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From being a hunter to having an owner, Kreitton finds himself within the Flaverian household, abandoning a life he once called his own, leaving his family and clan behind. His spite for the power-hungry Romans grows each second he breathes, but fate has always had its way. Maximus, on the other hand, has all a free man wants. Being a favorite of his polygamous father, the burden of being who he's expected to be weighs down on him like brazen chains do a slave, but he longs to be free. And when fate brings his half-brother's bed servicer to him, he finally gets a taste of that freedom of being himself. But forbidden loves don't last forever, they say. ... Note: —⟩ Only for the 13-and-above years old, the LGBTQ+, its supporters, and those positively curious about the community.

LGBT+ Genç Yetişkin Romantizmi 13 yaşın altındaki çocuklar için değil.

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Clay ventured deep into the wild, his bow slung over his shoulder and a quiver of arrows at his side. The forest was his sanctuary, a place where he could hunt and momentarily escape the burdens of his village and the impending Roman presence that loomed on the horizon. The crisp autumn air brushed against his face, carrying with it the scent of leaves decaying and the promise of a bountiful harvest. And as he stalked through the underbrush with his footsteps light and purposeful, Clay nodded at the beauty of the surrounding wilderness he had been acquainted with. The sun cast dappled shadows through the canopy of trees, bathing the forest floor in shifting patterns of light and shade. The chirping of birds and the rustling of small creatures in the undergrowth provided the soundtrack to his solitude.

Clay's keen eyes scanned the landscape, searching for signs of his prey. His hunting skills had been honed over years of practice, taught to him by his father, the village chief. Clay's prowess with a bow was renowned among his people, but that was not the only thing he was known for. Born Kreitton Karponius, he had naturally tanned skin, which earned him the cognomen, Pelos (or Clay), the Harvest Hunter.

A rustling in the nearby thicket caught his attention. His grip tightened around the bow as he approached the source of the disturbance, muscles coiled and ready to strike. Through the dense foliage, he caught a glimpse of a magnificent deer, its antlers majestic against the backdrop of the forest. Clay drew an arrow from his quiver, carefully nocking it onto the bowstring. With measured breaths, he steadied his aim, eyes fixed on his target. Time seemed to stand still as he released the arrow, watching it soar through the air, guided by years of instinct and practice. The arrow found its mark, steeping itself in the deer's flank. The victimized deer bolted in pain, its desperate flight echoing through the trees. Clay pursued, his heart pounding with adrenaline and the thrill of the hunt. The chase led him deeper into the forest, while his footsteps blended with the drumming of hooves on the forest floors.

In the distance, a rumble disrupted the symphony of nature. Clay's ears pricked up, his senses alert to the far cacophony. The distant sound transformed into an ominous thunder, steadily growing louder and more menacing. It was a sound that stirred a mix of curiosity and dread within Clay's heart, so he retreated from chasing after the horned animal and ran toward the outskirts of the woodlands. Emerging from the dense thicket, his bow still in hand, Clay's eyes widened in disbelief. Before him stood a mighty Roman legion, their ranks stretching across the horizon like an unstoppable force of nature. The shimmering armor of the legionnaires glinted in the sunlight, and the marching of their iron boots shook the earth beneath Clay's feet.

Fear gripped Clay's heart as he realized the inevitable. The Roman conquest had reached their once-peaceful village. His mind raced, and thoughts of his family and his love, Althea, began to thump his heart. The safety of his people hung in the balance, their way of life on the precipice of irrevocable change. But for now, amidst the chaos and uncertainty, Clay knew that surrender was not an option. He had a duty to protect his village, to fight for their freedom. He would not go down without a fight. With determination burning in his eyes, he watched the legion advance, his fingers tightening around the bow once more. He observed the Romans, his sharp eyes noticing their strategic formations and ruthless approach. It was clear that their conquest was well-planned and executed with precision. So, questions flooded his mind: What were their intentions? Why had they insisted on setting their eyes on their peaceful village? The answers eluded him, but one thing was certain: He had to act swiftly, decisively.

Hastily retreating from his hidden vantage point, Clay made his way back to the village, his heart heavy with the weight of the impending danger. Racing through the dense foliage, Clay pushed his body to its limits, desperate to reach the village before the Romans. Every stride propelled him closer to his destination, each beat of his heart a reminder of the urgency of the situation. Beads of sweat trickled down his forehead, his breaths coming in ragged gasps as he pushed through the physical and emotional exhaustion.

