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A great loss brings peace to the world.

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AA Paylaş

Oh No

In the house mom was busy make lunch and dad was at work after eating dad got back home and we went on our afternoon walk they I did gaming and showered then eat dinner and gamed again then watched TV. I went to bed but at night I heard strange noises. Oh sorry I didn't introduce myself I'm Kinziro Hezaku, a wizard with tech, I am also half human half Aku ga hajimaru don't judge please anyway back to the story when I went downstairs I saw mom going crazy around the house now dad was downstairs and was scared all of a sudden she attacked dad and I saw that she had changed dad doged and said, " oh no" and grabbed me and stared running out of the house he explained what had happened he said sometimes my mom got taken over by the leader of the Aku ga hajimaru because she is fully Aku ga hajimaru and also because she is her daughter.

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