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Part 2

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Chapter 1: The Beginning of the End

As James landed on the moon he realised he couldn’t move at all then he noticed a chain tied to his arms
and legs he saw the god toros ,toros then hit him a blast of some sort of a white beam James felt off and
passed out when he woke up he was being dragged by muntan or a kraken it was too blurry to tell and
also saw a huge mech ,all of a sudden he felt hotter . Then the muntan pushed him aside and got hit by a
huge blast of fire the muntan gave James a map and told him to follow the map . With his dieing breath
said run then the muntan got hit with another blast and died . James ran as fast as he could the mech
started following him and shot missiles at him James then cut them with his sword after a few minutes of
running he tripped and fell on the ground and broke his leg when he fell on the metallic floor. He tried to
get up but couldn’t he used his sword to get up then the mech scanned James then transformed into a
robotic version of James and his sword , the robot charged at him then James used all of his energy to
make a small airslash but the robot was not affected by it then the robot threw its sword at James the
sword hit James shirt which hung on the wall paralysed the robot ran to James and punched him in the
stomach James coughed out some blood before he was sent through 7 walls and buildings. James was on
the line of being killed as he tried to crawl away the robot took him by the leg swung from front to
behind and smashed him many times then threw him away then James was about die he picked up his
sword and stabed the robot then moving it up cutting it in half . James remembered the map the muntan
gave him crawled into the small swamp for the night which is what the sky looked like James passed out
under a tree for the night. Meanwhile another robot saw that one of there kind had bin destroyed this
meant that every single robot is hunting James till he’s dead .

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