ella-mae-johnson Ella Mae Johnson

Rosa Stanley - your completely average girl. But when she starts to unravel both her past and others, she finds truths that could shake the foundations of her world. And what of Adrian Moonscarr, the boy with more than a few secrets in his past? Will he prove to be a friend, or an increasingly dangerous enemy? Join Rosa and Adrian as they seek to save a “different kind” of humans. Can you solve the mystery in time?

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#mystery #werewolves #hardcorefantasy
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That's what I was when I found him cheating on me.

Lips sinking into hers like he couldn't get enough.

And of course it had to be with Lizzy. I mean, she's only my best friend.

At least... she used to be.

It was literally a day before the wedding. The wedding we had been planning for over three years as I patiently waited for him to finish his master's degree in law. What a joke. Our relationship and his so-called occupation. Because for being a judge, his morals were pretty off-base.

My one and only escape was my job. I guess you could call me a mad scientist of sorts, but I prefer the term chemist. Truth be told, I wasn't an Einstein, but I was on the verge of a major breakthrough. And so I basically lived in the lab, engulfing myself in constant distractions, just trying to get on with my life.

But it wasn't easy. For one, Lizzy kept repeatedly trying to make up with me, convince me we could still be friends. And my idiot fiancé, Austin, was doing the same behind Lizzy's back. Nonetheless, I wanted nothing to do with either of them.

I thought I would never be the same again. I thought I would never be happy. All I wanted was to start fresh, brand new. But I had no idea how soon or how drastically that wish would soon become reality.

My name is Rosa Stafford. And this is my story.

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