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Ary, Faye, Rozy, and Kygome - four remarkable individuals chosen as experiments under the Normal Life Initiative. In the mysterious town of Greenville, where the Government's reach fades, these unexpected allies navigate a world where their unique abilities and burdens set them apart. Led by the enigmatic Mrs. Emily, a seasoned guardian from a secret agency, the group must adapt to their new existence while concealing their extraordinary powers. From Ary's struggle to control his expanding sonic manipulation to Faye's unsettling connection with the animal kingdom, each character faces personal challenges linked to their experimental pasts. Rozy's cautious dance with water's dangers and Kygome's internal struggles with her goo-like essence add layers of complexity to their shared narrative. As they confront love, drama, mysteries, and heartbreak, these four individuals must tread carefully to balance their burgeoning abilities with their humanity. "The Experiments" weaves a gripping tale of self-discovery, resilience, and the inherent desire for connection in a world teeming with secrets and uncertainties. Dive into a world where courage, camaraderie, and compassion reign supreme, as Ary, Faye, Rozy, and Kygome unravel the threads of fate that bind them together in a riveting exploration of forgiveness, helplessness, and the transformative power of kindness.

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“Experiment Forty-Six!” one of the guards said, I sat up groggy. Yesterday was my final experiment, that meant no more experimenting on me. I got out of my bed and walked over to the guard and looked at him. “What are you looking at?” He said rudely. I didn’t speak, I hadn’t spoken ever since my experiments started. They had just thought I went mute, but I didn’t. I just chose not to talk, and because sometimes my throat hurt.


Ms. Emily walked into the white room, she smiled. Yet another check up, they were starting to get boring at this point. One shot there, one eye check over here. It’s the same process every day, something I didn’t think was necessary since it’s been happening for six months. I held out my hand as we normally do but she just waved it away, instead she gave me a rectangular shape. It felt like metal, I tapped the screen and light blinked on showing little icons.
I got started and dropped it lightly, she picked it up and gave it to me and showed me how to use it.

“Forty Six, this is an app. An app is an icon on a tablet or any electronic device, you can download apps on these devices.” She showed me an art game. I took it gently and began playing, Ms. Emily left with a frown closing the door. And later a boy who looked like he was a little shorter than me, came in with an angry expression. He stormed towards me and snatched the tablet from me, he was really strong. So strong he made me fall back. I yelped, “Hey!” My voice echoed, but he just stuck his tongue at me.

“Give…that!..back!” I yelled the sound of my voice echoing through the room, some red substance dripping from my eyes. I heard the glass crack from the corner of my eye caused by my yelling, and made the boy shoot back and banged his head hard on the wall. He started moping, and for a moment I felt sorry for him. But then again, he tried snatching the tablet away from me so.

Someone later dragged the kid out later and shoved a redhead girl in, she looked nice and not a thief for that matter. The guard who brought her in, rubbed his thumb over the stun button. It was a remote that all guards had, so that if one of the experiments got out of hand. All they had to do was press the button, and the stunner in our collar would go off. I growled at the guard, who hurried out the room.
The girl sniffled as she hugged me, I felt my face get warm as I hugged back smiling.

“I-I-I’m Sixteen.” She sniffled, breaking the hug gently. “For-for-” I hesitated, for I hadn’t spoken in months except for that thief of a boy. And I hadn’t spoken or memorized any words, as I was told to do by many of the doctors/.

“For-forty S-s-s-s-six,” I stuttered quietly.

The girl smiled as she stood up, “Wanna meet my friends?” She smiled mischiefly. I raised my eyebrow with curiosity.

She closed her eyes as her back glowed pink, her white shirt started to shuffle and wave. Her long red hair waved back, moving upwards. A pink substance of dust came through the back of her shirt as it came in front of her in the form of a cat. It was still pink, and still was dust but it was solid.

“This is Chico! He is my greatest weakness of laziness!” She smiled. “S-s-so e-e-every a-animal h-a-as i-it’s o-own t-trait t-to yo-you?” I asked, stuttering.

“Precisely!” She hugged me. “Who knew you were so smart!” She said, smirking at me. I breathed in before speaking, “I-I k-know a -f-few things.” I said blushing from the compliment. I’ve never been complimented before, is this what it felt like to be complimented? It was nice to be complimented, instead of “you nasty maggot.”

After me and Sixteen got along we started talking about things that were on the tablet. “Wow!! That girl is so cute!” Sixteen smiled. “Maybe you could d-d-draw it?” I recommended it, as I exited the safari and clicked on iPastels. “This is an a-a-app. A-a-and you c-c-can d-d-draw o-o-on this a-a-app.” I showed her, as she took it gently. The screen was white blank and she began to draw. I quietly watched as she stroked with her finger on the screen.

Then a guard came in, Sixteen and I quickly stood up. Sixteen ran behind me as she ducked, the tablet still in her hand.

