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A women set on saving her planet for generations to come. Who knows how long our time in space would last.

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Aurora's Light

In the year 2075, Aurora Smith was born into a world that had been ravaged by climate change. Planet Earth was now a dry wasteland, almost uninhabitable for human life. The majority of mankind had long since abandoned the planet and moved to space stations orbiting nearby planets. But Aurora was different. She had a strong connection to her home planet and was determined to find a way to bring it back to life.
Aurora was a brilliant scientist, specializing in environmental engineering. She had spent most of her life studying the effects of climate change and had come up with a plan to bring water back to Earth. Her plan was ambitious, but she was convinced it could work. She would build a massive desalination plant on the coast of what used to be California. The plant would take in saltwater from the ocean and convert it into fresh water, which could then be distributed to the rest of the planet.
But there was one problem with Aurora's plan. The amount of energy required to power the desalination plant was enormous. There simply wasn't enough renewable energy available on Earth to make it work. Aurora knew that if she was going to succeed, she would have to find a new source of energy.
That's when she came up with the idea of invading another planet. There were several planets in nearby star systems that were believed to be rich in water. Aurora proposed a daring plan to send a tearn of astronauts to one of these planets to extract its water resources. The team would have to travel hundreds of light-years and face numerous dangers along the way, but Aurora was confident they could do it.
The plan was approved, and Aurora was put in charge of the mission. She spent years developing the technology needed to travel to the distant planet and extract its resources. Finally, the day of the mission arrived. Aurora watched anxiously as the spacecraft blasted off into space, carrying the fate of planet Earth with it.
The mission was a success. The team of astronauts landed on the remote planet and began extracting its water resources. Aurora was overjoyed when she received the news. Her plan had worked, and she had saved planet Earth.
Aurora became a hero to the people of Earth. Her name was celebrated for generations to come as the woman who had brought water back to a dry and barren planet. She continued to work tirelessly to find new ways to sustain life on Earth and ensure that future generations could enjoy the beauty and abundance of their home planet, Until her death. The people of newer earth created sculptures of her, replica action figures, books, plays, movies, even a tv series. Auroras real body was shot into space, she wanted her body to orbit the planet as if she was still watching....... Maybe she is.

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