Indrani Choudhary

Was it love? or was it just some action or maybe worse, "the past"...? whatever it may be......it brought doom along.

Kısa Hikaye Tüm halka açık.

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Kısa Hikaye
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AA Paylaş

Her, who fell in love with doom

It was "just" another day in her short life,

she embarked on a new journey which was nothing new,

Another empty day with crowded streets,

she trudged and trudged leaving behind her footprints of melancholy,

it was mystifying how she walked upright,

at the same time it was sad,

On the street of despondency, where anyone barely noticed her,

on her, someone's eyes were locked,

they always were,

that "someone's" soft gaze, all of a sudden, changed the mood,

it was mutual,

that "someone" loved her,

and it was her, who fell in love with doom...

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