Finally, Clay burst through the tree line, his eyes scanning the village square for signs of life. The scene that greeted him was one of chaos and confusion. The villagers hurriedly gathered their belongings, mothers clutched their children, and the elderly sought refuge in the safety of their homes. Clay's heart sank at the sight, knowing that their lives were about to change irrevocably. Without hesitation, he sprinted towards the center of the village, where his father, Kynegos, stood with a grim expression on his face. The man had aged overnight, burdened by the weight of his village's impending subjugation. As Clay approached, the chief turned around to face him, his eyes filled with both pride and anguish.

“Kreitton, my son,” Kynegos said, his voice heavy with emotion. “You return at a fateful hour. The Romans are upon us, and we stand on the precipice of a new era.” Clay's heart pounded in his chest as he absorbed his father's words. The gravity of the situation weighed heavily upon him, the fate of their people hanging in the balance. He glanced at Althea, his beloved, her eyes filled with fear and uncertainty. Their unborn, a symbol of light amidst the encroaching darkness, seemed to stir within her womb. At that moment, Clay made his resolve. He would do whatever it took to protect his clan, even if it meant making unimaginable sacrifices. The Roman conquest would not break their spirit; they would rise above it, united in their determination to preserve their way of life.

So, along with other men, he charged at the Roman legion encroaching upon their territory, making use of his hunting skills because the invaders were nothing more than hungry bears looking for what to eat to appease their greed. Clay spent over an hour battling with the Romans, but such was fate.


The village was overthrown in disarray, its once serene atmosphere shattered by the victorious Roman legion. Lord Septimus Crispinus, a commanding figure with a steely gaze, surveyed the scene with a mix of authority and calculation. His legionnaires, disciplined shadows, corralled the villagers together, separating them into groups of women, children, and able-bodied men. Clay's heart pounded in his chest as he stood among the frightened tribesmen, his eyes darting between his fellow townsfolk and the imposing figure of Lord Septimus. The weight of the moment hung heavy in the air, as the Roman conqueror examined his captives, his eyes settling upon Clay with an unnerving intensity.

With a voice that carried authority and a hint of amusement, Lord Septimus addressed his legionnaires, his words slicing through the tense silence. “My boy, Rufus, would love this one,” he declared, a cruel smile playing upon his lips. “Don't you think?” The legionnaires agreed. The mention of Rufus sent a shiver down Clay's spine, as he knew all too well the reputation of Lord Septimus' eldest son. A menace in human form, Rufus had followed his father to the village the first time they came to threaten everyone. The notorious redhead was known to make some of his captives drink hot lead. So, Clay's heart sank as he realized he had become a part of the headcount, destined to face a fate unknown.

Fear gutted his stomach, threatening to overwhelm him, but he knew that he had to keep his wits about him, to find a way to protect his loved ones. Desperation welled up within him as Lord Septimus, eager to exert his power, turned his attention to Althea and his elder brother's wife. Clay's heart ached at the thought of their innocence being tarnished by the brutality of the Romans. So, with every ounce of courage, Clay stepped forward, his voice filled with a mixture of fear and determination. “Please, my lord,” he pleaded, his voice quivering with the intensity of emotion. “Take me alone and spare these women. They are innocent, and I am the one you seek.” Lord Septimus looked at Clay with both surprise and amusement. The audacity of the young man's plea seemed to momentarily intrigue him. Clay's heart pounded within his chest as he held his breath, hoping against all odds that his desperation would sway the Roman conqueror. After a tense pause, Septimus' lips curled into a sly smile. “Very well,” he responded, his voice dripping with sinister amusement. “You have offered yourself in their place. I shall oblige, for now.”

Relief washed over Clay, with a bitter sense of sacrifice. His heart ached for Althea and Proteus' wife, for the fear they would endure in his absence. But he knew in that moment, that he had made the only choice he could that offered them a chance at survival. With a nod from Lord Septimus, Clay was separated from his loved ones and led away to a captive camp by a detachment of Roman soldiers. The anguish in Althea's eyes pierced his soul, and he hoped silently to find a way back to her, to keep the flame of hope burning within their hearts.

Amidst the chaos, conversations filled the air, highlighting the anguish and uncertainty that gripped the sad clansmen. Mothers held their children close, whispering comforting words, while elders exchanged knowing glances of resilience and determination.

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