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Yoongi is a young omega detective who chose to pursue a career in the police to continue his family's tradition, despite his poor performance in activities that demanded more than his brain. On the other hand, his opposite: Detective Park Jimin, one of the best and most athletic detectives in the department, who is assigned to the same case as him. A friendship is born between the two with Park's insistence when they need to work together in the disappearance of a student from the biggest colleges in Seoul, a case that seems not to have an easy resolution, as well as an old relationship that exists between detectives.

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The traditional non-traditional version

Fanfic translated by non-natives.

Written by: LuhDrama

Notes: Hello babies!

I came up with another fanfic, this time inspired by romantic comedies, I don't even like it haha

Hope you have a good read!


There was a tradition in the Min family.

Ever since their name was recognized for great deeds in the police force, they had all dedicated themselves to the police life before even being old enough to enter the academy. It was a tradition passed down through several generations, and Yoongi’s was no different, even if his father was against it all.

“But why, father? Aren’t we all doing it as an act of honor for the family?” Yoongi asked his father while signing the paper to enter the contest.

“Yes… But I am not sure if it is your destiny, son.”

Despite his parent’s uncertainty, the omega did his best to pass the theoretical and practical exams, even though his score on the physical test almost made him fail, passing with the minimum grade. He recognized the fear his father had buried deep in him throughout the whole episode. Yoongi was a born genius, very interested in science fiction and riddle games, but a terrible athlete.

It all ended up giving him only a chair and a desk in a small room in the Seoul Police Department, with stacks and stacks of folders containing cases for him to solve.

Yoongi was not upset by how busy and overloaded his role could be; in fact, he enjoyed spending the day trying to put together the pieces of puzzles that many were just too lazy to unravel, as most cases were easy to solve.

His coexistence with co-workers – even with that ‘however’ – was often natural, with some visiting his office in the middle of the day to remind him of lunch, even bringing him strong coffee or just pestering him.

“You should go outside during lunchtime, people barely reach out to you, stuck here all day. I don’t even know how you can handle it…” said his co-worker, Kim Taehyung, while chewing an apple, sitting sideways at his desk.

The badge hanging around his neck indicated he was an investigator, just like Min, yet he already had some experience going to crime scenes to collect samples.

“I’m fine. I even have extra work as our dear friends do not like to read reports,” he muttered, without even lifting his eyes from the case he was reading.

“I still think you need to go out… Have an adventure, what do you think? No one has caught your attention here?”

In that exact moment, Yoongi dropped a victim’s file and looked at Kim in disbelief, “It’s not because you and Hoseok are going out, I need to do the same. And no, no one has caught my attention, here, and, plus, I have no time for romance.” Yoongi replied with conviction, going back to what he was doing.

“Oh, please! Don't make such excuses! It’s true some police and deputies are old and ready to retire but! Don’t tell me there’s no one here! It doesn’t hurt to go out and relax once in a while,” The noise of the fruit being chewed by Taehyung sounded loud, disturbing the silence in which the investigator Min tried to grasp to understand the sentences written in the conversations by message of the victim with the alleged killer. He was already losing patience as Taehyung added, “There’s a Park.”

Yoongi dropped his paperwork again and glared at his co-worker.

“Not that I want a choice among the department’s cops, but you need to find someone better to convince me, Kim Taehyung.”

Sudden knock on the door made the two turn away from the conversation and face the detective standing there, with an unpretentious smile.

“Oh! I just remembered! Chief-nim called me into his office! If you’ll excuse me…” Soon, Taehyung managed to leave the scene, passing in the small space between Detective Park and the door, “Hope you’re good, Park!” After his friend's monologue, Yoongi couldn't do much but shake his head in denial before facing the other detective.

Park Jimin was pretty much the opposite of him. Perhaps aside from the fact he also held the same position as him, the blonde was the best combination of what a detective should be: smart, athletic and infuriatingly handsome. Not that Min noticed that fact, he was just really interested in what Park wanted to talk about, since he never showed up at his door, not even to wish him a good day.

“What do you want?” Before the blonde could say anything, Yoongi mumbled.

“Well, unlike your friend, the chief actually called you into his office. He wishes to speak about the most recent case.”

“Why didn’t the Chief forward the folder? I am really busy,” he grumbled, kicking the rolling chair backwards with his feet. “Alright then.”

