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On Planet Rijilar, the race of tech junkies live relatively peacefully with one another... most of the time. Since there is tons of crime, poverty, and pollution around every neon lit corner of every city of the planet, any man, woman, or child lucky enough to salvage tech has add 10 more years to their fragile life. This isn't the case for Aavion Bugatti and his identical twin brother, Davion Bugatti, both master tech thieves that salvage their loot from violent hotspot as well as the capital city of Planet Rijilar, Black Water City. However, the two brothers soon learn that taking from the wrong kind of person comes with a price... Part of the SARTAM universe.

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An Unexpected Arrangement

It was the late and beautiful summer evening when identical twin brothers Aavion and Davion decided to raid a militia headquarters deep in hostile territory in the home city of Black Water. As they scouted the compound from above the rooftops of a nearby building of the war torn town, Aavion and Davion immediately threw down the black duffel bags they were carrying on their right shoulders on the floor in front of them. As each brother unzipped their respective bag, the former pulled out a Tommy submachine style weapon while the latter took two black and red spherical orb devices into each of his hands. They then looked at one another, smiling happily before turning their identical glaze over to the militia headquarters ahead...

"You said we gonna go in guns blazing, Davi..." Aavion said with slight irritation in his voice while turning to look at his twin brother, who simply shrugged.

"And I thought we were going to fanculo with them a little, Aavi!" Davion replied with a hint of disappointment in his tone.

"Divertiamoci un po!"

"Not lookin' to have fun today, Frère." Aavion said while seeing one of the female militia members looking over in his direction, causing him and Davion to get down.

"Right now, these enfoirés gotta die for raiding our neighborhood for our eletronics! Also, please stop speaking in italish so putain de much! You drive me nuts with that merde!"

"The day I die is when I'll stop speaking it!" Davion angrily whispered to his twin brother as they laid on their stomaches.

"And it wouldn't hurt for you to learn a little italish, ya know, instead of speaking frinchyn all the cazzo time like the pezzi di merda down there do!"

Unbeknownst to the identical twin brothers, a large group of militia members had snuck into the building and up to where they were on top of the roof. As Aavion and Davion loudly bickered over which language is better, they soon turned completely silent as they noticed several weapons aimed towards them. The twins were surrounded...

"Look at we have here, ladies & gentlemen!" A male militia member said loudly while training his rifle-like weapon at the back of Aavion's head with a wise grin on his face.

"We got ourselves two Paris-Ital rats to spatter ze blue blood of! At sunset, no less!"

"Agreed!" A female member said aloud in english with heavy frinchyn accent.

"AGREED!" The rest of the group followed.

It was then that the twin brothers sat up onto their knees with both hands high above their heads. Shortly after doing so, the man who was pointing the long barrel of his rifle at the back of Aavion's head shook his head side to side as his right index finger twitched on the weapon's trigger.

"Nuh uh." He said tauntingly while looking at his fellow militia members and nodding to each of them.

"We aren't taking prisoners today. Maybe if you were here yesterday. Our leader would've taken you in as her sex slave! LIGHT THESE INTERRACIAL PIGS UP!"

"You're making a mistake..." Davion's brother pleads, seemingly terrified of the situation unfolding before him.

"P-Please... Don't shoot..."

Ignoring Aavion's plea for he and his twin brother's lives, the entirety of the militia proceeded to open fire onto the twin brothers. They watched as Aavion and Davion's bodies repeatedly flinched from their continuous ballistic gunfire with clouds of blue blood appearing with each shot. After 10 seconds of shooting them, though, the frinchyn militia group ceased as they watched the twin brothers slowly fall forward onto their stomaches dead from bullet wounds...

"Ah yes." A male member of the group said out loud in a heavy accent as he started to remove the magazine cartridge from his rifle and reload.

"Nothing like ze act of killing mixed pigs on a beautiful summer setting of ze sun, hoho!"

As everyone began to reload their rifles as well, one of the female militia members noticed that the twin brothers' deceased bodies started to flicker and appear grainy, looking almost static-like...

"Uh... Guys..." The woman said nervously in her heavy accent.

"Something appears to be wrong with ze corpses!"

As everyone looked over to where the female group member was staring, they all began to back away as Aavion and Davion's bodies suddenly expanded outwardly before shrinking into small, black & redgolf ball sized orbs with blinking red lights on them. The militia members then look to one another, thoroughly confused as to what just happened...

"C'EST QUOI CE BORDEL!!!" A male group member shouted out, jolting backward and knocking down a female in the process.

"Zer whole bodies, Zey transformed!"

Annoyed, one of the male militia members walked up to the two spherical devices and picked it up. Holding in his right hand, he then looked back at the terrified looking members of his group before scoffing at them.

"YOU BUNCH OF CHATTES!!!" He yelled over to them while holding the black & red spherical orb in his right hand with a smile on his face.


Before the man could even finish his nonchalant statement, the device emitted two very loud and deep toned beeps. Shortly after hearing them, everyone's looked at one another with terrified facial expressions right as the sound and force of an extremely violent explosion rocked the entire top of the building right across the street of the militia headquarters...

Down below, Aavion and Davion walked out of the front entrance of the headquarters with a burlap sack full of eletronics over their right shoulders before looking up at the ball of fire atop the building across the street. Utterly shocked, the former turned to his left side and looked at his twin brother, who was smirking.

