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In the world of the Bamberg mansion, where magic and ancient legacies reign, an extraordinary tale unfolds. Arthur, born without the coveted magical mark, becomes the center of a family's concern and intrigue. As he grows up in the secluded shadows of the Church of the Three Lights, Arthur's silent presence conceals a dormant power within him—the magic of shadows. His destiny takes an unexpected turn when the enigmatic Shadow Dancers, an order of assassins, recognize his unique potential.

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Chapter 1: The Markless Child

The Bamberg mansion stood majestically atop a hill, dominating the surrounding landscape with its ancient splendor. Its tall turrets cut through the night sky like guardians of a legacy of magic that stretched back centuries.

That night, the mansion would bear witness to an event that would challenge the Bamberg family's traditions.

In a secluded room of the mansion, a finely carved wooden crib gently swayed to the rhythm of the breeze that flowed through the windows. Inside lay a baby with large gray eyes that gazed upon the world in wonder. His tiny, fragile hands reached out into the air, as if trying to grasp something unseen. But what drew the most attention to the baby was the absence of something: he bore no magical mark—the kind that manifested in all wizards at birth.

The Bambergs, worried and perplexed, had consulted the wisest mages and seers in the realm, yet none could explain the child's lack of a mark. Arthur's skin was smooth and unblemished, devoid of any trace of the magic that typically shone in the wizards of their lineage. They decided to keep the matter a secret, hoping that the mark would eventually appear when the child reached three years of age, as was customary.

The first three years of the child's life passed relatively peacefully. He learned to crawl, take his first steps, and explore the world around him. The mansion's servants cared for him with tenderness, though they couldn't help but look at Arthur with a certain apprehension, as if they were waiting for something that never came.

But as his third birthday approached, the Bambergs eagerly anticipated the moment when the magical mark would finally manifest on his skin. On the night before the big day, the family gathered in Arthur's room, with candles lit and expectant gazes.

Lord Bamberg, a silver-haired man with deep eyes, held his son in his arms, while his mother, Lady Eleanor, watched anxiously.

When the clock struck midnight, Arthur uttered his first words—an unintelligible whisper that filled the room with palpable tension. Yet no mark appeared on his body, no glimmer of magic. Worry turned into despair, and the Bambergs felt lost. The child they had named Arthur seemed to be a living enigma.

What no one knew was that Arthur's true story was about to begin. That very night, his destiny would take an unexpected turn when the head of the family, Lord Bamberg, made a decision that would change Arthur's life forever.

Lord Bamberg, concerned about his family's reputation, chose to abandon the child at the Church of the Three Lights, a place where unwanted children often found a home. It was a night of the full moon when Lord Bamberg, dressed in his mage's cloak, cradled Arthur in his arms and quietly left the mansion. The dark silhouette of the church loomed in the distance, and Lord Bamberg walked determinedly down the cobblestone path.

The moonlight illuminated the noble's worried face as he looked one last time at the child in his arms. Tears glistened in his eyes before a single drop fell onto Arthur's forehead. It was an act of desperation, but Lord Bamberg believed it was for the best of his lineage and legacy. His footsteps faded away from the church, leaving behind his son and his past in the Bamberg mansion.

Arthur had grown up in the tranquil shadows of the Church of the Three Lights, where ancient walls whispered stories of faith and hope. The priests and nuns had cared for him with love and patience, unaware of the true nature of his destiny. For years, he had watched children come and go, each with their own diverse stories and destinies, while he remained silent, an observer of life unfolding around him.

As he grew, Arthur became more solitary and contemplative. His gray eyes, always watchful, seemed to silently absorb the world. Despite his lack of words, his presence in the church was a source of calm for those around him.

One day, when Arthur was sixteen years old and sitting in the most secluded corner of the church garden, a mysterious hooded man emerged from the shadows. The man wore a dark cloak that concealed his face and form, but his eyes shone with an intensity that cut through the darkness.

