabunni groaned out before seeing the purple bunny-like woman turn and run from the two Architeks chasing her.

Before slipping in unconsciousness, Jumpii looked up and witnessed his sons and daughters struggling to fight the robot men with dizzy eyes. Some had taken them out. Others would be cut down by axes, knives, and machetes, blue blood spraying everywhere all the while. This was the beginning of the end for the Wrabunni Race.

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