In the chief’s office, the man with a clean shave and a blouse with buttons barely holding on together, due to being a small size for his body, had a forehead full of creases, adding more lines of expression in conjunction with his wrinkles.

“Mister Min, I’m glad to have you here. Especially due to what I’m about to tell you.”

Yoongi didn't even bother to sit in one of the chairs in front of the wooden table with a row of knick-knacks at the end.

“What’s so important, you had to call me into your office?”

“You will be executing an external mission,” he finally revealed, smiling at the policeman, who most wanted to go back to his office and pretend he didn't hear anything.

“Sir, I believe it to be some kind of mista-,”

“We will be a duo of partners, isn’t it good?” Jimin trailed off, his smile hinting that he had heard his statement earlier.

“Yes! That’s what I’m saying! I’d love to see my biggest brain workers working together,” agreed the deputy, very excited about the idea, to the point of accidentally bumping his knee and making one of the knick-knacks shake its head in agreement.

“Sir, I apologize for my rudeness, but I don’t believe it to be a good idea,” Yoongi tried once more, already imagining the scene of him stumbling on the curb, in case he needed to run after a suspect, and it would be more than humiliating if that happened in the presence of Detective Park.

“I am sorry, Min Yoongi. But this is my final decision. I know you’ll end up getting some benefit from it,” those were his last words before letting both of them off.

Jimin was still smiling suggestively in his direction as they left the room, with Yoongi needing to take a deep breath to stay centered and not trigger an existential crisis, “Think on the bright side, Detective Min. We still need authorization from some institutions to start the investigation and I'm going to take a vacation. Until then, you can try to get used to the idea.”

The advice didn't cheer up the omega much, who preferred going back to his paperwork rather than remembering the fact that he had been placed on a case with Detective Park, right after he'd badmouthed him in his presence.


As the days passed, the accumulation of tasks and with the other detective on vacation, Yoongi was even able to forget that he would have to leave the comfort of his room to face the streets. His mind had peace to work again until the day the blonde entered his room, showing his defined arms from the exercises he did to keep in shape, and rested them next to his head, lying on his crossed thin arms.

“I think we may have started on the wrong food, with you badmouthing me and all. We should change it,” Yoongi blinked, his eyes still heavy after days of working on a case involving a series of well-planned robberies by a gang. The scene happening made the entire department mobilize to put the puzzle of the situation together and solve it, giving rise to an insistent headache that day.

"Can’t we talk another time? I’m trying to sleep,” he grumbled, burying his face between his limbs sprawled on top of the paperwork littering his desk.

"In the middle of the day? None of that, Detective Min. Wake up! Time is precious, even more so when a university student from the largest college in the country is missing.”


Park Jimin hummed, “Our case, have you forgotten?” He reminded him, waving the folder handed over by Mr. Im the previous fortnight. "Or haven't you even read it?"

“If I tell you to fuck off now, would you—”

“Okay, okay. I got it.” He threw his hands in the air, redeeming himself, “Then, let’s make a deal. I'll help you with that paperwork while you rest, and then we'll take the case and start a small investigation, okay? I need to be able to solve it and keep my reputation here. You know how things work in the department.”

“Screw you, Detective Park," he growled, going back to ignoring him and entering the dream world again.

In Yoongi’s mind, the alpha simply wanted to torment him as the deputy demanded both solve a case together. If nothing had happened, Park Jimin would have continued being a non-polite person, not even greeting him, like his co-workers usually did. Park Jimin was competitive and enjoyed having many stars alongside his name on the honor roll, as well as receiving badges for services well done. He was really a good detective, but in the brunette's eyes, he was also too cocky to be in good company for too long.

Afterwards, Min Yoongi pretended to be asleep and waited for the blonde to leave his room, but ended up actually falling asleep during the process with the delay and only woke up with the sight of the clean and organized table, next to a cup of coffee, which still expelled a thin smoke.

Propped up on the glass was a simple note in neat handwriting that read:

You drool while sleeping. Be careful not to stain a process. I left you a coffee to wake you up before reading our case, together.

Yoongi soon tried to pass his hand over his mouth, removing any trace of saliva from there while cursing Park softly and taking the folder to read. Lucky for him, he had done Min a huge favor by pushing so many cases forward. In the folder, there was information about the disappearance of a medical student from one of the largest colleges in Seoul and that, for some reason, the case was only notified after a private detective had been hired and had not been successful, giving up the case for the time being.

Lack of clues was the main reason.