"Is that your newest tech salvage at work up there!?" Aavion asked with extreme astonishment in his voice. His brother nodded in response.

"Yuh huh. The 'Projective Fabricators'." Davion replied casually while holding up his right hand into the air.

Shortly after doing so, two black and red golf ball sized orbs emerged out from the smoke clouds atop the burning building and gently floated down into the young man's hand. He then pocketed the two devices on the right side of his black sweatpants before looking over to his right side and seeing Aavion's shocked facial expression as well as hung open mouth.

"These little guys can replicate and copy the appearance of any living thing that touches them! Perfect for having them act as decoys for baiting stupid stronzi to their deaths like the one's up there, haha!"

"Aw man!" Aavion responded as he gently lowered his burlap sack to the ground next to him, putting out a black cube from his right sweatpants pocket.

"All I got was the stupid, useless hyper-drive cube! Why are you always getting the cool merde? Bâtard chanceux..."

"Oh, cool it, Aavi boy!" Davion said with a chuckle at his not so amused twin brother.

"Now that these awesome little guys did their thing, they're on recharge. A two day long recharge. Besides, a hyper-drive cube is far from useless. Hold onto that. Maybe it'll come in handy one day..."

"That's only if I want off Rijilar, Davi boy." Aavion responded as he picked back up his burlap sack of eletronics and began walking forward.

"And if I do leave this planet, it'll be with you, so La Chienne Française can't find me!"

"She's not that scary, Aavion." Davion said to his brother as he walked with him back to their home.

"La Chienne may be as the name implies, but you and I can handle her and those sex starved male simps she lugs around. Don't worry..."

With Aavion nodding in agreement to what his identical twin had just said, the two brothers proceeded to run home and show their mother, father, two sisters, and two other brothers their salvage bounty. Little did they know that there was a surprise waiting for them...

The Bugatti Home, 2 minutes earlier...

"PLEASE!!! NO MORE!!!" Screamed a middle-aged man who was tied to a chair.

Sitting in the corner of the living room and cowering in fear for their lives, the mother, two little brothers, and two little sisters watched on in horror with their arms and legs bound with rope as the father of the Bugatti family had each of his fingernails removed with a steak knife, one by one.

The man taking them off was a tall bald man with pale, white skin and a crazy glare in his eyes. His demented smile terrified the rest of the family as the husband and dad wailed out in agony. During the entire process, a beautiful young woman dressed a red short sleeve shirt and black leather pants with matching colored boots stood near the weeping family with an unamused look on her face...

"Five times." She said to them in a calm, soft but heavy frinchyn accent.

"Five times, I ask you where ze Bugatti brothers were. Instead, you play me za fool. No more. Now, I have taken five fingernails. If I don't get ze truth when I ask Antonio Bugatti where zhey are, he will suffer ze Conséquences."

The young, attractive woman then walked away from the now sobbing family, past several tall men, and finally over to the husband as well as father of the Bugatti family. Seeing that he was panting profusely with his head tilted down to his lap, she immediately leaned her body forward and used her right hand to lift the tortured man's face up to meet with her own.

"I, Genevieve Allard, and heir to ze city of Black Water, ask you one more time. Where are ze Bugatti brothers?"

Even with mucus blue bloody dripping from his broken nose and tears pouring out of his bloodshot brown eyes, the middle-aged man shook his head from side to side and refused to answer the young woman's question. His defiance only made her caramel colored face burn bright red with rage...

"Zhere it is." Genevieve whispered calmly with a deranged smile forming on her face.

"A reason to show you all why ze entirety of ze planet of Rijilar has anointed me, 'La Chienne Française'..."

After reaching into the back of her black leather pants, Genevieve pulled out a black metal dagger and pressed the blade end gently onto the left cheek of the tortured man's face. Before she could do any damage, though, she turned her head back around and looked behind herself upon hearing a loud thud on the hardwood floor. The young woman couldn't believe her own eyes...

"Finally..." She said to Aavion and Davion, who stood at the front door entrance and glared menacingly at the now excited looking Genevieve.

"It is about time you two troublemakers have arrived to ze household."

Furious at what she and her men did to their family, Aavion immediately drew his Tommy gun-style weapon at the young woman and caused the several men around them to do the exact same. Even though they could've killed the twin brothers right then and there, the group had to lower their weapons upon the raising of Genevieve's right hand.

"Zis isn't a slaughter." She said aloud while looking at both Aavion and Davion.

The young woman then smiled upon seeing the other brother push down the barrel of the other's weapon.

"Zis is a discussion. Your father was only tortured because he wouldn't give me ze information I had requested. But zat is now over. Now zat you two are here, We can get down to our topic of interest..."

"AND WHAT THE PUTAIN WOULD THAT BE, CHIENNE!?" Aavion shouted, angering the several men and frightening the rest of the family.

"I will tell you, Bugatti." Genevieve said to him in a soft, soothing tone of voice.

"However, zis discussion will be at my location. Because after our arrangement has concluded, only one of you will return to zis home..."

After hearing the young woman whistle loudly, the group of men began to untie the bound family members from the ropes, including the tortured father. However, they had to helplessly watch as the men then manhandled both Aavion and Davion while escorting them out of the house. Being the last one out, Genevieve turned and looked at the terrified family with a deranged smile before shutting the door behind herself...

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