noelle-arloe1683 Renita J. McK.

Music is at the center of my life. It was only right to put together something in honor of all that it has done for me and to me. It has never turned it's back on me and never fails toake me feel better. Here's to you Music 🎶

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My Life Force

Music is my life

I eat sleep and breathe

all things music

every piano stroke

every guitar strum

each and every

bang on a drum

I was born this way

addicted to it allure

I need it to live

it's in my DNA

coursing through

my body in my veins

Like the air that

we breathe to stay

alive and thrive

more than the sun

it brightens my day

Country helps when

your a bit depressed

Rock is for those times

when you may be upset

Alternative covers any

world issues the best

R&B is as close to a love

language that you get

And Rap always get me

amped and full of zest

So I am music and

music is inside of me

in my heart I do keep

so when and if I

lay down to sleep

and I am without it

for sure I know

my soul will weep

This thing that weve

got going on with us

intimacy on such a

deeper level

a friendship is it

a secret love affair,

I choose to call it

a situationship

since there's never

been a label on

what music and I

have shared

all these years

And I'm sure that

there will be

many more to

come, hopefully

what we have

can never be done

we will still continue

on bound to each other

for infinity and more

Never ever could my heart

think of closing the door

to my biggest in this

life of mine that I am

living out lonely

in only solitude

but music changes

everything for me

times that are usually

unbearable to most

Seem not so bad as

we wait for it's end

to draw in close

music lifts my spirits

and soothes my soul

it helps my mind

to relax and think

that is my main goal

Music is my life

my heart it does keep

music is my life

and that is why my

heart has beats.

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Dila Atman Dila Atman
Give me 30 vote nd i will give u 30 vote
December 13, 2023, 09:01
Dila Atman Dila Atman
Hi! we can support each other. We can follow each other. Give me 30 vote nd i will give u 30 vote
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Kathryn Barker Kathryn Barker
Your writing is so evocative! You are incredible! Thank you for sharing your heart, it’s a privilege to read your words!
November 30, 2023, 21:32

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