On the missing omega's file, there was a photo, used in the student identification system, and reported on his good record, always with excellent grades and participation in academic events.

‘There must be some interest behind this disappearance. A jealous colleague, perhaps?’ he thought to himself. However, something indicated this case had much more to be discovered before reaching a conclusion.

For Yoongi, every cause was unique, no matter how simple. They might have common factors, but each had its own history and circumstances. There were varied reports of interests, betrayal or someone who had some misconduct. Of course, there were sometimes too many details that required a little more of his thinking, due to the cover-up of evidence and false statements, but he believed that made things a little more interesting.

“I hope you drank the delicious coffee I brought you from Lindsay,” Jimin's return to his room caused an audible sigh; the detective wasn't really going to leave his side anymore.

“Please don't ever call the coffee machine by that name,” muttered Yoongi disgustedly, picking up the styrofoam cup to drink the warm liquid in his mouth, “I don't even know whose bright idea it was to name our caffeine source.”

“Legend has it that Mr Im named the machine while staying overnight to do some paperwork as his partner was very incompetent. Lucky me, I have you,” Jimin grinned, yet Yoongi ignored him, so Jimin added, “I think it was some foreign ex-girlfriend of his, and then the name stuck,” Park Jimin laughed expressively when he saw him denying that he knew such information.

“They should not make such jokes! What if he is stuck in love with her?”

Jimin seemed to consider Yoongi’s words, scratching his chin at the direction the conversation had taken. While Yoongi reread the files contained in the folder, his face flushed from feeling pathetic when he pulled the ear off someone like Park, who was always seen with well-decided and extroverted omegas. Yoongi wondered how he hadn't shown up engaged or married to any of them yet.

“You’re right,” commented Jimin, after a few minutes of reflection. “Do you think I’d be like Lindsay, by any chance? What eludes your beloved?”

“What kind of business is this, Detective Park?”

“Call me JImin, Detective Min. And I was just thinking about it as you’ve said it about me before.”

The brunette looks at him in disbelief, clicking his tongue before massaging his temples, “Forget whatever I said and focus here,” said Yoongi, positioning the folder so that the two of them could look at it. “The student disappeared about two months ago, but the case was only notified on the day that Mr. Im called me to his office, a fortnight ago. The records show that there was already an attempt at an investigation, but the detective withdrew because he did not find evidence.

"Why didn't they notify the department sooner?"

“Maybe they didn't want the police involved,” shrugged Yoongi. It was common for them to try to solve everything without the police knowing, due to all the bureaucracy involved in the police reports, in addition to being records that were kept. “Which might make a lot of sense, in case there's someone doing all the wrong among those looking for him.”

“Our clearance to infiltrate the university came in earlier today, so we can sneak in there and try to figure something out for ourselves,” the alpha commented, pursing his lips before continuing. “Actually, one of us needs to go in and the other will stay backstage, directing the movement of everything.”

Yoongi squinted at the blonde, the unpretentious smile appearing on his full lips, which made his eyes reduce in size and become falsely adorable, “In that case, better go looking for a less ‘hot’ detective outfit and change to something more like a medicine student.”

“And who said I'll be the one to disguise myself?” he snapped, his eyebrows raised in a funny way.

“No way! I will never set foot in any educational institution as a student in my life.”

The two spend a few minutes staring seriously, arms crossed, waiting for who would give in first.

“Is this some kind of game?” Taehyung’s sudden presence in the room made them both look away, snorting tensely, “Did I disturb something?”

Yoongi wanted to tell his friend to be quiet, but Park left saying in front of him, “We're trying to decide who's going to go undercover as a college student to find out about our case.”

Taehyung alternated his gaze between the two and soon an idea popped into his mind. He was faced with a golden opportunity, "Well, why don't you decide that like two adults?" He suggested, opening a square smile like someone who brings the cure of all diseases. “Through a challenge, of course!”

The detectives face each other again, thinking that that could indeed be a good and fair way of choosing.


End Notes: I want to thank @aurilup97 first for donating the plot to the project, I had fun watching the movies used as inspiration for writing and racking my brain to fit all the requested elements. Thank you also to the beautiful Mi (@Mimi2320ls) for the beta and all the love for the fic and to Inna (@busanjimin) for the wonderful covers and banner that managed to go beyond what I imagined.

Thank you also to anyone who has given the fanfic a chance and I hope to see you in the next chapter!

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