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From the remoteness of the land, infinite worlds can be perceived. Given that, at a certain period in human history, frontiers and neighboring lands were colonized in order to extend trade further, thus establishing the need for new extraterrestrial alliances. In this short passage, it narrates how one of these commercial emancipations would lead to the complete extermination of all human beings.

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Fragment 1

In the year 3050, Commanders Filips and Andrade arrived from MI-45, a strange planet that housed a vast amount of wealth. The primary activity was extracting minerals that would benefit Earth's colonies on Mars and HP-65. There were trade routes that sometimes had certain irregularities due to the commercial growth of funds coming from distant planets without any kind of legalization or predetermined authorization. Many people disembarked, bought and sold, but in some cases, black market goods were smuggled. Strange creatures roamed the heaps of waste that these large vehicles discarded due to the chemical and metallic proliferation used for supersonic travel. Humans would sometimes disappear in those large landfills. They weren't the only ones, of course. The major axis already had border state inconveniences due to these facts. But the case of Monterrier is different.

Around an immense thickness of forest and snow, with a small number of inhabitants due to the extreme sub-zero temperature, one SPINARD-390, a traveler from the Andromeda galaxy, arrived under unusual circumstances. He crashed his small ship on the peak of the Cornice, a tiny mountain. Upon receiving such an impact, it pierced the ice and rocks to reach the bottom of its small abyss. Since then, in that place, there were rumors that small sects were going to perform rituals that unleashed horrible chants, echoing in the mountain's echo. A Monterrier member infiltrated and ventured to that mountain. According to him, that ship was of strange make, unlike the common ones heading to Mars from years past. It had a hole in the back, as if someone had taken a bite out of it. It was also strange that the control command was intact, as if no one had piloted it. Apparently, the problem of the crash and the deviation of that ship came from the rear. Another detail was that, according to him, upon entering the ship, he saw no traces of blood or evidence of violence, but he did see a pool of a strange, grimy, and thick substance in the rock crevices of the Cornice. For this, Filips and Andrade were summoned by the Council along with the head of the two colonies (CMD). In a meeting, they were given special assignments. If they found anything out of the ordinary, they were authorized to destroy whatever it took to prevent uprisings.

The electrical storm hit the city with fury, its lightning illuminating the night with a sinister glow. The view of the universe seemed to fade with swarms of black gusanoids floating in space, giving a shivering and horrendous touch. Both at that moment were preparing their weapons and everything necessary when they received an unknown call through the continental signals emitted. But not just any call. It was a distress call. "THE ENTIRE SECT HAS DISAPPEARED, WONKI SWALLOWED THEM!" Panic began to spread among them. Shortly after, they received a call from the CMD. "Dear ones, we regret to inform you that we have lost all contact with Monterrier! Repeat, we lost contact with Monterrier! We will close the borders and make the safe zone available if the situation worsens! We recommend that you await instructions to send a rescue and investigation team!" There was great silence with the energy communications that occurred day by day, there was never a response. I knew those two guys very well; I feel very sorry, especially with a growing fear inside me, suggesting that this extermination was just beginning. Unfortunately, two weeks later, I learned that the Mars colony no longer existed. Now, in its place, everything was desolate, as if hundreds of years ago our ancestors were discovering that planet for the first time. Everything had disappeared without any trace of human life. As if nothing had ever existed in that place. And I just found out that this WONKI was an experiment of a lethal weapon destined for methodical tests of mass destruction. Apart from being a weapon, it was an entity, a kind of specimen that could not be easily described since it could change shape at any moment. Do you know where they initially conducted these experiments? That's right, here in HP-65. That's why I'm packing my things, and I'll leave quietly. I don't want to disturb anyone. Do you know why? Because I just lost my entire family in the Madison port, which is only 3 kilometers from here. My only way out is to embark on my personal dirigible, which has barely any fuel. I hope to reach the Betelgeuse star as soon as possible. There, I'll be safe for a while, but no one knows how to stop that being or if it can penetrate the gravity borders and plunge into the void of space in search of another planet to exterminate. I worked for them, but I don't want to say that I collaborate on matters like this. I want to emphasize here that there are more than one of these "matters," and this was the first one to come to light. I hope many can survive. I hope not to be the only human being wandering through the atrocities of this infinite cosmos. The city of Frigoris awaits us. See you soon, everyone.

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