I had a serious look on my face as the guard approached us. “Time for courtyard.” He said as he stood aside and left the door open.

Something wasn’t right…. I could sense it, the guards would normally have they’re stunner in their hand. Not this time, Me and Sixteen walked in front as the guard stayed behind.
I glared behind us as we entered the courtyard, kids were talking and running. After a while of looking around, Sixteen recommended something.

“Wanna do the obstacle course?” Sixteen asked. I nodded with a smile as we walked to the obstacle course. It was up eight hundred feet, “Ready?” I asked, as we climbed the steps.
Then we started, I jumped as she was behind me. I swung on the monkey bars as she swung behind me. We jumped from pillar to pillar then came the ninety foot jump. I had my position ready.

No one had ever made this jump before, they all did it so they could get wet in the pool below. “Jump!” Sixteen cheered, as I jumped. My white hair that covered my left eye, shifted to the right as my different colored pupil showed. My eye then ached for a second, before my vision changed completely. I knew how to make it.

It shook the whole obstacle, people almost fell as Sixteen stood there shocked. “Whooo!” She screamed.

The other experiments cheered at me like I was something special, as if. They always bullied me for my different colored pupils, it was lime green.

Sixteen attempted to do the jump as her eyes glowed, her expression as if she was pushing herself with all her strength. “Rahh!!” She screamed, as her back glowed pink. A tiger coming out of it, it being a pink sparkle dust. It soared above at her pace, it roared.

Then… She landed.


“Ow..” I groaned as I rubbed my head and my left eye underneath my hair. Me and Sixteen walked down the steps from the obstacle course, “Sorry.” She apologized. “Didn’t mean to land on you.” She said, scratching her head. “It’s fine,” I say, as I cover my left eye with my hair. “Experiments Forty-Six and Sixteen!You are ordered into the lab!” The guard said when we reached the bottom. Sixteen looked worried, as we walked down the hall. The lab is where failed and out of controlled experiments went, somewhere no experiment wanted to be. I pulled out the tablet and on the bottom a slot opened as some earbuds appeared, they were two seats that were together.

I plugged it up as the tablet volume setting appeared and as it soonly disappeared, after I went to youtube and found a song labeled No Big Deal by Kalamity Music.

I put in the right ear bud, Sixteen put in the left ear. My mind settled as the music went through my head, as if I could feel every beat.

We walked in a lab as I saw Stanley and Ms. Emily typing away on their computer. “Sir! Stanley and Emily. These two right here.” The guard shoved us in front and I gave him a glare and me and Sixteen held on to the tablet. “They made the ninety foot jump.” The guard said. Stanley and Ms. Emily looked at me and Sixteen with shocked looks on their faces. My eye started aching again, as my vision changed. I saw numbers this time instead of a method, but the numbers changed rapidly.

“Forty-Six? Is your eye alright?” Stanely asked, he was fifteen. But somehow he aged slowly there was a rumor that he was once an experiment. . I shook no, as he moved my hair away from my left eye to see the number change rapidly. “That’s weird..” Stanley said, Ms. Emily walked over. “What is it?” She asked. “You know how during the experiments with Forty-Six. They overdosed his eye?” Charlie asked, Ms. Emiley nodded.

“It was just a simple Neglodrin, right. Well. The Boss didn’t want me telling you this. It wasn’t Neglodrin. It was Igrimight.” Stanely finally said.

Igrimight? What the bloody mary was that?!

“But that was only used in one other experiment. And we are not to speak of her…” Ms. Emily’s voice trembling. “Yes, but some experiments are implanted with it to assign them a job in the outside world when they reach fourteen years old.” Stanley explained. “We stopped using that method for fear of the company.” Stanely said, his voice now trembling. “Em..Check the database for the Igrimight Program..Forty-Six..Is…Is in the program.” Stanley finally said, he let out a breath of relief. Ms. Emily too let out some air, her eyes starting to tear up.

She turned around and went to the computer, typing away until the results showed up.


When the results finally showed up, Ms. Emily started jumping with excitement. “Eiii!!” She squealed, “They're not in a government camp. They are normal citizens in California. The one place where the government can’t attack newly out of state. Kids!” She screamed. “Really!! Who else is in Forty-Si’s group?” Stanley asked, eager to know. “Sixteen! Eighty-Six. And..” She looked back at the screen. “Negative-Six..” She said, her tone a lot darker. “Wel-wel tha-that's good! We’ll know, they'll not be in danger. Who’s their supervisor!! And assistant supervisor??!!” Stanely asked, he was so excited. “Me and you!” She said, “Really!!” Stanely said in awe. “How old are they now? Forty-Six and the others?” He asked. “Six, with Eighty-Six turning six next month!” Ms. Emily said, the two jumped up and down with excitement.

The guards gave the two weird looks, as they side eyed each other.

“Bring in the rest. Even… Negative-Six.” Ms. Emily ordered after her and Stanely celebration.

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