The children playing in the garden retreated in fear as the stranger approached Arthur. However, the mute young man showed no fear or surprise; he simply observed the newcomer with his piercing gray eyes.

— You are Arthur, the markless child — said the hooded man.

Arthur nodded slowly.

— I have an invitation for you —

The man produced a scroll sealed with a dark and mysterious emblem. He handed it to Arthur, who examined it closely. On that scroll was a seal Arthur had never seen before, yet he felt it resonating deep within him, as if it were somehow connected to him.

The invitation speaks of a party to be held at the Bamberg mansion, the very mansion from which you were abandoned years ago. Explained the hooded man.

— Father, the leader of the Shadow Dancers, has plans for you. He has heard of a mute young man with a unique mark, and he believes you possess an unusual gift: the magic of shadows —

The Shadow Dancers, a clandestine order of assassins, serve as the enigmatic right hand of the powerful Potifex Maximus. Veiled in secrecy and bound by unwavering loyalty, their origins are shrouded in myth and rumor. Tasked with the utmost discretion, their mission that fateful night at the Bamberg mansion was to bring an end to the Bamberg family line, at the behest of the Potifex. The invitation, delivered to Arthur with cryptic intent, served as both an initiation and a test of his latent powers. As the Potifex's deadly instruments, the Shadow Dancers are more than mere killers; they are wielders of shadowy magic, masters of silent death, and guardians of a dark legacy that stretches far beyond the moonlit groves and hidden chambers of the kingdom.

Arthur nodded once more, understanding that his life was about to change dramatically. He let the scroll slip through his fingers and looked at the hooded man, who nodded in response before fading into the shadows, as if he had never been there.

That night, as Arthur gazed at the moon from his cell window in the church, he felt his silence becoming an even deeper mystery. Shadows danced in his room, as if responding to an ancestral call. The magic of shadows, an unusual and powerful force, lay dormant within him, ready to unfold at the party at the Bamberg mansion.

On the night of the party, Arthur found himself in the midst of a dark and silent forest, where members of the Shadow Dancers had gathered in a circle around an ancient stone-carved statue. The statue depicted a hooded figure, similar to the one who had delivered the invitation to Arthur.

The leader of the Shadow Dancers, a man with a deep voice and imposing presence, stepped forward to the mute young man. Beside him, Arthur noticed other members of the sect, all hooded and wearing enigmatic expressions.

— Arthur, you are the chosen one. You bear a mark not visible on the skin but residing within you: the magic of shadows — declared the leader.

Arthur nodded with determination, aware that he had been called to fulfill a destiny far beyond his comprehension. It was then, at the climax of the ceremony, that the magic of shadows within him awakened. A dark and mysterious aura formed around him, like dancing shadows, obedient to his will.

The mark that wasn't visible on his skin manifested within him with a power that left the Shadow Dancers awestruck. The members of the sect saw Arthur as a being transcending the ordinary, a wizard capable of manipulating the very shadows themselves.

Thus, in the midst of the forest's darkness, Arthur began his training as a Shadow Dancer. A path that would lead him back to the Bamberg mansion and a destiny that would defy all expectations and change the course of the kingdom.

Amidst the moonlit grove deep within the heart of the ancient forest, Arthur stood surrounded by the hooded figures of the Shadow Dancers. The air was thick with the scent of moss and damp earth, and the silence of the night was broken only by the faint rustling of leaves. The leader of the sect, a figure shrouded in darkness, extended a hand towards Arthur. With a sense of both trepidation and anticipation, Arthur mirrored the gesture. As their hands met, a surge of power coursed through him, and the shadows around them responded, weaving into a dance of eerie elegance. In that moment, Arthur realized that he was not just learning to control shadows; he was becoming one with them, an enigmatic force of the night itself.

The Bamberg mansion stood imposingly atop a hill, its tall turrets rising like witnesses to the history and magic that had accumulated over the centuries. On the night of the party, the mansion was shrouded in an atmosphere of mystery and anticipation. Torches illuminated the path leading to the main entrance, where guests gathered in elegant attire with expectant gazes.

Arthur, dressed in dark attire that contrasted with his pale skin and gray eyes, advanced with determination along the stone path to the mansion. The magic of shadows pulsed within him, as if eager to break free and explore the surrounding environment. The Bamberg mansion, with its history of ancestral magic, seemed to resonate with a special energy.

Upon entering the mansion, Arthur was greeted by a series of shadowy hallways and elegant rooms illuminated by chandeliers that cast flickering shadows on the walls. Music wafted through the air, played by invisible musicians somewhere in the distance.

At the heart of the mansion lay a majestic hall with high ceilings and a grand fireplace crackling with golden flames. Guests congregated in small groups, conversing in hushed tones and admiring the artworks adorning the walls.

Arthur noticed that people's gazes were fixed on him, some with curiosity and others with suspicion. He was a stranger in a world of magic and powerful lineages. He felt like a piece of a puzzle that didn't quite fit.

Suddenly, a deep and authoritative voice filled the room, and the murmurs faded away. It was Lord Bamberg, the head of the family, who had summoned everyone present.

— Welcome to the Bamberg mansion! Lord Bamberg announced with a sweeping gesture of his hand. — Tonight, we celebrate a special occasion, the arrival of a unique guest —

All eyes turned to Arthur, who stood in silence at the center of the hall. Lord Bamberg continued to speak, introducing his family and other prominent guests. However, the focus remained on Arthur, as if the magic of the shadows surrounding him had captured everyone's attention.

As the night progressed, Arthur began to sense a shift in the atmosphere. The shadows in the room seemed to come to life on their own, as if they were hungry for something. He watched in awe as the shadows twisted and moved closer to the guests. Some of them appeared slightly uncomfortable but paid it no mind.

However, as minutes passed, the discomfort turned into palpable unease. Guests began to blink nervously, their expressions growing tense. The shadows continued their advance, as if they were exploring every corner of the mansion.

It was then that Arthur noticed some guests seemed to be slowly fading into the darkness. Their outlines became blurry, as if their very flesh was being consumed from within by the shadows. Muffled screams from those being consumed echoed in the hall, but no one could see the cause of their suffering.

Lord Bamberg, trembling with fear yet desperately clinging to his composure, watched as the shadowy magic enveloped the mansion, the very walls seeming to quiver in response. The relentless advance of the shadows continued unabated, and the guests, one by one, met their demise, their forms swallowed by the encroaching darkness.

As the shadows crept closer, the Shadow Dancers emerged from their concealed positions with a purposeful and calculated grace. Their movements were akin to a ballet, synchronized and deliberate, casting an eerie and enchanting spectacle in the dimly lit hall. Arthur, at the epicenter of this unfolding mystique, stood with a blend of wonder and trepidation in his gray eyes. Within him surged the raw power of the shadows, as if the very essence of the night had anointed him.

The Shadow Dancers encircled Arthur, their faces veiled beneath hoods, their steps measured and intent. Each stride they took prompted the shadows to respond, swirling and gathering around Arthur, as though recognizing him as their master. The room itself seemed to hold its breath, a tangible tension filling the air.

A single figure among the Shadow Dancers, likely their leader, stepped forward and extended a hand toward Arthur. Their hands met in a silent exchange that transcended words, a pact sealed in shadows and shared purpose. The shadows, once perceived as a menace, now yielded to Arthur's unspoken will. He commanded them to complete their grim mission, and the fading guests met their fates, their voices silenced forever.

The leader of the Shadow Dancers nodded in silent approval, a faint smile concealed beneath the hood. Words remained unnecessary; the mission had been carried out. Withdrawing into their natural state, the shadows relinquished their grip on the mansion, and the room basked once more in the chilling aftermath of their actions.

The night within the Bamberg mansion had transitioned from chaos to a haunting revelation. The Shadow Dancers had initiated Arthur into their enigmatic fold, and together, they stood poised for a treacherous journey that had irrevocably altered the fate of the kingdom, leaving behind a chilling tableau of shadows and death.

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